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Posted in: S Korea, U.S. and Japan condemn N Korea's alleged supply of munitions to Russia See in context

Poor Russian soldiers- now they have North Korean junk to use.

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Posted in: Man stabbed to death after fracas on Kitakyushu street See in context

Paramedics in Japan can do very little. They have no medicines because of the power greed of doctors. They have to call a doctor car for medicine. Not clear if there was only one knife wound or how brutual the wound. If the attacker(s) obliterated his heart or ripped a major arterythen nothing medicine can do.

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Posted in: 33 dead, 19 missing, over 100 injured after typhoon rips through Japan See in context

Doesn't Japan Today know a little more about these deaths? e.g. emergency services, deaths at sea, building collapses, rivers. Death tolls in modern countries usually some general details.

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Posted in: Indonesian man sues after being sent home for lack of Japanese skills See in context

For me, he has an excellent case because they should have assessed his Japanese level before giving him a contract. Interviews and resumes and other tests done before even arriving in Japan. Assessing both parties before contracting is standard everywhere. People saying he didn't live up to contract- he hadn't even started to fulfil the contract- he wasn't allowed to fulfil Japanese learning requirements. There is a lot of money in this contract.

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Posted in: Tokyo's counter-terrorism unit begins operation ahead of Olympics See in context

Japan- always slow. Japan has had terrorism for decades and only now they think this is necessary. They have a special operations group for much longer.

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Posted in: Gov't OKs plan to legally ban parents from physically punishing children See in context

San MiguelMar. 20  07:25 am JST

After the Children's Act in 1989 in the UK, children suddenly turned around to teachers and parents and said "touch me and I'll sue you". Discipline in schools went out the window and people nowadays won't tell kids off in public because the kids know they can just bring the police in. While in theory it meant well, it's now raised a generation of self entitled brats.

Schools are different matter- they have more options for discipline than parents- write lines, sit in the corner, sent home.... . More likely a case of do-gooders in the school system frustrating the discipline options that teachers should have had.

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Posted in: Japan to lift ride-sharing ban to support rural transportation See in context

members of a taxi industry labor union staged a demonstration in Tokyo's Kasumigaseki district

If the government responds to this protest- next member of public have to launch a protest against overpriced taxis- cut your rates in half.

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Posted in: Extended Golden Week loses luster for working parents See in context

Unbelievable. This country can make the Walkman and Hybrid cars, but can't figure out holiday time or what to do about childcare. Phshhhh!

Those were ideas by radicals (outsiders) in Japanese industry. Mainstream ideas and organisation are awful.

Most countries handle holiday time badly with imposed public holidays rather than let people take holidays when it good for them and the business they work for.

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Posted in: Global coal phase-out raises viability questions about Japanese plants See in context

There is no global coal power phase out- in China, India and many other countries particularly in South East Asia- coal fired power is expanding. China pretends a bit that some plants are closing but they aren't and have just said solar and wind have to compete on price so they have no chance. Solar and Wind to the percentage point supply zero of global energy use.

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Posted in: U.S. Democrats float 'Green New Deal' to end fossil fuel era See in context

There was a big scale plant using molten salt- it didn't work since the energy needed to keep the salt molten exceeds the supply. Those things give horrendous expensive electricity. If energy storage was viable then coal plants would use it to allow for downtime and cut out competitors in the days they didn't have unfair restrictions.

sf2kToday  06:04 pm JST

Solar and Wind doesn't work on any level on large scale energy production if you want to have an economy and life during night.

you should probably look up molten salt

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Posted in: U.S. Democrats float 'Green New Deal' to end fossil fuel era See in context

Solar and Wind doesn't work on any level on large scale energy production if you want to have an economy and life during night. It fails everywhere it has gone even vaguely close to being something significant. Green deal- you believe it make it true for Washington DC first with no fossil fuel support from any other sources- expect the New Green Deal will disappear on the wind.

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Posted in: Trump slams his 'naive' intelligence services; says they should go back to school See in context

The intelligence community has a record of being incredibly wrong time and time again. Predicted that the USSR would last forever because they spent so much. Respecting security officials sounds like an instant disaster since all they want is more money and more power with less oversight and less accountable with every failure and corrupt practices.

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Posted in: Japanese teacher punches high school boy in face; social media on his side See in context

Why were the senior teachers or principals? They are shutting and screaming in an open area- pretty unoccupied so it is surely late. I bet the senior staff went home early. That would be not be allowed in a school in the West.

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Posted in: Court upholds 'sterilization' rule for gender change See in context

Incorrect. Other mammals have hermaphrodite individuals. Female marsupials have multiple vaginas- so they aren't like us. Some males have two penises so not like us.

Burning BushToday  07:27 am JST

How about just sticking with male and female, like every other mammal on earth.


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Posted in: Austere detention center contrasts with Ghosn's globe-trotting lifestyle See in context

Just the same of the US- accused are imprisoned there and thought of as guilty.

