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Posted in: Space invaders: How video gamers are resisting a crypto onslaught See in context

This news & how gaming is changing w/crypto & monetizing in-game achievements isn't a surprise after the EA Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot box fiasco.

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Posted in: At least 5 members of Kishida's new cabinet had links with Unification Church See in context

"Keep 'Korea' out of Japan."

And likewise I'd imagine.

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Posted in: Yamato Transport, CJPT to begin studying standardization and commercialization of cartridge batteries See in context

Go Yamato!

I still prefer ICE cars to BEV cars, but this article is covering a great approach to the coming electrical grid's power output needs.

Hopefully American BEV component manufacturers pick up on the idea too.

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Posted in: Is it possible to heal the damage we have already done to the Earth? See in context

Whenever I or a co-worker get too worried about the Earth- our planet- I think of George Carlin...

I'm sharing this YouTube link, but as a forewarning it contains viewpoints/ humor/ words/ etc. that not all readers may agree with. So watch at your discretion:


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Posted in: Lots of low- and no-cost ways to halt global warming See in context

My opinion and shared thought:

If people, govt's, etc. were as thoughtful as I've been RE.: automobiles & the environment then countries- nah the entire world- would have adopted Japanese Kei cars as a standard since the 1990s. My ideas are laughed at by people around me- probably because we all know it's a "dream"- but I've been holding this opinion ever since I read the first EK9 Civic Hyper Rev before the 2000s (New Millenium).

No engine would exceed 4 cylinders- even Formula 1 cars- and if you a need for performance you'd buy the 4 cylinder turbo engine. Displacement for engines are limited to 2000cc. Most cars in existence would use 2 or 3 cylinder engines, motorcycle engines (w/ catalytic converters), and with the evolution of hybrid technology- had it been created in this alternate version of the world- solar cells would power in vehicle electronics (dome lights, gauge lights, door lights, etc.-- not the stereo).

Ferrari & the like would only be allowed to use a maximum engine displacement up to 2800cc & 5 cylinders since they are able to claim historical exemptions (if I remember correctly).

All homes by 2005 would have already had built in solar power- the governments already paid for legislation and implementation via tax witholdings everybody pitched into. We all paid a fair share for "Save the Planet" tax everytime we got paid & the world will likely have already avoided its current "Climate Crisis".

I'm not a 100% supporter of "Climate Change" policies- I like backfiring race cars & fighter jets and I still think the solar powered race cars in the 90s were a joke. But if I already thought of and was willing to make these changes over 20 years ago--

What the hell were you all doing & thinking?

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Posted in: Sony unveils AI driver for Gran Turismo auto racing game See in context

That's great AI progress.

But no thank you. I have played Forza 2 thru 7 & the Horizon series. The "Drivatar" system isn't perfect-- and the old AI before it I think was better.

Please keep AI out of the Gran Turismo series-- especially if it's like the Forza AI Drivatar system.

Looking forward to GT7!

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Posted in: South Korean court orders sale of confiscated Nippon Steel assets See in context

FYI for SamitBasu & readers in general: I don't think the Japanese Kanji for "Fu-Hou Kou-I" is correct.

Those look like Chinese (Chinese language) characters to me.

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Posted in: Japan apology needed to solve wartime labor issue: S Korean presidential candidate See in context

As an American w/ Japanese blood I experience and have experienced the dislike of the Japanese by Koreans while living in America.

Their continued discrimination, passive-aggressive attitudes in the workplace, sneaky harrassment, and general stupidity about their own cultural faults towards the Japanese is ridiculous.

Japan doesn't owe Korea jack-nothin' anymore. And I think it's a poor choice for Americans to continue to trust the Koreas when Korea is likely only looking to steal money, technology, and intellectual property while smiling and faking their politeness.

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Posted in: Suga to hold talks with Biden in U.S. on April 16 See in context

I think it's a great chance to relay info about the recent events in the Pacific region, go over Covid, the Olympics, economic difficulties and strategy, and US-Japan cultural relations. Of course there is more they can communicate.

