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I really appreciate her vigor and support her efforts.

I have wanted to start a business in Tokyo for several years but the biggest thing is not taxes that is holding me back - it's the brutal cost of real estate in Tokyo. If you are lucky you can find a decent spot that charges no more than 2 months deposit and 2 months "key money."

Most places I have looked at that were not roach infested hovels or mass shared spaces were pushing 7 to 10 months deposit with obscene costs for key money. If she could see to a forced deposit cap (or something, I am not a financial person so these are just hopes) along with the tax fixes I could see it being a huge help to those interested in starting up here.

Of course you could always move way outside Tokyo - but I like what Tokyo has to offer after living here for almost 10 years. Koike is on a roll and I am excited to see where she puts her mind to next. So far she has done a great deal of good with being vocal, forward, and transparent. I am hoping she keeps up with this progress through her entire term/terms.

We will just have to wait and see where her efforts get her.

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As long as I have seen Japan defend their stance as "research" I still don't understand one major thing - what exactly are they attempting to research? Whale life expectancy?

As stated above, there are many other ways to research without violently killing the animals. I know that most of it ends up on menus and forcefully in school lunches. But still, who is Japan trying to fool?

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Posted in: 14-yr-old boy dies after being beaten by teens on Oct 10 See in context

This is disgusting. Those 4 teens murdered that boy. Yet due to Japan's archaic laws they will get a few years in detention and released because they will be "reformed minors." Stuff like this makes me absolutely sick.Those kids are old enough to be tried as adults for the assault and murder of that boy. Rest in peace, Shota - I'm sorry you had to suffer in such a way.

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Posted in: Amid frenzy, Pokemon Go leads to robberies and injuries See in context

I am someone who cycles to work every day. I wear a helmet, keep my phone in my bag, and try to keep in line with all laws. I am honestly terrified of how children and adults will react once Pokemon GO is released in Japan. People here are already fixated to their phones at all times.

But now... Kids will be running into streets, adults will be using their phone while cycling/driving even more. Maybe it is time to invest in a dashcam for my bicycle.

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