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Posted in: Mother killed, 1-year-old son injured after being hit by truck; driver arrested See in context

This accident highlights the dangers of holding hands- it is bad for adults, children and bad for safety of both. If the mother had the child on a lead then likely both would have been able avoid danger- for instance she would have been much more aware of the disaster occurring in front of her.

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Posted in: Worsening labor shortage taking toll on sick workers See in context

Not related to the gist of the article, which I find the manager to be deplorable, but the quoted sentence made me laugh. Stocking shelves is a skill? Registering parcels (scanning it) is a difficult skill to acquire? And people skills? Repeating the same things over and over in a robotic monotone is hardly a people skill.

Every place I've worked, when I announce that I am quitting, has asked me to find my replacement. When a Japanese employee does the same thing, they are not required to find their replacement as far as I know. This finding your replacement when you're sick is sick itself.

Those are skills which I have found many combini staff lack detail for stocking shelves is placing stock correctly so it shows itself well, checking for faults and ensuring it has a price label placed in correct location- many stock item don't have a price.

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Posted in: Trump backs off pledge of immediate immigration change See in context

If you are in a country totally illegally then you are not an immigrant you are an illegal alien a person with no status in the country that you are in. It'll be hard to handle the sanctuary cities until Trump gets the INS and FBI to do their jobs- go after everyone who breaches federal law and their accomplices- I'd like to see the police chiefs and city legsilators for being accomplices that is the only way to stop them.

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Posted in: Japan should push back if Trump takes 'wrong' economic policies: Abe adviser See in context

It wasn't the policies that gave Japan its growth. It was the outsiders in the Japanese economy- Toyota and others who followed the practices that were derived from overseas but not used overseas. Now Japan is following back to its old ways and growth is following with it. It was also buying growth from future to the present but it can't keep going.

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Posted in: Trump unleashes Twitter attack against civil rights leader; protests begin across U.S. See in context

Trump is not in power yet.- a big point that lots of people miss. He is isn't able to do any actions- barely transitioning up to this point. He couldn't feud with with the useless intelligence intelligences because he has only just become the president of the USA- did you miss that he just had the inauguration. Obama just gave $500 million to the UN that is an action of a third world dictator.

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Posted in: Health diets from overseas flooding Japan, but are they right for Japanese bodies? See in context

This from a Japanese person who thinks that a food is a diet. The Japanese fad dieting is natural response to a country that is suckers for marketing- they just swallow everything that a big company puts to them without thought. Next she will saying that Japanese eating bananas and not being perfectly well means that vegetarianism is bad.

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Posted in: Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' becomes German bestseller See in context

Now Germany has to unban the Nazi salute and swastika to show that it is ready to face itself honestly. It hasn't got rid of its Nazi underpinnings as shown the dictatorial EU that it fully supports and greenie extremism. Having Nazi shrines will bring the trash to the surface so it can directly faced instead of being allowed to hide in shadows.

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Posted in: Cool Japan Fund CEO on what’s uncool about how Japan handles its cool See in context

Anyway French cuisine is hardly French cuisine anymore- its modern cuisine- you'd be struggling to find a traditional Parisian cusine with only its rich complex sauces- they prefer to respond to other influences. Certainly no Provincial cuisine outside outside of the provences- just too simple.

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Posted in: Don't write democracy off just yet See in context

The EU has no democracy- its an oligarchy. The parliament is a duma- a powerless body. Democracy has a lesser or greater degree of authoritarianism in it anyway.

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Posted in: Trump: U.S. must greatly strengthen nuclear capability See in context

Very sane talk from Trump- the US needs modern nuclear weapons not 1970s weapons- no mention of more functional weapons- just better ones. Nuclear Weapon command has been at its lowest morale for decades- that lunatic Obama was in charge of those nuclear weapons.

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Posted in: Japan pulls plug on troubled Monju fast breeder reactor See in context

I am totally in favour of nuclear power but Sodium Metal nor any other reactive liquid metal Cooled reactor simply don't make sense- sodium wants to react and it is a management nightmare. The "simple" Pressurised Water Reactor while not inherently safe at least you don't tons of reactive stuff that eats at the materials of the container and doesn't need wides area management- it problems in a compact package.

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Posted in: Obama pardons 78, shortens prison sentences for 153 See in context

Before this Obama was the most merciless President since Nixon- some the rejections of clemency were beyond mean like a woman who went down for drug charges because her ex-husband kept drugs hidden on the premises.

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Posted in: Trump says reports Russia helped him in U.S. election are 'ridiculous' See in context

Does it matter if the report came from the CIA- The agency is a joke- all those intelligence agencies are a joke. In Bengazi, terrorists knew exactly where the CIA headquarters was- they knew for months. Those intelligence agencies best ability is in getting more funding. They wouldn't have a clue about hacking or stopping terrorists.

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Posted in: Hard work yields no rewards; Y4 million salary barrier is impenetrable See in context

The salarymen are probably accepting a lot of bloated expense due to their honour such as bloated appliance repair bills, neighbour charges,....

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Posted in: 'Japan: Guilty Until Proven Innocent' documentary shines light on controversial legal system See in context

Poor people can held indefinitely in US Prisons- police set the bail deliberately too high to keep an accused poor person there. Poor people know that- that's why there are so many black people who resist arrest.

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Posted in: Osaka sushi chain apologizes for using too much wasabi in foreign customers' orders See in context

Just a continuation of the contempt that sushi chefs show for their customers- you should be able add the amount the wasabi to your own taste- chef 101 allow the customer to tailor to their tastes as much as possible.

