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Posted in: SHIHO announces marriage to former judo champion See in context

What's so wrong that he's not Japanese? Obviously, she is in love with the man. She's only a model not a goddess. Get over it. Also, he makes a lot of money in Korea with commercials and other stuff from what I saw online. By the way, he has a Japanese passport because he gave up his Korean citizenship and changed his name. She and their future children shouldn't have a problem. Also, in this time and age, what's wrong with a woman marrying over 30? These days, women work to establish themselves for they want out of life before settling to creat a family. How can you expect J women to marry in their early 20's and not enjoy their individual freedom. They are similar age so that is really a fair deal. They both enjoyed their single days and created a career for themselves and now plan to create a family together. Good for them!

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Posted in: Kennedy's pursuit of Senate seat snared in NY politics See in context

Why don't the government just give every Kennedy family a seat! Uncle Teddy's been a senator for a whole lifetime already... why not... !

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Posted in: Japanese recession: A time for panic or change? See in context

Every country is in a recession! We are all in a state of overconsumption.

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Posted in: Tojo drama starring Takeshi draws 12.1% rating on Christmas eve See in context

Its great to create programs like this to remind of people the harder times in our history. But let me remind you, all these programs does not seem to deter people(our leaders) from avoiding catastrophic situations. Look at what's going on in the middle east and other countries in south asia. Its sad but "history repeats itself" for some reason. I would account this to GREED. The past wars were created by greed for power and world domination. Its one of those animal instincts of ours(humans).

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