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Posted in: Abe says Japan has no choice but to hike sales tax See in context

There is one simple solution not mentioned here yet. Stop lending money to the US and cash in all the bonds the Japanese are holding on to for God, I don't know what!!!

at the moment every Japanese citizen is burdened with a 6 million yen national debt. I just wonder where the figure will stand if theis climax of Abenomics fails.

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Posted in: Docomo to begin selling iPhone soon, reports say See in context

Before you all jump on the bandwagon, take note that the iPhone does not have any settings for email filtering. Android phones are tied to gmail and all sorts of settings are possible on there.

Another important point is that the operating system's user interface on the iPhone is 6-years old without undergoing any discernible changes. The android experience is like a living organism...constantly changing..

'bogva' mentioned the Japanese Fujitsu and Sharp producing phones with more bells and whistles than the iPhone...being a Fujitsu Arrows phone user myself, I am inclined to agree. Especially when those extra bells and whistles tend to be very useful. Fujitsu Smartphones come with a fingerprint scanner with which not only one can lock the phone down but, also configure individual apps to open after recognizing your fingerprint.. Sharp phones have better cameras and now they are coming up with phones with 3000mAh batteries (that is twice as big as iPhone's)

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Posted in: Girl made up false knife attack story to worry parents, police say See in context

Shame on the parents.

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Posted in: Korean group working to subvert Tokyo's 2020 Olympic bid See in context

'SamuraiBlue'... when I wrote 'next to the locomotive' I didn't realize that readers would literally take that to be right next, or on top of the Locomotive. Anyway if you are that you cannot miss it. Nowdays you have election campaigners parked there blaring their speeches promising to do nice things for everyone.

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Posted in: No. of highly skilled foreign professionals in Japan remains low See in context

Do the people who contributed to this article have any grasp of real life. Any interaction with the Immigration department starts with you being automatically judged a criminal, and especially this year, the way they interact with the applicants is very despicable. Plus in case you are getting comfortable with your life here, you are reminded of your place when you go for your visa extension.

Actually they use brain games to discourage applicants at the immigration bureau.

And they want more people to come here and experience this.

Immigration bureau bashing aside Skilled professionals come here on specific visas and aside from that they are not allowed to pursue anything else. Plus if they change jobs within their contract period it is still hell. Also researchers and scientists also get unusually hard contractual obligations thrown at them.

Skilled workers tend to stay within their own community and if some experiences end up being unpleasant for someone then the episode gets to spread like wildfire and discouraging others. An example of this can be past episodes where Japanese companies would ask researchers to come to Japan to work and then out of the blue they would just terminate their contracts when the companies realize that they have no more need of their skills or that they have learnt all that they can from that particular individual.

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Posted in: Korean group working to subvert Tokyo's 2020 Olympic bid See in context

I use Shimbashi station to commute to work and back, Every day Morning and Night there is a black truck parked next to the Locomotive engine, blaring out its speakers with speeches of hatred against all foreigners and especially against the Koreans and Chinese being called out by name. Sometimes there is even a white van with someone on the roof spilling out the same crap. The sorry thing is that people actually do stop and listen.. The Japanese government made promises to its people in the past and broke them. For the Tokyoiites this came in the form of the refusal of the promise that the Highway tolls on the Shuto Expressway (originally built for the '64 olympics) were to be taken down after 35 years. Well that 35 year deadline expired in 1999, that was 14 years ago and now it is even more expensive to get on the highway. If Tokyo does win the bid, all that is going to result is more expenditures on infrastructures that will not necessarily be needed but, will still get pushed ahead with false promises that everything will be okay in the future. I don't understand why Tokyo, which has hosted the Games in the past should be given preference over a city that will have the honour for the first time.

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Posted in: Court ruling orders anyone with a TV-equipped device to pay NHK’s public broadcasting license fee See in context

'white_Shinobi'.....way to go,

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Posted in: Court ruling orders anyone with a TV-equipped device to pay NHK’s public broadcasting license fee See in context

In essence NHK and the Courts just killed their own mobile phone industry because if we are forced to pay for NHK on our mobile phones then the people who do not want that function will opt for the Iphone because it is the only handset that does not have a TV tuner in it. Also if they are planning to force us to pay NHK fees for phones that have one-seg reception built into them, then the customer should have the option of choosing to have that function disabled in the handset at the time of purchase.

