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Posted in: 'Cove' director gives free DVDs to Taiji residents See in context

Hikozaemon - "Lack of necessity isn't a reason for opposing anykind of animal killing" -- it appears in your world that bloodshed does not need any justification. guys, this discussion is meaningless if we are talking to a person that lacks respect for the sanctity of life.

btw, your arguments just lump and try to blur the important discrete points into generalization -- if you truly have read, we are talking about there is a SMALL GROUP of ppl who practice cruelty and greed, while the majority remains blindfolded about this practice (aka, ignorant). I don't think so Hikozaemon. get a grip.

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Posted in: 'Cove' director gives free DVDs to Taiji residents See in context

Hikozaemon - I think you have missed an important point in the documentary itself -- the slaughtering of the dolphins are absolutely unnecessarily. despite whether or not you agree on the multi-billion dollar marine animal entertainment industry is moral or not, the whole process of capturing the dolphins and slaughtering of the "unchosen ones", is inhumane.

btw, from a canadian's view, this is what I think of taiji after the film: a small grp of inside ppl crazily defends this bloody practice out of greed rather than tradition, a few brave locals who knew and stood out to speak up against it, and a large majority who are simply ignorant about the cruel practice.

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Posted in: Japan excavating site linked to WWII human experiments by Unit 731 See in context

I was listening to CBC interview of a correspondent in yokohama. he was saying that he has talked to experts about if criminal evidences are to found, can it used to prosecute anyone (if there is anyone left!). but he mentioned the experts said since the criminal evidences are over 20 yrs old, they cannot be used. I thought the 20 years time restriction on murder cases has been alleviated @parliament in 2010 already.


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