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Posted in: AirAsia X enhances inflight entertainment with Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 See in context

samsung should give up developing new tabs any more, its over by released nexus 7.

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Posted in: North Koreans walk off after South Korea flag displayed at women's soccer match See in context

feel sorry for the NK team. this musn't have happened especially displaying a SK flag. i suspect it was occured in purpose.

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Posted in: AKB48 management to send members overseas for upcoming TV show See in context

sales=election, quit job=graduation, business trip=study abroad. whats next?

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Posted in: Indonesian arrested in S Korea for Japan tsunami fraud See in context

wow, i think i had received like this spam the other day. it also said her client' dad died who has left a large money in his bank account. maybe this way has been popular among scammers.

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Posted in: Boy's suicide over bullying sparks death threats at Shiga school See in context


Japan has a taboo of discriminated region known as a Buraku. It also taboo but those residents are mostly composed of Koreans in japan. This bullie's mom is PTA president who involved with a union of release buraku committee has many connection of metropolitan assemblies.

To be honest, I am not sure what is in background of this tragedy, but the police, teachers and this town's people all are too strange.

In addition, a junior high school is still in compulsory education stage. even if a teacher prefer some country, he had to follow ministry of education.

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Posted in: Boy's suicide over bullying sparks death threats at Shiga school See in context

there is a rumor that the school has been took over by foreigners. anyways its too weird. the educational committee has to reveal everything.

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Posted in: Ozawa, 50 backers form new party called People's Lives First See in context

Whata,, KSD? not again a new copied KPOP group.

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Posted in: Baby panda's death in Tokyo sparks grief See in context

sad news. that tiny cleature would reduce japan's gloomy mood. RIP

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Posted in: Clinton says 'comfort women' should be referred to as 'enforced sex slaves' See in context

its only farcical. these three countries are trying to make SK ppl eyes avert from SKs domestic unstability, especially Lee Myung-bak bro who has been arrested due to illegal contribution. im sure this will be settled in doubletalk.

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Posted in: Japanese fans flock to meet S Korean boyband See in context

how many times they copy and paste like this group? and it seems that the band name is as if a product no.

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Posted in: Google sells small tablet, challenges Kindle Fire See in context

this tablet will destroy not only kindlefire but also the other android supplyers tablets. perhaps the google has changed their strategy that aims to compete against the MS Surface and iPad by its ownself. poor samsung who created some decent android tabs contributed raising android tab shares.

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Posted in: K-pop concert in Hyogo canceled due to organizer's bankruptcy See in context

at last, the SK began to make recoupment their promotion spendings..

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Posted in: Gov't to test-drill for oilfield in Sea of Japan See in context

btw, JT has added East Sea on the article. it seems propaganda works well.

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Posted in: Microsoft unveils Surface tablet to compete with Apple's iPad See in context

it wouldnt that bad choice if it will have potential to be replaced windows pc. ive been with some android tablets having bad experiences and coming to realized that most tablets are only a huge smart phone. if i could use the win8 tablet as main computer, i will have to have and maintain only two devices of phone and tablet.

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Posted in: Japan to develop drones to monitor radiation See in context

yes, the drones are obviously unnecessary to observe radioactives. its might be only an excuses to begin developping military weapon. i think the purpose would be to improve drone technology for the future selling japanese weapon to oversea. japan is struggling to find next exporting products to keep her competitive power.

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Posted in: Stabbing suspect should have killed himself, Osaka governor says See in context

how about creates a new law that gives comfort death after the defendant could prove in court that he/she really has a potential to kill someone for his death punishment.

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Posted in: K-pop boy groups 2PM and 2AM merge See in context

2ampm? i havent read this article carefully, but is this a news of new convenience store chain will be established?

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Posted in: F-35 production quality worries U.S. Senate panel See in context

f35 project gives us no good news at all. they should have developped this from f22 by cutting the cost.

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Posted in: Skymark pilots to be monitored following litany of complaints See in context

skymark reminds me that the terrible bus accident on kan-etsu highway which killed 7 passengers the other day.

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Posted in: Samsung Galaxy S3 gets head start on rival iPhone See in context

samsung finally stopped ctrl c and v. lets see if this phone will be sold enough.

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Posted in: Facebook smartphone could come by next year See in context

people are getting tired of replacing their own mobile phones and coming to realize only stable emailing and browsing are necessary. who needs new platform? its only facebook to gather much more personal info. as for me no thanks.

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Posted in: Ishihara wants to buy Senkakus to keep 'burglar' China out See in context

these islands are obviously japanse territoly but the fact is no meaning against china. i think he who wishes to begin a war between china and japan are the US and Ishihara, china might not want to start war until her own economy power would be strong enough and be stable. this isnt good situation for japan and china, its not good timing for both countries having this issue. hope someone like UN will work for relief this tention.

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Posted in: Japan declined U.S. offer to station nuclear experts in Kan's office: Edano See in context

why former pm Kan who refused it might be the purpose that wanted to be a legend of the man who stopped nuclear disaster and saved his citizens. in the end, he became a most famous PM in japanese histories though, it was a discredit perspective.

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Posted in: Toyota overtakes GM to regain No. 1 spot See in context

toyota has to remember what would happen after got to be No1 in 2009. try to being second position if doesnt want to be beaten.

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Posted in: Canon eyes robot-only production for cameras See in context

interesting attempt. perhaps canon aims not only making camera automatically but also will sell the industrial robots in future.

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan step up talks on military accord See in context


people of Japan have forgiven the Americans many years ago.

its wrong. japanese has also been taught anti-japan and pro-america thought. truth is that ppl doesnt know well why japan had to attack the US, a large number of japanese ppl only believes a vague reason that japan was the assailant of the ww2.

and why the US has to defend japan is its still important position to prevent spreading communism. SKorea is still not strong enough to take charge that position.

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan step up talks on military accord See in context


sorry for jumping in here but it because of their anti-japan education for taking attention away from their domestic issue. actually k-gov and j-gov relationship seems not so bad.

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Posted in: White girl fronting Japanese rock band actually a Swedish boy See in context

hey japanese, stop exporting otokono-ko(娘) subculture to oversea. its totally weird.

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan step up talks on military accord See in context

i guess the SK and US finally decided to attack the NK, this is one of preparation for that action.

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Posted in: Many Facebook users unaware of privacy risks: report See in context

no wonder, you are exchanging this service and your privacy. just quit if you mind to be dug your posts.

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