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Posted in: Japan's vaccine push ahead of Olympics looks to be too late See in context

Stop being fixated on what hasn’t or should have been done. Think of ways to give at least one dose to everyone especially those who are vulnerable, medical and Olympic related. Every school or majority should hold mass vaccination on premises for students. Bad decision making or lack of , result in terrible outcomes. Japan needs to wake up and start taking action.

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Posted in: Man arrested for robbing convenience store says he did it because he was hungry See in context

This is sad. Must be hard to find work due to age stigma. Why can't Japan put all those abandoned houses to better use? Perhaps government can negotiate with owners to give up these properties in lieu of astronomical inheritance tax or property tax and build more discreet homeless shelters where people like this man can stay until he gets his footing. If he can save up some money on rent, then maybe he can afford to buy more food? Expensive housing is an universal problem.

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Posted in: Piers Morgan leaves British breakfast TV show after Meghan comments See in context

People seem to forget Megan is an actress and Morgan is a TV celebrity. They both make lots of money on creating attention and stories(fictional or not) to promote themselves. Enough said about both.

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Posted in: Chip shortage leads Japan automakers to post 4.5% slump in January global output See in context

Perhaps time for Japanese auto maker consortium to think about making own chips?

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Posted in: British Olympic rowing great Pinsent calls for Tokyo Games to be held in 2024 See in context

Thank you for the common sense suggestion.

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Posted in: Tesla CEO Musk world's wealthiest person See in context

In couple more years, run for Senate against Ted Cruz

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Posted in: Sony to buy U.S. anime giant Crunchyroll for $1.17 bil See in context

Japanese studios and companies needs to figure out how to keep ownership locally but profit globally.

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Posted in: Supermarket slip lawsuit ruling influenced by size and color of pumpkin tempura See in context

Sad ruling for Japan. People will start suing for every little liability whether it was their own fault or not. Lawyers might or might not get paid but something is better than nothing and they wouldn't know unless they sue.

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Posted in: School vice principal arrested for smearing bodily fluid on girl on train See in context

Does Japan have create a national pedophile list? If not, they should create one ASAP so these scums would not be working with children ever again

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Posted in: English mistake makes Kyoto the enemy of the world See in context

It would have been more interesting if they made it Haiku-like. It would have killed two birds with one stone; catchy and PR of Japanese culture.

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Posted in: K-pop girl band pulls video after backlash in China over baby panda See in context

It'll be great if China started caring about all endangered animals especially rhinos and elephants as much as they care for the panda(s).

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Posted in: Race to boost financial hub status intensifies among Japanese cities See in context

Japan first and foremost must invest in tech infrastructure. Finance and tech go hand in hand today. How can a country be a finance hub without ironclad secure and reliable tech infrastructure?

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Posted in: Japan urges S Korea to present solution over wartime labor row See in context

Japan must ask itself "what is the value of SK to Japan"? If not much, time to move on.

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Posted in: S Korean court to soon start weighing sale of Mitsubishi Heavy assets See in context

South Korean government becoming more pathetic by the year. Only way SK politicians including Moon can keep power is beating on Japan; it's sad that hate gains votes.

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Posted in: Guitar rock legend Eddie Van Halen dies of cancer at 65 See in context

His joy while playing his guitar was truly infectious. RIP EVH!

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Posted in: Japan, Mongolia to cooperate on 'Free and Open Indo-Pacific' See in context

Not only should Mongolia worry about the Indo-Pacific but should be worried about their own country. With so many Han Chinese living in Inner Mongolia, Mongolians and ethnic Mongolians should be careful that their country won't become another Tibet.

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Posted in: 'Fortnite' creator Epic Games gets $250 mil investment from Sony See in context

Nice forward thinking Sony. After all content is everything!

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Posted in: Japan to limit financing of overseas coal power plants See in context

By financing coal, Japan could look to itself every time a huge storm/hurricane pounds the islands. If you're not consciously taking action to curve fossil fuel dependency then you are the problem contributing to climate change.

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Posted in: Japan's elderly workers suffer as pandemic closes businesses See in context

Government could start building more communal housing with shared bathroom and kitchen/dining space and charge nominal rent. Japan has enough dilapidated houses and buildings to be bought out, crushed and rebuild. At least it will give these people a roof over their head and relief of not becoming homeless during this difficult time. Government should do this now in anticipation of prolonged recession to follow even after pandemic.