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Posted in: Fuji climbing season See in context

I am going in august

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Posted in: Fujitsu launches ARROWS A SoftBank 202F smartphones See in context

I currently own a 2012 year model Fujitsu handset. It turned out to be a very big mistake The phone presents itself as an excellent combination of technologies, and for the most part they do...till the handset heats up (in about 15 minutes of browsing or talking) Things start to quit working and eventually it freezes. Making calls is yet another headache.

The handset is stunning and so are the specs (1.5Ghz Nvidia Tegra quad core chip with 1Gb ram). These specs are the same as that of the Nexus 7 tablet and compared to that the phone runs at 1/4 of the speed..

I would definitely advise against it, or wait till people start writing in reviews of the product.

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Posted in: U.S. move to cut trade privileges shocking: Bangladesh See in context

A couple of years ago Pakistan was also going to get awarded the same status in Europe and the Bangladeshi Government forcibly tried to block the preferential status and openly opposed the move. They just want it all to themselves.

The Bangladeshi exporters are getting favourable treatment and they should have used the opportunity to strengthen their infrastructure but, they did not do that, instead the owners are just concerned with making money. And the workers still get paid less than a dollar per day for putting their lives in danger.

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Posted in: NHK may charge viewer fees for Internet, smartphone usage See in context

In that case Mobile phone carriers should also sell their smartphones without the One-Seg option. Smartphones already have dismal battery lives. I am doubtful if people actually buy them to watch TV on them.

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Posted in: Privacy visor glasses jam facial recognition systems to protect your privacy See in context

Infra-red LED's on a choker on your neck will also achieve the same result. Anyway he is using low power LED's.

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Posted in: Daredevil completes Grand Canyon tightrope walk See in context

So, I guess God and Jesus were only supposed to look out for him over the void. This is one man who definitely knows his priorities.

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Posted in: Ideas for keeping your data safe from spying See in context

I hope you all know that a fax cannot be hacked or intercepted unless you are the receiver.

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Posted in: Big three U.S. automakers to skip Tokyo Motor Show See in context

Everyone here is just blabbering about the US automakers not having access to an equal and open market, I would seriously like to know what exactly is it that is stopping them. And why in the world Japan is more open to European Automakers and not the US.

The first and foremost reason I can see is that the US automakers think that the Japanese people are actually not worthy enough to own US made cars. If not then why else would they not bother to manufacture their popular cars conforming to the basic necessity of having the steering on the right-hand side, with the exception of Chrysler and Tesla. I mean , seriously cars like the Corvette, Camaro, Mustang, Viper, Charger and even their people haulers and SUV's, are not conformed for the market here. Comparably all European manufacturers do offer their cars in both right and left-hand driver versions.

The second reason is size. US automakers make bloated cars which are not suitable for Japanese roads and the frosting on the cake here can be the unavailability of suitable parking spaces for such cars. To prove my point try sizing up a Toyota Landcruiser (already a big car here) next to a Toyota Seqouia you will know. Even Japanese Automakers have specially bloated cars for the American market. Rural Japan does not need trucks, they are happy and content with their long-lasting Kei-Trucks which are small (3.4m x 1.48m), economical (approx 25km/litre,660cc engine) and cheap to purchase (new cost around 700,000yen). Any automaker beating or even competing those odds has a chance of selling something but, alas, no one bothers.

The third argument can be on the mileage. As much as we would like to, people in Japan do not pay the same for gas at the pump as Americans do, which makes for thrifty shopping choices. All those decision makers in the auto industry should come and take a stroll down any popular road in Japan. They would be shocked to realize that half the cars plying Japanese roads are econo-cars mostly popular because they are running on 25-30 km/litre mileages.

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Posted in: With no cash for Windows upgrades, local gov't to disconnect some PCs from Net and tape up ethernet ports See in context

Our office made the move to windows 7 but there are some very expensive dot matrix printers that do not have windows 7 support. So i ended up with keeping some xp machines only for those printers.I would guess all those public service places in the government where they print out private data on tailored software still needs it to be done on older dot matrix printers which can cost at least twice as much as a new computer. So, I guess the government is justified in crying over the additional cost being incurred on this simple task of upgrading.

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Posted in: NHK WORLD TV now available for Android smartphones in Japan See in context

The App is a memory hog. The developer needs to offer the option of installing onto the SD card. Most android phones have very limited internal memories which are already tasked to their limits by the totally unnecessary, unwanted and non-removable bloatware Japanese carriers put on their phones.