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Posted in: Clinton says Trump gives 'aid, comfort' to ISIS recruiters See in context

Hillary Clinton never admits to any of her significant deliberate actions that caused harm to the USA while acting in office such as the private email server, Bengazi- Clinton is an "experienced" politician. Trump has never been in office so admitting to "mistakes" or deliberate actions is not relevant. Saying crazy stuff does not compare to providing access to the Russia for US secrets. It actually doesn't matter to Islamic recruiters what happens or is spoken in the US- the whole idea of Western freedom is AntiMuslim to them.

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Posted in: Suddenly unsure on immigration, Trump trying to clear it up See in context

Its not sensible for candidates to come with clear action plan- they are not super-geniuses. Deciding things now limits the possibilities for sensible actions to be decided with resources of the government and the input of many citizens. The fact that Trump only wants to the law to have force in immigration is the most sensible thing he has thought. If you want illegal immigrates to be citizens then the citizen law really means nothing.

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Posted in: Trump shakes up staff, intent on finishing race on own terms See in context

There is no new Clinton- just the same corrupt self-serving politician/lawyer that you have always had.

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Posted in: Trump accuses Clinton of 'bigotry,' says she opposes police See in context

Obama could stop blowing money on green nonsense but he like giving money to the rich. Clinton will do the same. Democrats have betrayed the working poor- Obamacare is a disaster for them.

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Posted in: Trump lays out plan for terrorism fight, immigrant controls See in context

Why not cozy up to Russia- it is less bad than China who keeps competently stealing. People get it wrong that it is just an idea with Islam- Islam is so based on having a state and hierarchy just look at their bow Mecca not god.

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Posted in: Biden says Trump unqualified for presidency, he would have loved Stalin See in context

Would Biden why The US keeps North Korea going given its isolated from China now- The reason is the US favours murderous dictators as long they don't anything outside some limits. Biden loves the Kim 2. Obama absolutely wants to emulate dictators. Clinton would be a disaster for the working class with her insane economy destroying climate change policies- there won't be an energy grid after she gets through with it.

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Posted in: Should you put your child on a leash? Japanese mothers weigh in See in context

A mago himo is an opportunity for freedom for a toddler- much greater than being being held by hand. Hand to hand is bad for both parents who have bend over and children who are restricted greatly plus their arms are put at awkward angles. Japan is a country of mothers, who love Dako Himo sling, which is a tight cage for babies and baby cars (prams) which are nearly as bad. Japanese mothers hate their children having any freedom which a mago himo gives. "Treated like animals"- you mean like dogs and occasionally cats who are a part of your family. Such a comment says something bad about their regard for their family members.

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Posted in: U.N. envoy calls on Japan to ban extreme child manga porn See in context

Making Pedophilia pictures illegal is bad for children- making taboo means they can't draw what they experienced and also compels people leaning that way to only choose real children not pure fantasies.

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Posted in: Survey reveals top 5 times Japanese travelers realise just how Japanese they are See in context

My wife tried to get a refund at Aeon with 3 staff member- none could do it- They had to get the manager to handle it. Japan is land of buffet and multiple dish lunch meals- which are sizeable.

These responses are probably true Japanese response- they act overseas in sleepwalker mode where they compare the traditional sweets and teas with mass-produced foods- not with equivalent products, compare traditional meals with common foods not sophisticated foods and similar. I love the foreign clerks can't calculate the change compare to country with auto-change producing machines and many errors in charging and they have to scan every item- as little as 10 yen items.

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Posted in: Couple in 20s file suit over 6-month remarriage ban for women See in context

Paternity legal suits are just invading of privacy as DNA tests. People asking you impertinently are the father for inheritance? None of your business. The whole thing of paternity is such a load of nonsense- if you act as the father you are the father.

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Posted in: Yakuza cancel Halloween trick-or-treat event for kids See in context

Good chance to force them to stop all their social events- all the BS designed to ingratiate themselves with Japanese society- fake samarai without an ounce of honour.

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Posted in: Tokyo district tries to reel in tourists with whale meat See in context

Most animals- cows, pigs, chickens are killed quickly to avoid suffering that reduces the quality of the meat- preferably head shot. Fish are captured whole and then killed- their simple nervous system reduces their suffering. Its just not possible to do with whales and other sea mammals. The sea is too difficult to survey precisely to spot their moving heads for a head shot and they are too big to capture whole so the whole process of whaling is extremely cruel to a sea mammal.

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Posted in: As Europe opens its doors, Japan considers clamping down harder on asylum seekers See in context

Japan accepts a lot more than 10 refugees- they just aren't classified as refugees. Nearly every single Chinese immigrant is a refugee- its a country that has declared one seventh of its population as enemies- Falun Gong practitioners, minorities and religious people. Its a waste to give to UNCR - its such a corrupt organisation with expensive buildings and high priced personnel. Sure they should work on their acceptance of "foreigners" by working with Japanese on the cultural development but laws mean nothing everywhere- things only changed in the 1960's US when people rejected racism.

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Posted in: Police on alert over split in biggest yakuza gang See in context

StrangerlandAug. 30, 2015 - 01:39PM JST

@Toshiko: The police can and often do arrest people here without bringing them up on charges.

They can arrest without bringing charges, but they need some grounds to keep the person, or else the judge won't let hem extend the detention past the initial 72 hours.

They held a Japanese speaking foreigner past the 72 hours so they could investigate- the "victim" struck first and they found bottles at the scene of the crime. Japanese police don't need real reasons to hold an accused past 72 hours- the real problem is that the yakusa and their lawyer have the contact in the judiciary and police- they won't be there for 1 hour let alone 72 hours.

Its a joke to say that the US have declared on organised crime- gangs still are the most effective terror networks.

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