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Seriously: That would not be unusual in North Korea.

It would be different if we just lived and let live. Why must some people want to force others to be in their image? And if they don't conform, impose all manners of coercive mechanism on them ?

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For all the bad things we can say about Kim and his country, He is one of the very rare leaders in the world who's truly his own man. He's nobody's marionette. And, we ( the world ) has strangled and impeded its economy for decades, why are we even still obsessed with it? It's like someone starves you, amputates your legs then blames you for not running at the same pace with them. Still, NK is one of the poirest but not the poorest country on earth. That title goes to some " Democratic " country somewhere.

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The least thing the " detainees " need here is people casting aspersions, castigating and vilifying them, kicking a man already down has no honor. It once has been said here by someone who was on the inside that most of them end in there for minor and or civil infractions, NOT criminal offences. If it were criminal I'm sure Ghosn ( and he's " somebody ") is a good example of how the J cops and prosecutors would make game and earn points from " exhibiting " you.

They're kept in " purgatory " just because and on their jailers whims. Their first mistake is NOT that they are crimals, their first mistake is that they are powerless.

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Posted in: Japan looking for big ‘medal bounce’ as Olympic host nation See in context

@ Nandaka

Counting your chickens before they are hatched, much? I find anticipatory talk like this depressing, as it surely places further distracting pressure on the athletes. These two guys should know better and focus more on what is important.

Well spoken.

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Posted in: Teacher's kick leaves student with broken bone at prestigious Tokyo school See in context

Our daily staple of violence meted out on the weak by the strong is but a microcosm of the larger society. It's like very many people are in a state of a wound-up spring just waiting for a trigger to go kinetic and unleash the venom accumulated within it .

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Posted in: Brazilian man sues Japanese gov't for injuries at immigration center See in context

It's utter balderdash for people here to claim any one individual can resist a government. Think about it, Japan has a population of 126 million people which include able youth, mothers, fathers, grannies, police, coastguards, the right wingers ( uyoku ) the JSDF etc. Could a single individual successfully resist being put in a plane to Timbuktu by any number of people from the above groups? They derive pleasure in defiling humanity.

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Posted in: Brazilian man sues Japanese gov't for injuries at immigration center See in context

"Being detained without any prospects, detainees are feeling stressed, and officials who are responding to them are becoming exhausted and violent," said Koichi Kodama, a lawyer who has expertise in immigration policy and the rights of foreigners.

They OUGHT to know this!!!

"I don't understand why they had to physically restrain me, when all they needed to do is explain," he said.

I do. A country full of stuck-up people would have a good number who are dark and disturbed. Violence lives in them.

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Posted in: Seven-Eleven employees accused of cheating franchise owners in purchasing See in context

I thought the system was automatic from the sales till?

So did I.

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“Although the relationship between Korea and Japan is politically in a severe situation, we have a history of overcoming situations through sharing wisdom,” Nakanishi said.

“Mutual trust and understanding are very important. It is important to keep the dialogue steadily in any environment,” he said.

The best take-away for me. Honest dialogue....followed by praxis.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. say 3-way ties with S Korea are key to security See in context

Various agents and agencies the world over use profiling to better understand and predict a query who can be an individual or institution.

By using the same method above, in regards to Japan's relationship with everyone they encountered, one can't deny the pathological genocidal tendencies / trait. Are they in recession within? Just waiting for a trigger?

Knowing this tendency is good for everyone to just keep in mind, and beware for the beginning of transmogrification of that society.

> Why then, did the average life expectancy and population of Korea and other SE Asian and pacific island nations increase during the Japanese occupation/annexation.

I don't blame you, Beer delivery guy.

Colonizers / Abusers the world over have aptly used justifications, rationalization,, minimization,and every other tool , to achieve the effect like one on you.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. say 3-way ties with S Korea are key to security See in context

The Ainu ------ Genocide


Korea .........................................Genocide

China. .....................................GenociGenocide

Malaya. Genocide

S. E Asia ....................................Genocide

Foreigners within................... Opaque Gulags

Compatriots............................. Endemic fratricide

How can anyone be wrong about the common denominator?



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Posted in: Japan-S Korea meeting of defense chiefs being arranged See in context

Oops !! @ Doley .

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Posted in: Japan-S Korea meeting of defense chiefs being arranged See in context

@ Tom Foley

There’s a reason why several years ago Japan was ranked the fourth most lying nation in the world. The world doesn’t buy Japan’s lies anymore, not even the IOC.

Regret I didn't get to read that, but I didn't need to, because I always felt and discerned the lies. See, a good conman first steals your trust by deception, and the rest is a breeze.

The best conmen are those who believe in their own lies,and Japan, with a lying leadership, that falsifies facts and willfully miseducates its citizenry, thereby falsifying the citizenry's collective consciousness, has made it easy to recruit it ( the citizenry) to propagate the lies and evil whenever necessary. And, because they believe, are ready to die in defense of the same.

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With the promiscuity ( keep focus) of todays globalisation, countries are totally intertwined in matters economy, military etc.True, the US is the anchor of this troika with it's own wider objectives of hegemony and preservation of pax-americana. It there fore realizes the importance of maintaining this alliance intact.and will do what it takes to keep it. That doesn't limit SK or Japan iin making new friends or severing the same, but , it goes without saying the world is a better place with cooperation instead of senseless dichotomies.

I'm sure both SK and Jpn know what's is good for themselves individually and collectively, and reason will triumph, either they prosper together or hang separately ( own nooses). Both are intelligent they'll act right. It's the WORST time for one to exhibit bravado.

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I expect ANY sovereign country including and not limited to SK to exercise its full sovereignty ( unilaterally unless its a colony/ vassal state. SK is not ) in any facet issues arises. In this case SK isn't and will not be limited to Japan's interest and vice versa. Only then can they exercise accommodation, the middle way or the highway.