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Posted in: Cohen testifies Trump told him to commit crime by paying off women See in context

Campaign Finance law is a joke. Anything above normal supposed must be declared but what is normal. Do they declare extra food bought because they are on their feet more, changes of schedule of children? The form for expenditure reason is about 3 words space.

Prosecutors in the US are judge, jury and enforcer- more powerful than the mob so you can't take much value in Cohen's guilty plea- they have 90% conviction rate and if they stuff up nothing happens to them. In Texas 20 cases of prosecutorial conduct over 5 years how cases of Bar Association (the body charged with removing bad ones) action:1.

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Posted in: Fukushima nuclear plant tries image overhaul See in context

Fukushima needs international science effort- something that is missing in a lot of other countries such US and France. Fukushima using science is nowhere all that dangerous. If you think Fukushima should be closed for 200 years then we have to close all lot of natural area with similar radiation levels. If Fukushima was strong on real nuclear science then they would stop wasting effort on the water treatment- a total waste of money to remove tritium from water.

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Posted in: UK's top envoy makes 'Japanese wife' gaffe in China See in context

There is no such as curry favour with China- the more you get in the more they own you. Any favour is visceral. Just rename England as New China.

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Posted in: Cancellations hit hotels, tours in western Japan after rain disaster See in context

The problem is Japan's handling of disaster information is very poor especially with the current floods. I spoke to a senior nurse at a hospital and he said that they don't know much the how affected are the most affected areas because the information systems have broken down. The hotel won't know if how affected its local area is.

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Posted in: Robotic staff See in context

This is so your privacy can be ruined by other guests. Robots can't do anything about them.

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Posted in: Japan booed as it advances on yellow cards despite losing to Poland 1-0 See in context

I care little for sport. Clearly you should boo FIFA for setting the rules that leads to this non-competitive win. Japan is just playing ridiculous rules. No one passes to final would be the most sensible result.

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Posted in: 2 Peach plane tires blow out after landing in Fukuoka See in context

If it had been a blowout on take off it could been firestorm on the plane with maybe a success emergency landing at best and complete plane destruction at worst. Don't take this lightly.

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Posted in: Japan to pursue TPP 11 plan despite Trump hinting U.S. may rejoin if much better deal made See in context

If that was true then he would have kept all the swamp going such keeping Climate Change as it placed in every ridiculous part of government.

Staying in TPP would have no effort- it is already a done deal. Making new deals is a lot of work.

KnowBetterToday  08:04 am JST

Trump wants anything that he doesn't have to put any effort into. Gimme, gimme, gimme. Just look at that picture and it says everything.


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Posted in: In Japan, the customer is not king See in context

This articles is bogus- you can find many complaints of Japan MacDonald non-standard products- burgers without beef, products without sauce packs as is supposed to standard, french fries packets that are half full. Dealing with their customer service- you are lucky to get an apology (that is all you will get) whereas one man got a senior representative who said have you ever made a mistake- we are only human. My wife got a happy meal with the pancake and several were rock hard- they replaced them but it is failure of their systems to give substandard food. Japanese don't care about service- the server was clearly of foreign descent but his trainer and manager surely were Japanese through and through. My wife worked at Sharp- their service was abysmal and followed no standards.

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Posted in: Japanese car rentals include stickers that read: 'A foreigner is driving' See in context

This person is not going fall asleep at a major intersection with the car across the white line. I saved a child (child in the back) and father's life by screaming at them across two lanes as a pedestrian.

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Posted in: Trump defends decision to pardon Arizona's Arpaio; insists Mexico will pay for wall See in context

The judiciary is independent of reality, independent of the law, independent of common sense and logic. Not independent of lawyers- often following the dance of the richest lawyers or the prosecutors. Arpaio

is in Arizona- which is more likely illegal immigrants to be Hispanic or black. The Federal government has been discriminating against Hispanics through the immigration courts for decades and Arpaio is the person has little to do with their courts.

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Posted in: Trump says he did not record conversations with former FBI chief Comey See in context

Trump hints that NSA, CIA or one of the ridiculous number of "intelligence" agencies might have been spying on Comey and indirectly the president of the United States. Would anyone be surprised- your IQ would have under 60 to think otherwise.

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Posted in: Trump fires FBI Director James Comey See in context

Good riddance to bad rubbish. Comey was beholden to previous administration. Committed to spoiling any prosecution of Clinton and Obama because Obama was absolutely linked and knew Hillary was a security disaster- the last minute email discovery thing was just way for Comey to try get Trump onside. The Russian investigation will continue without him. I don't really understand it because there obvious foreign power influence into US politics before with the big NGOs who have doubtless have links overseas- they fawn over China- BS Green state it does nothing meaningful in regard their nonsense standards- builds about 100 coal power stations. So why the fuss over Russia who efforts were pretty pathetic.

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Posted in: Who is more unpredictable: U.S. President Donald Trump or North Korean leader Kim Jong Un? See in context

Both extremely predictable.

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Posted in: Starbucks Japan has matcha pudding on the menu See in context

It will taste awful- matcha is a gimmick taste that Japanese use terribly.

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