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Posted in: LDP's Ishihara wants base on China-claimed islands See in context

Go for it Ishihara...Japan need out of box thinking like this..isseki nicho da ne!!

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Posted in: Smokeless tobacco product goes on sale See in context

Sounds good...this could be less harmful, revolutionary innovation of the good old cigarette. Many people want to leave smoking after the age of 40, this could be good for them as it sounds less harmful.

I am not a smoker but would like to try this smokeless cigarette sometime..any idea when and where can I buy this???

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Posted in: JAL named most punctual major global airline in 2009 See in context

thats almost 600 flights a day...

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Posted in: Aircraft maker pushing export of spy drones to Japan, other Asian countries See in context

30Million US$ sounds expensive how about the cost of predator?

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Posted in: Man saves woman from train after she falls onto tracks See in context

Good to see people like Sato san who is willing to help, irrespective of what others will think about him(in case he fails to save her). I think basically all Japanese People have "omoiyari" or "thoughtfullness for others" but sometimes it weighs too much on there mind they get scared to do even good deeds(Afraid in case it goes wrong, what others will feel about this, what that person will think about it).

PS: This is totally based on my personal experience as I have seen some accidents in Japan where people just pass-by as if nothing has happened.

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Posted in: Chinese activist arrives home after 92-day protest at Narita airport See in context

by tuesday he'll have disappeared never to be seen again

You will never be able to find anything on him anyways now that you can not google anything happening in china now... :-)

with no freedom to information, you never know how much such innocent people face the wrath of Evil Chinese Government everyday.

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Posted in: Bestseller by hearing-impaired Ginza hostess - truths and lies See in context

womanforwomen filipino hostess club. The hostess ask for the same item (lets say a LV >purse, or a ring)from three customers. After receiving the item from all >three, they would sell 2 of the items and send the money back home. This is Called RECYCLING in Japanese terms, it is very common in Hostess Clubs thats the reason you have so many Shops open 24 hours near the Hostess Club Area. What I was surprised to know it that like this the Hostess recycles WanChan also, thats why you see some Pet shop open 24 hours in Shibuya or Ueno...

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Posted in: Do you think U.S. President Barack Obama is doing a good job as he finishes his first year in office? See in context

Obama is Pro-China and neglecting other Big Economic Nations like 2nd biggest Japan & 4th Biggest India. Because lot of Money laundered from Chinese Businessmen were used for his campaign during elections, he is kind of tarnished his image of being neutral.

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Posted in: Obama to world: Don't expect America to fix it all See in context

I wonder why did America got itself in this mess anyways? For Oil supplies I guess? Good that it came from Obama but I think its too less and too late.

I feel India & US should counter the Threat of business China poses to the whole world today, otherwise it will be too late again if someone has to clean this mess......

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Posted in: What did you think of Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama's diplomatic debut on the world stage last week? See in context

He looked very tired as he was trying to read from the speech text without even trying to look-up at audience. But the Speech had some substance... lets see if he can deliver what he said....

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Posted in: China blames Muslim separatists for needle attacks See in context

This is getting Nasty.. but stuggle goes on

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Posted in: Softbank to market NTT's Flet's Hikari fiber-optic broadband service See in context

Softbank receives a sales commission as well as a portion of the monthly >charge. The latter comes to 1,296 yen for a subscriber living in a single-family home If portion of monthly charges is 1,296. I wonder how much is going to be the Charges to customer? I use Yusen and pay only 2480 Yen per month.

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Posted in: Google to reshoot street views of Japanese cities See in context

I find it very useful. I dont much care abt the people or Cars. It helps me locate the address well & Explore new areas in the vincinity where I wish to go but too lazy to drive down or take my Chari...

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Posted in: A retail boom for some foreign brands See in context

I feel Indian Cloths(Specially India Cotton) are top quality & low price..this move can help some japanese retail comapnies.. also India is growing market where retail is considered the biggest opportunity after Infra.. I feel Japanese coglomerates have Good mutual business chance.

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