I had to uninstall it even before I had a chance to test it out.

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Posted in: Softbank announces $20 bil Sprint-Nextel buyout See in context

'Whiskeysour'.....NTT never backed out of trying to acquire the Iphone. It is Apple that stubbornly refused to allow Docomo to put in any proprietary software on the iphone. Infact NTT was all prepared to release the iphone4 and later iphone5 but, the negotiations turned sour at the last moment.

Their preparations for the iphone4 resulted in the creation of a company called bmobile, that supplies data and voice connections for unlocked iphones. All data and voice connections are routed through the foma network. their prepaid, no-frill data only connections are ideal for visitors whou would want internet and stay in touch back home through skype, viber etc.

For proof there are a couple of subsidiaries that are preparing revolutionary software for the Japanese market , for the iphone.

(this is not an ad and I dont work for bmobile or any other related telecom company)

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Posted in: Chinese tycoon offers Geelys to replace cars damaged in anti-Japan riots See in context

It is always a laugh to read the comments because you will always see some commentators who will write something against everything....and precisely without putting any thought into the comment at all. Why are you all so quick in churning out biased comments. I never heard of Oprah giving away Japanese cars either. The cars she gave out were all American (Pontiac's to be precise, and that particular model was a failure)

Plus if someone is going to use his money to give away something, for any sensible person, no matter which country he is from, being Patriotic is the way to go.

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Posted in: Electric cars risk losing green sheen in Japan See in context

'YuriOtani' another area where Japan can save money is by stop paying for other countries wars.

After a couple of months regular gasoline will hit 180yen at the stand, I will be looking forward to all the complaints everyone has against Nuclear energy then.

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Posted in: Afghans: U.S. paid $50,000 per shooting spree death See in context

'ExportExpert' I guess you didnt go through the whole article. $50,000/ was a lot...

"However, civilian death compensations are occasionally made public. In 2010, U.S. troops in Helmand province said they paid $1,500 to $2,000 if a civilian was killed in a military operation and $600 to $1,500 for a serious injury. The Panjwai shootings are different because they were not part of a sanctioned operation, but it is a distinction lost on many Afghans who see any civilian deaths as criminal."

And these are about deaths they get caught responsible for. Usually its the other persons fault that he happened to be alive in his country.

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Posted in: Afghans: U.S. paid $50,000 per shooting spree death See in context

And a couple of hundred dollars if its a sanctioned kill. God, what has humanity come down to.

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Posted in: Afghans: U.S. paid $50,000 per shooting spree death See in context

What do they mean by unusually large payouts. Do they mean that officially an Afghan life is actually supposed to be worth less than $50,000/. WOW

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Posted in: Father of boy accused of attacking two girls in Saitama, Chiba faces charges See in context

Hey, they are knives, I get it but, if you want to compare role models then, on Monday they were showing on TV how Parents in the US encourage their kids to play with guns, and not just simple handguns, these kindergartners were firing away tactical weapons used by military forces.

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Posted in: KDDI to begin discount campaign for some smartphone users See in context


actually Softbank and Docomo also have similar rules in place, in the contracts you sign with them.

The bottom line is that whenever you cancel your contract you will be charged close to 10,000yen plus a 3,150 handling fee for the trouble.

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Posted in: 61 whales die in New Zealand mass stranding See in context

This maybe a far-fetched analysis and probably might get laughed at but anyways to me all those submarines in the water navigating using sonar, is the only reason that makes sense. Sometimes a faulty piece of equipment may be sendin out sonic waves that might be getting on the Whale"s nerves. The authorities should check which vessels were in those waters , plus maybe the same ship or sub goes ther 2-3 times a year probably coinciding with the dates the whales each themselves. Even if it turns out to be not the reason for the beaching, the idea can be used to make a helluva movie.

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Posted in: Softbank profit surges on iPhone sales See in context

'Softbank, Japan’s third-largest mobile carrier by subscribers, now faces tougher competition in selling the iPhone.

This fact is statistically wrong, there was no competition before and now they have.

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Posted in: Japan's answer to next tsunami: a mini-Noah's Ark See in context

LOOK....they even have a pole in there for entertainment.

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Posted in: Hitler lookalike on key rings, magnets on sale in Taiwan 7-Eleven See in context

The swastika is a symbol used very widely in the Hindu religion which has a 3000+year history.

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