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Posted in: Olympic chief says Games cannot be 'marketplace of demonstrations' See in context

" The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crisis maintain their neutrality "

Dante Alighieri.

If, by raising a voice against an injustice, one could bring awareness and mitigate the situation, then why not let people raise their voice against all forms of the same? Sports personalities have a right to respectfully use their status as a bully pulpit to speak- out against any ills affecting societies of which *they, themselves, are part of***. **BLM shines a spotlight on the most pervasive, intractable and mostly in-your-face injustice primarily on African- Americans, if they're asked to undress their experiences just for the olympics and then re-dress them soon after, is in itself, a hypocrisy that doesn't help. By being Americans, they should equitably, be able to partake that which IS, FOR and OF America.

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Posted in: Tokyo man arrested after dismembered body found in Niigata apartment See in context

Just Grizzly !! But folks, Jack the Ripper or anyone of these weirdos here ? Who's bad ?

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Posted in: Japan, Britain sign free trade deal for post-Brexit era See in context

“How fitting it is to be in the Land of the Rising Sun to welcome in the dawn of a new era of free trade,”

Is this then, where the rising sun meets the white cliffs of Dover? there'll be no paling, I hope.

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Posted in: Suga says Japan not looking to form 'Asian NATO' to contain any specific country See in context

I've often wondered what the reaction would be were China, Russia or Iran operated their Navy in the Pacific coast of US or Gulf of Mexico but....they respect the US' Monroe doctrine..enough not to.

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Posted in: 71% of S Koreans see Japan unfavorably as ties sink to record lows See in context

Over 80% of the J people were not even born, no rational individual would contend they are responsible.

No doubt it's the remaining 20% geezers, who are the problem for Japan. Since they're the ones who hold real power thus the major opinion shapers....and nolstagic about twhat had been the dai nihon teikoku.

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Posted in: 71% of S Koreans see Japan unfavorably as ties sink to record lows See in context

Japan's economic rise to its position deserves plaudits. But, it's a process that is being replicated all over.

Remember the " cheap " tag on Japanese cars and electronics in the US and Europe ? Well, Taiwan went through the same, so is/did China and am of the opinion that the ones who really shed blood, sweat and tears are....the SKs. Even today , with its 50M population ( less than 0.5% of Japan) , the country is an economic hard- hitter.

As for Joining with NK? It's a hard and complex problem best left in abeyance for the time.

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Posted in: 71% of S Koreans see Japan unfavorably as ties sink to record lows See in context

Japan's attitude and actions towards its neighbors and other people in general is one of condenscensions. Liberally applying disingenuity and double-speak ,confident in their own self conceit that, others have no brain capacity to know or understand because they ( others) are lesser beings.

Many of the apologies issued were given out in moments of expediency, convenience and flinching recalls of horrors of defeat in ww2. No sincerity whatsoever!! I do understand why such incidents flare up from time to time.

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Posted in: Russia's top prosecutor visits Japan-claimed islands See in context

The Amur Tiger in the leash of The Bear non-chalantly watches the cat in the flowers playing.

If Japan truly believes it owns those Islands..and I mean the Southern Kurils...then I dare it to even do the "tricks" it does in Dokdo or Diao yu. I can't wait for them to display their " Nihonjinron " or " Yamatodamashi " there. I'm waiting.

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Posted in: Japan unveils 3,000-ton new submarine See in context

@ Nihon view are the stats.

None are so brainwashed than those who've been made to think they are free.

I won't take J-gov's word even in my dreams.

As for the symbolical phallus ?keep making 'em bigger because Japan will need to piss further than the competition, everytime.

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Posted in: Japan to give some travel agencies more subsidies for Go To Travel program See in context

LDP eminence grise Toshihiro Nikai is chairman of the All Nippon Travel Agents Association. This is yet more corporate welfare for Japan's travel industry, using our tax money.

No surprises there!! Socialism for the rich - Capitalism for the poor. They always want more for themselves and less for everyone else.

