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Ryo Ishikawa seems like a very sincere individual.

However, you have many talented young European players and two young players in Japan are developing.

Media spotlight and staying on the Japan PGA Tour is not helping; he is on the borderline of being "a fantastic player" to being "overtaken" by younger players who are already playing well on both the USA PGA Golf Tour and European PGA Golf Tour.

Murray at tennis seemed to find it hard to last 5 sets and was always tired but now he is ok. It appears that when Ishikawa puts in a great round of golf in America - and in the Masters this year,several good rounds of golf; then afterwards he appears jaded.

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Posted in: 71-yr-old man arrested for beating 32-yr-old son to death See in context

This article is about the murder of an individual; and while it may appear strange it does not negate from the fact that a person was killed by an individual.

Maybe the son was a nice person and he did not want to hit his father?

Or maybe his father just hit him from out of the blue because he had a violent temper.

Whatever; nobody knows!

However, a young man was killed and this is more important.

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Posted in: Can Tokyo DisneySea become vibrant again? See in context

I find it sad that tourists would want to visit such a place because Disney does not represent Japan.

Yes, some Japanese nationals may like; but why oh why would a tourist want to visit?

Surely tourists should want to see the best of Japan?

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Posted in: Does Fukushima show a split in philosophy between Asia and Europe? See in context

"Of course, not all of Europe can be labeled together, but in countries like Germany and Switzerland, to name a few, the fear of nuclear meltdown in the wake of March 11 is causing major ripples."

Stresses "not all of Europe can be labeled together" and "that some European governments" ..... so no point to over state that Europe is deemed 100% to be the same.

Again..."the result that some European governments, which had future plans for nuclear power plants in the pipeline, were forced to re-examine their plans"

Armenia, Germany, Austria, the UK, Switzerland, and some others, have "re-examined their plans."

In the meantime, China, Inda, and South Korea are just moving on.

The Green movement and environmental lobby is more potent in nations like Germany - it was not just about Fukushima, it was about other related issues aimed at nuclear energy and the agenda was supported by over hyped reports about Fukushima.

"The difference between Asia and Europe would appear to be based on political motives, the role of the green movement, the mass media which clearly overhyped the crisis in Europe, and other factors."

States "would appear."

"Would appear," "some," and "not all" is implied many times - it does not state 100%

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Posted in: Does Fukushima show a split in philosophy between Asia and Europe? See in context

Ok, so Armenia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and UK, have made statements that they will either stop nuclear projects or reduce in the long term.

China, India and South Korea...and Russian Federation (Eurasian federal state) have said the opposite.

A split does appear.....or, well, maybe I am seeing things too much?

France will remain to be independent because this is the nature of France but environmental concerns and demonstrations appear more strong in Europe than in the Asian nations in the post.

Maybe my thinking is blind?

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Posted in: Does Fukushima show a split in philosophy between Asia and Europe? See in context

Woops - sorry about the English mistake ....The article is clear and maybe the point..........

You have people up in arms about nuclear energy but the tsunami was the killer and the nuclear crisis was based on bad management.

The problem is not nuclear energy - the problem is that TEPCO and others made many mistake and appear to be continuing to do so.

China will continue to develop nuclear power plants and India. Also, South Korea is going to increase its electricity from nuclear energy.

What other options are open to China and India given the combined total of around 2.5 billion people and growing economies?

No, the point is clear - Germany and Switzerland are wallowing but Asian powers are not.

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Posted in: Does Fukushima show a split in philosophy between Asia and Europe? See in context

The article is clear and on and maybe the point of the article was to show the difference in thinking.

Japan is in northeast Asia. Switzerland is giving up the ghost but China, India and South Korea will increase their respective nuclear plants.

So, obviously, nations in northeast Asia and southeast Asia are moving on with nuclear power.

Nuclear energy is clearly much more cleaner than most other forms of energy and this applies to being a viable and major source of energy.

Enjoyed even if others did not.

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Posted in: Japan continues to play nationalist card against Russia See in context

The article states that in history, the region does not belong to any nation state.

It does not appear to be pro-Russia or pro-Japan; just based on realism.

It is false for Japanese politicians to claim that "Japanese nationals are hurt" because Hokkaido did not even belong to Japan until after the Meiji period.

Also, if you asked the majority of people in places like Tokyo then they probably do not care

Okinawa, Hokkaido, and Southern Kurils/Northern Territories are not part and parcel of Japan. These areas were taken from the indigenous people; yes, just like the Russian Empire took vast areas.

However, ethnicity and cultural rights are strong in the Russian Federation but in Japan the Okinawans are losing their linguistic and cultural ways.

It is better for Japan to have a diverse energy policy and a neighbor which is friendly; rather than complaining over issues which will not be changed.

Putin stated that a face saving deal would be done for Japan whereby small areas would be given to Japan on the grounds "of a deal" and not based on historical rights.

The Russian Federation is much more concerned about NATO, EU, Central Asia, the Caucasus, and relations with China. Japan is not so high on the agenda.

Either Japan adopts a policy based on realism or Japanese leaders can keep on making false statements.

The only think that Koizumi did was to alienate Japan within Northeast Asia apart from Taiwan.

Issues like this, and Yasukuni, is just clutching at straws and creating tensions.

Time for Japan to move on and focus on positives; for example Japan giving huge economic support to countless nations and being a highly developed nation in the field of technology and so forth.

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