China's recent diplomatic attitude is a sign that Japan and the USA need to go over and update their agendas and priorities towards China and the Pacific.

Japan shouldn't be a servant to U.S. policies- Japan is its own independent nation.

Hopefully the two leaders use the opportunity to develop and update their nation's interests in a beneficial manner for each other.

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Posted in: The global race to develop 'green' hydrogen See in context

Go Japan, USA, and well- international industry.

Hydrogen fuel cells I read and heard takes only a few more minutes to reach 100% compared to a gas/ petrol fill up. It's below the 10 minute mark.

Current service stations and automobiles in use by the Public can be re-fitted with minimal modifications to store/ use Hydrogen. Again, I've read and heard. But imagine keeping your current gasoline vehicle, adding a Hydrogen modification kit, and driving it (perhaps in 1 day of repair work- if not hours) again as a clean driving machine. Well, at least a cleaner one.

And hopefully the repair work stays below $3000. It's fuel tank replacement, ECU re-map (software update at Dealer), and I forgot what other component- maybe the engine?

I haven't kept up on the info since I've been researching other topics recently. Oh, I would think jobs could be kept too for those employed by the petrol industries.

OPEC should start Hydrogen farming... anyways, excuse the vague comments but info on this topic is best left to the developers and news outlets.

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Posted in: Honda of America plans to sell 2 fully electric SUVs in 2024 See in context

I have my own research & reasons for thinking this: Honda and Japanese car makers are better off being "late to the party" when it comes to EVs.

There are other battery technologies held by the Japanese and USA which surpass any Korean manufacturers technology. In my own opinion: there is an unsaid technological war now regarding the EV automobile industry. Korean manufacturing is to not be trusted- I think it will be bad for business and international securities.

The more American and Japanese technologies and business can continue to develop their own EV/ carbon reduction models of cars the better the industry will be in the long term.

You can do it Japan and USA!

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Posted in: China exports spike to highest in 2 decades after COVID-19 hit See in context

Dang- a trade SURPLUS.

That's a lost concept for U.S. news. This country works in negatives 100% of the time. :P (being sarcastic)

I don't have statistics or figures but I think even U.S. military spending and manufacturing works in a deficit. Lol

And that's like one of the things the U.S. is known for (its military). For China to have a surplus in a consumer good like electronics is amazing. How does a Communist country manage to perform better than a Capitalist one- ESPECIALLY when both are modern superpowers capable of producing goods- say, phones & toilet paper?- is a tongue-in-cheek bit of news.

Economically it's counter-intuitive to me. But then again last year was one "different" year. C'mon America, hit the airwaves with some fresh economic SURPLUS.

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Posted in: Legend of Honda See in context

Not having to drive a vehicle yourself used to be called riding a bus or catching a taxi.

And anyone ever ride with PASSENGERS who got tired of being in a traffic jam? It’s not just driver fatigue.

I have confidence self-driving cars are capable of their ability and function, but I don’t think they solve all of our traffic related problems or pollution concerns.

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Posted in: HondaJet becomes top-selling small business aircraft for 4th year See in context

I wonder: Does the HondaJet have VTEC? :P

Regardless, great work Honda!

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Posted in: Toyota to start sale of fuel cell system to outside companies in spring See in context

Go Toyota and Honda!

I hope the fuel cell technology catches on soon.

The fuel grid can be updated to accommodate hydrogen, vehicle fill ups remain quick, & current gasoline cars can be converted to hydrogen.

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Posted in: Suzuki Motor chairman to retire in June after over 40 years See in context

Thank you for the cool cars & bikes! I hope Suzuki continues to experience success.

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Posted in: If you die from the COVID-19 vaccine in Japan, the government will give your family over ¥44 mil See in context

As long as the benefit is only for Japanese then it’s a crazy incentive. I don’t think foreigners should be eligible since they will take advantage of the benefit.

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Posted in: Japan renews claim on South Korea-held island See in context



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