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Posted in: Japan Atomic Power to get ¥350 bil to reboot plant See in context

Haven't they learned anything from Fukushima? With more typhoons getting stronger, guerilla rain and landslides more frequent is this really a good idea??

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Posted in: Hot sandwich maker for voluminous sandwiches See in context

Like this!

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Posted in: As global leaders meet, the Amazon rainforest burns See in context

Greed destroys everything that's good.

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Posted in: Saudi Arabia tells Japan's biggest refiner about possible shipment change See in context

Makes you wonder who will benefit the most from the attacks and higher oil prices??

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Posted in: Julie Andrews to receive American Film Institute honor See in context

Such a classy lady. Congratulations!

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Posted in: New York schools urged to refer to Sea of Japan as 'East Sea' too See in context

Koreans must have paid huge donation to NY State assemblyman. American politics at its worse as "Everything has a price".

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Posted in: Record 832 foreigners in Japan lose residency status in 2018 See in context

Companies and schools should also shoulder the blame. They need to constantly prompt and remind these workers to renew paperwork and not just be complacent about it.

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Posted in: In praise of the big pixel: Gaming is having a retro moment See in context

Just like listening to oldies music, people reliving the good times of youth with retro games....nice.

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Posted in: U.S. approves $3.3 bil sale of anti-ballistic missiles to Japan See in context

Asia is increasingly becoming a danger zone and it's better to be safe than sorry. Good luck Japan.

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Posted in: Scarlett Johansson tops Forbes best-paid actress list for second year See in context

If the same 20 actors and actresses are making movies in Hollywood, how could they not be the highest paid celebrities?? If roles were given to other up and coming new actors, sure the numbers will be a lot lower.

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Posted in: Kimono no more: Kim Kardashian West renames shapewear line See in context

She's a lot smarter than people give her credit.

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Posted in: South Korean leader says Japan dishonest over wartime past See in context

"It's easier to blame someone than to fix your own mistakes and do better". Thank you Korea for reminding us this lesson every so many years.

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Posted in: Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth to separate: media See in context

These are all Hollywood's farce marriages. Other examples would be Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra etc.... Only believe the marriage is real when they have kids. Marriage among US celebrities is the same as saying "I do" in Vegas.

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Posted in: South Korea to remove Japan from preferred trade list See in context

Thank Moon for this mess. His strategy all along was to work together with North Korea for China. Great diversion for China to flex military muscle on Hong Kong and subsequently Taiwan. People of South Korea and Japan need to wake up and cooperate.

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Posted in: 33 dead after man sets fire to Kyoto anime studio See in context

Hope this guy gets capital punishment. If this man gets away with lifetime prison sentence by pleading insanity, it will be an embarrassment of the Japanese judicial system. This coward didn't think twice about taking other people's lives. Lets see how he responds/feels when his own is at stake.

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Posted in: The kids aren't alright: Japan struggles to protect its most vulnerable children See in context

Shame on Japanese government for having an "out of sight, out of mind" mentality. Any country that doesn't take care of its children/youth have a bleak future.

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Posted in: Frosty relationship rumored between Empress Masako and sister-in-law Crown Princess Kiko See in context

Real life Japanese GoT!

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Posted in: Watermelon bread a fruity summer treat See in context

Awesome! Anything original is a good thing.....imagination is hard to come by lately.

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Posted in: Gwyneth Paltrow visits Japan as Goop beauty brand debuts in Tokyo See in context

Selling things you hardly want and absolutely don't need.

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Posted in: Work of art See in context

Who cares what anyone wants to do with/to their own body? We would have never known they had tattoos if they were clothed. Since it was their own decision, I'm sure they're willing to live with the consequences.

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Posted in: Vietnamese workers, streaming to Japan, face risks as labor system opens up See in context

More people working and consuming and contributing to sales tax is not a bad thing for Japan.

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Posted in: Ghosn, lawyer protest his rearrest; prosecutors confiscate Ghosn's wife's passport, mobile phone See in context

What is Nissan prosecution trying to do? Trying to recover more money?? So they had no problem going into joint venture in 1999 and receiving money to save company and now it's a smear campaign for "unethical practices" for the man who brought Nissan from falling into abyss? This is a good warning to other foreign companies to not throw a life-line or go into joint alliance with any failing Japanese company. Might as well wait until the company goes bankrupt and take total control of management and operation.

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Posted in: Man gets 12-year prison term in appeal trial for confining girl See in context

So...he might do it again in his 40s.....

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Posted in: Japan to ease language requirements for foreign nursing care trainees See in context

Don't see any incentive for foreign workers in doing this. So after 3 years of internship, then right to obtain new visa? then what?? Many other Asian countries are or will be having huge graying population problem. Might as well go to other countries that offer workers to settle, raise families and seek secure life. Wake up and smell the coffee Japan!

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Posted in: Dual nationals feel cast adrift in Japan See in context

Not only is this law antiquated, the reality I think is that they just don't know what to do or how to go about such complex judicial transaction thus offer only black or white resolution "keep it or lose it" or "with us or against us" mentality.

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Posted in: Japan won't introduce daylight saving time during 2020 Olympics See in context

Is it really necessary? Don't think so if it wasn't since 1952.

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Posted in: Convenience store robber politely asks, 'May I have some money?’ See in context

Politely respond back "No you may not."

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Posted in: Musk out as Tesla chairman, but remains CEO in $40 mil SEC settlement See in context

Is SEC bought out by Super Pacs too? Musk has target on his back for going against dirty energy companies and US auto industry that go hand in hand.

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Posted in: U.S. Open champ Naomi Osaka gets hero's welcome in Japan See in context

Great that she's showing the world that you don't have to be a douche to be a winner. Thanks Naomi!

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Posted in: Conan O’Brien arrives in Japan See in context

Like how he keeps thing fresh

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