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I've always wondered why some people find it odd that SK " turn historical issues to economic ones and on to security " . as if they should'nt be. They are singularly or collectively inherently pertinent to any country's relations with self or neighbors. One can and does affect the others in a myriad ways and SK is justified, if it sees it fit, to relate and raise them individually or collectively.

As for the summit, I think it's good for them to have an all out, no-holds- barred round table discussions on all the issues and immediately invest on what's workable, and, pursue the sticking ones in subsequent meetings.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for abusing 8-year-old daughter with curling iron See in context

Before Japan has a conversation about smacking, I think we need a more basic conversation about not hitting kids with bat-like objects and torturing them, burning them, binding them, or putting them in a washing machine. Sadism in the name of discipline.

it's VERY bad already as it's without any prompting. Don't ever give them a reason. Leaves little doubt that most of the faces we wear are just masks, beneath them could lie the most hideous creatures ever. This society needs to bring these issues center stage and determine the root causes of such cruelty on the weak members of society, find solutions but most important, is make the solutions work.

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Posted in: Man arrested for confining girlfriend’s 7-month-old son in washing machine See in context

Very illustrative of the rot in society. Outright neo- barbarism. Ever wonder where the hostage justice system is incubated from? Wonder no more, baa...baa....!

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Posted in: 10 detainees go on hunger strike at Japanese immigration center See in context

@ expat

Why on earth would someone be kept in a detention center for that period of time? Either release them, turn them over to embassy 

you'd think this is the sensible thing to do. But , promptly deport them and risk seeing the whole evil tower of babel come tumbling down in a heap. In this case, efficiency has no profits, many jobs will be lost and no scapegoat piñata.

I'm afraid many of the detainees are from some backwater/ banana reps. The embassies are silenced by hook but , I suspect, mostly by crook. That they're not livid about the mal- treatment of their own kin points to willful connivance and dereliction of duty, as protection and seeing legal representation of their citizens is ranked up there in their mandate. You'll be surprised, they're really cheap

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@ JJJetplane

Long detention times for people you are going to deport makes no sense. At this point you are prolonging the waste of taxpayer money.

At all !!! Unless you are a beneficiary of the system.

For, it's only those who have mastered the art of evil that know how to profit from it.

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Around 10 foreigners detained at an immigration facility in Osaka have staged a hunger strike to protest their protracted detention, their supporters said Wednesday.

The article clearly says " ..hunger protest the protracted detention..)

No where is it indicative of the detainees fighting deportation as is claimed by some posters here. Am I reading a different article ?

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Posted in: 72-year-old man backs car into granddaughter, killing her See in context

I believe this to be a genuinely terrible accident, and the old man will have to live with it. Just one of those happenstances that can make one endure a life of torment.

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I'm sure many have heard of the rueful poem by Nazi-turned anti-Nazi Lutheran pastor Martin Niemoller where he laments " First they came for the communists, I didn't speak up because I wasn't a communist ..." he ends " then they came for me but there was nobody to speak for me."

As it is now, the wolf is ripping and eating the strays and the weak, it will then work its way gradually from the outer edges of the flock inwards. We're cheering it for " cleansing " the flock of the aberrant members, but, as the wolf works its way in , one day, we at the center will be on the outer edges and will have to look at the wolf squarely in the eyes, that we forget , the same rights that guard us also must guard the yet to be processed criminals and do not speak up, is our first wrong.

The brutal truth is that these people have been commodified. Most have not and will not go through the process. They are being locked in to provide jobs for their jailers and keep the whole value chain ( suppliers to detention industry tycoons depend on these commodity they call detainees, it essentially connotes " bad seed " in our society therefore immunizes the authorities from sharper eyes of scrutiny from us. Commodities they are.

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The propensity for the J authorities to seemingly choose cruelty, even when unwarranted or avoidable is a noted concern to many observers. Again, there is little logic, reason or commonsense in these detentions other than the (ab) use of power on the powerless detainees ( a common phenomena in Japan). Any objectionable queries are deemed as an affront to its ( J's ) sovereignty.

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Perfect for the retirees capital of the US - Florida.

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Is it normal procedure in Australia to check the phones of all international visitors? What kind of situation would justify checking someones phone.?

Hello N.....uman !! Jerry here !

Their rules - their calls . We might not like it but somehow, we long ceded our sovereignty to our gvmts for the " greater good " .

What if you have sexually explicit photos and videos of two consenting adults on your phone?

Kramer would advise you to strictly keep those VERY private, better still, don't store them. Ask Elaine.

I would be surprised if Japan shows some reciprocity and require the same next year especially during the Olympics.

Shouldn't be a surprise now, should it ? Monkey see monkey do, is an accepted thing sometimes.

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Posted in: What are your suggestions for dealing with the growing problem of "over-tourism" that some popular destinations around the world (Kyoto, for example) are facing? See in context

I think many people would love to play a part for a good cause. If they're made aware, most would voluntarily do the right thing. To add what others have suggested above, educate people especially from majority visitors origin countries, price hikes in peak seasons, rebates in low seasons, quota-ring, rotational itineraries within tourism spots. Generally , just a good management data system cascading from head to tail would help mitigate the conditions.

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Posted in: Japanese, S Korean lawmakers agree to work toward detente See in context

As for me ? I'm just glad for the dialogue. Civility and reason separates humans from Neanderthals.

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@ JuminRhee

We should feel sad for the ones who cannot let go of their anger. They will die with such anger as pitiful and vengeful old men and women.

A terrible Japanese infection. Just toxic !

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Posted in: S Korean search finds wrecked medical copter; no sign of survivors See in context

@ Norman Goodman


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