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Posted in: Japan's exports slump as coronavirus hits U.S., Chinese demand See in context

Most of what Japan exports would be considered non-essential things. Do people need to renew cars, game console, phones etc...every 2-3 years? Most likely not, especially in times like this. Perhaps Japanese government could focus more on supporting and stoking local agriculture and producing enough grain, cattle, pigs, poultry to feed its people. Food shortage would be the next likely fallout from this pandemic.

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Posted in: Japanese artists in New York sing 'Sukiyaki' together in heartwarming video See in context

Very nice! Thank you!!

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Posted in: Tokyo's infection spike after Olympic postponement sparks questions See in context

I don't think anybody can blame the Japanese government on this. After all even the IOC was dead set on still having the Olympics commenced on set date and only after international pressure did it concede to postpone. No country can be bleeding money on both ends. Even China wouldn't have hosted its 2008 Beijing Olympics if there was a simultaneous virus outbreak in Wuhan back then.

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Posted in: Tokyo records most new coronavirus cases in a day as pressure for lockdown builds See in context

If Tokyo locked down, then at least the spread of the virus to other surrounding cities might be slowed down. Now that Olympic is postponed for a year, Japan must put full effort physically and financially and all ways possible in combating the pandemic. Complacency is not the answer. No testing doesn't mean no virus!!

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Posted in: SoftBank to sell up to $41 bil in assets to buy shares, reduce debt See in context

Day of reckoning has come to over zealous leadership and corporation. Other companies with this kind of management should watch and learn if it'll sink or swim all the while circled by sharks that smell blood in the water.

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Posted in: Panic buying continues in Tokyo as residents asked to stay home for weekend See in context

Kudos to governor Koike. She's the only one gutsy enough to tell it as it is. Wouldn't doubt if a third of Tokyo infected already and just don't know it, probably thinking it's just a regular cold/flu or even seasonal allergy. Only way the grim situation would be confirmed is by the number of deaths reported but who knows, even that number might be rigged. If Japan thinks somehow it's immune to Covid-19, you're making a big mistake. Good luck and take cue from other countries going through the same thing.

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Posted in: Some Japanese fret more over economy and virus than Olympics See in context

Save lives not faces please!

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Posted in: Tokyo governor vows full measures to combat virus during Olympic torch relay See in context

When governments place saving face over people, they will most certainly fail. Olympic should be postponed for one year. Abe should listen to Trump on this one. If Japan and Koike think that all will be hunky dory by July, it's not that simple. It takes time to restart a community let alone a country from complete standstill. The last thing on other government's mind is the Olympics. Japan might go into recession if not already, but so will be all other economies. If virus is contained and all is up and running and back to normal in 2021, then there's more reason to celebrate with the games. Please reconsider.

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Posted in: S Korea protests over Japan's virus travel restrictions See in context

South Korean strategy=deflect and blame. Fortunately numbers don't lie.

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Posted in: South Korea, Japan trade travel restrictions in virus row See in context

Moon and his administration needs to deflect blame to someone other than themselves for poor handling of the virus outbreak. It doesn't matter what Korea says about Japan. Japan should do what's best and right for its citizens as many other countries are doing the same. Only Abe and his administration knows how much resources are available to combat the infection within Japan. If the resources are getting scarce, then they should control any source of more virus spreading within the country which would mean more travel ban and quarantine for certain countries including and not limited to China, South Korea, Iran and Italy.

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Posted in: 'Bureaucrats were in charge': Japanese doctor blasts ship quarantine See in context

So what is Dr. Iwata suggest that they do? He seems to answer the biggest problem/question which is "inside the cruise, there was no way to tell where the virus is..." If Japanese government or any other government for that matter knew where the virus is, we wouldn't be having this problem. What does he recommend they do to establish green zone vs red zone? Should the passengers and crew change cabins or corralled into sections without the knowledge of who is or might be infected? I think its good that he's calling attention to inadequate response by bureaucrats but perhaps his "bruised ego" needs to be tended first before pointing fingers.

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