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Posted in: Tokyo putting pressure on Okinawa ahead of Panetta's visit See in context

If Okinawa doesn't want the American military there then have them leave. I mean like everyone keeps saying its okinawas choice but then if that was true then why haven't the bases been told to leave? Stop with the back and forth and make a choice. I keep hearing about things that happened in 1995. That was 16 years ago. If you can't make a choice by now lets stop talking about it and move on.

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Posted in: Okinawa noise pollution trial begins with 22,000 plaintiffs See in context

So money was already given out and they are not flying past the times that were stated. I don't understand why this is coming up again. I mean can I sue the moped drivers that make it impossible to go to sleep at night?

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Posted in: Remains of 2nd infant found in planter on veranda of Osaka woman's apartment See in context

They should just hang her and get it over with. There is no reason this women should live. She showed no compassion.

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