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Posted in: Kishida, Zelenskyy pledge to maintain close cooperation in phone talks See in context

Kishida is as dumb as all the other G7 leaders and all the collective West leaders in the EU, oh yeah, let's not forget Castro Trudeau. Russia and Putin have won ladies and gentlemen. Biden doesn't even know where he is. How is Kishida going to affect the outcome? He's not going to. Period.

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Posted in: Japan GSDF fails to determine exact cause of fatal 2023 chopper crash See in context

Perhaps it's a "Directed-energy weapon". A directed-energy weapon (DEW) is a ranged weapon that damages its target with highly focused energy without a solid projectile, including lasers,

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Posted in: Lawyers' group urges Tokyo to halt park development, calling its impact review unscientific See in context

Although the Tokyo government has never formally suspended the project, the developers have voluntarily delayed portions of it, including the felling of trees, presumably due the outcry. The main developer Mitsui Fudosan has said it is reexamining the project's effects on nearby gingko trees and is working to improve transparency and communication with the public to gain their understanding.

How about getting some Ministers for Foreign Affairs with knowledge of SGDs from other countries to assess what's going on and what SHOULD happen for the benefit of ALL?

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Posted in: Number of cyber scams in Japan up 8% in 2023; overall crimes increase to 703,351 See in context

The Japanese criminal mind hasn't even started.... The Police have no chance,. Oh yeah, I forgot, they get their 10% also

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Posted in: U.S. lawmakers request Kishida address Congress during April visit See in context

Two clowns on one stage. One from Japan, and one from the USA. I wonder if these two nations will still be countries. This should be very entertaining.

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Posted in: Child rescued nearly 60 hours after being buried by Philippine landslide See in context

Thank god for this miracle! May this girl and her family have a blessed long life.

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Posted in: Japan's moon lander comes back to life See in context

Right On. Keep moving forward!

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Posted in: 3 foreign-born residents sue over racial profiling by Japanese police See in context

Give it all you got. You'll never get justice in Japan but it means something to everyone else in the world.

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Posted in: Man stabbed, robbed while walking home in Kanagawa See in context

Hopefully, these parasites get captured and meet their demise by their government.

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Posted in: Blinken meets Jordanian and Qatari leaders on new Mideast push to keep Gaza war from spreading See in context

Blinken is still lying and spreading war as much as he can. I can't wait for him to get fired in November.

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Posted in: Japan Airlines pilots 'unaware of fire' at first See in context

Scary incident...

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Posted in: Gaza war's staggering toll reaches a grim milestone: 20,000 dead See in context

Genocide is genocide. The US government won't support Israel anymore if the Senate and House grow spines. The EU will collapse. The Southern BRICs nations will annihilate Israel. Game End.

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Posted in: U.S. closes 2 rail crossings in Texas so agents can help process migrants See in context

Hurray Governor Greg Abbott. You're a true American.

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Posted in: 3 ex-SDF members found guilty of sexually assaulting female colleague in landmark case See in context

"...giving them each a suspended sentence of two years."

Disgusting but not unexpected.

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Posted in: Verdict due Tuesday in landmark Japan SDF sexual assault case See in context

The elite of this country steal, lie, and are the most corrupt people I have ever seen in my life. Of course, they will do nothing that changes the abnormal norm in Japan.

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Posted in: G7 leaders to hold virtual meeting with Ukraine's Zelenskiy See in context

Zelensky looks like he wants to fight someone. Who?

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Posted in: Kishida again denies knowing of Unification Church members at meeting See in context

You can see his lies in his eyes...

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Posted in: Brazilian who intervened in Dublin knife attack insists he's no hero See in context

What happened to the assailant?

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Posted in: Skilled workers, low-wage earners work second jobs more than others in Japan See in context

**Chabbawanga: **Holding out for that 4 day week.

I don't think this will ever happen in our lifespans.

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Posted in: Tourism and Mount Fuji's rocky recovery after COVID See in context

I climbed Mt Fuji before it became a UNESCO World Heritage in June 2013. The first time was 1990, the second time was 1992. I got off a bus at the 5th station both times. I bought a pole that I could collect stamps on both times. There was a fair amount of climbers and I joined the crowd. There were a lot of elderly people. I stopped at almost every station to drink some warm sake or green tea. I never rushed. I knew that if you get up to the peak too early you're going to freeze to death. Neither time did that happen. I got to the peak about 10 - 15 minutes before the sun rose. That's why you stop at the stations. I got some great pictures and although it was cold, the sun cheered up everyone. Both times, I left probably about 6-7am and walked down the mountain. I think I got a bus back to the train station about 10-11am or so. Both climbs were a pleasure. The UN and the municipal governments have ruined the charm of this climb as they whine about money and gaijins not understanding anything. My climbing days are probably finished, but who knows.

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Posted in: Tokyo's threatened Jingu Gaien park placed on 'Heritage Alert' list by conservancy body See in context

Never vote for Tokyo Governor Koike again. The investors of this disgusting "leader" and CEO of Mitsui Fudosan, Takashi Ueda, should be voted out of the board immediately.

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Posted in: G20 summit avoids condemning Russia for Ukraine war See in context

The G20 has no relevance anymore. BRICS is the new boy in town.

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Posted in: Australian government to introduce bill barring 'wage theft' Monday See in context

How in the world could you be against this?

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Posted in: Two women, man admit fatally abusing 5-year-old boy as trial opens See in context

An eye for an eye is the best solution for these beasts...

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Posted in: Blinken to meet Japan, S Korea foreign ministers virtually See in context

Don't forget your masks. This guy's NEOCON ideas can spread as quickly as a pandemic.

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Posted in: Eagles co-founder Randy Meisner dies at 77 See in context

Last Resort, Hotel California, and Desperado all rolled up in the early years. RIP.

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Posted in: McDonalds’ branch in Kanagawa bans entire school from entering restaurant See in context

They should start with an apology.

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Posted in: Tokyo's Yamanote line trains start after signal glitch causes 4-hour delay See in context

That must have been hell for the passengers in this heat...

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Posted in: Kerry says climate cooperation could redefine U.S.-China ties See in context

I think they're trying to throw Joe Biden under the bus and are trying to move Kerry back in for 2024... God help us...

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Posted in: Japan raises age of consent from 13 to 16 See in context

OMG, who would have known? Welcome to the 20th century Japan. The rest of us are in the 21st century.

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