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Posted in: Fishermen oppose release of Fukushima water into ocean See in context

"We vigorously oppose a release of contaminated water into the ocean as it will clearly cause reputational damage,"

They Will. Why ? The J- gov under the guise of the World Bank gave money to " develop" fishing and peripheral industries in " 3rd" world countries, while deploying associate industrial scale fishing vessels to fish in the said countries' waters, hauling massive quantities of fish but leave behind 30% for local consumption. Having no alternative for disposal of the Nuke waste. I think they did this knowing sooner or later they will have to dump it in their waters and use the money from "3rd" worlders fish to pay up, compensate and assuage their own fishermen. Clever.

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Posted in: No panty shots, under any circumstances, please, says anime’s creator to animation staff See in context

The only request I made was ‘Please do not, under any circumstances, show [the characters’] underwear.’ 

He " betrays" his compatriots' obsession with panties !!

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Posted in: 37-year-old man arrested over sexual assault of high school student See in context

when Asada dragged her off it and took her to a secluded area where he allegedly beat and sexually assaulted her.

Sado-masochists par excellance. Again, almost innate tendencies to want to immorally dominate anyone they deem weak. Be on the lookout girls...and guys.

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Posted in: Coe supports athletes' right to advocate for social or racial justice at Olympics See in context

I'd expect no less from Seb Coe. A former outstanding athlete who's been through the athletic trenches with every shade of humanity.....respectfully , thus earning world-wide respect...even in my remote corner of the world.

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Posted in: Father arrested over death of one-month-old daughter in Ibaraki Prefecture See in context

Lost for words... but a word of caution to all, NOT all Japanese are ticking time-bombs, just don't show them weakness...They could be......ooohhh!!! The baby....!!!!!

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for sexually assaulting teenage girl in hotel See in context

I'd " assume " the onus is on the teacher NOT to be with his student at 9:00pm , at night. A teacher is a powerful person to a student, this imbalance in power has been abused. She might have been dumb, a slut ? May be, but from cradle we've been conditioned to listen to and obey our teachers. It's the teacher who shouldn't be caught dead abusing the trust proffered to him by the society and his student. He, also,ought to know that students of that age have hormones running amok are bound to not thinking straight on sexual matters. To abuse that trust, and power- balance is just dead wrong.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for attempted murder of 8-year-old daughter See in context

Peace is much more than the absence of war. The " wa " philosophy is as etherial ( con) as air. Quite a few people are sick, dark and disturbed.

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Posted in: Fukuoka man cleared of theft charges because he was 'only borrowing' victim’s bike See in context

I need a bank loan. Can I go behind the counter and help myself?

Oh yes you can !!! Just don't forget to apply lemon juice on your face....( Lol )

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Posted in: Peruvian man's life sentence finalized over 2015 mass murder See in context

This sentence is more criminal than the actions of the not-at-home patient/ " murderer".

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Posted in: Top Japanese chef in France killed himself after false sex claims, say family See in context

On Wednesday, Atabula published a justification of its wider inquiry into abuse in the industry, saying that Sekine's name "had come up several times from different sources" around harassment.

Well, at least we'd know where to begin looking if his suicide was occasioned by malicious slander.

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Posted in: Suga, Putin agree to promote territorial talks based on 1956 accord See in context

There was a call to the Kremlin. Just a Yoroshiku onegaishimasu call. Like anyone of us who's had incenssant telemarketers calls from a certain company, you already know their pitch-lines and all. You endure the ordeal just to be nice, because everyday it's a different person calling. I'd sympathize with you, as I sympathize with Putin, almost condemned to listen to the same old tired gripes.

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Posted in: Suga, Putin agree to promote territorial talks based on 1956 accord See in context

Hours before the talks, Russia announced the start of military exercises on Kunashiri and Etorofu, involving more than 1,500 personnel and 200 machine guns and artillery pieces.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato said Japan was given advance notice of the drills last Thursday...

The sting of the Russian military drill in the "Japanese" islands had to be diplomatically dampened for the citizenry's consumption.

I personally doubt there was a call to Putin at all, let alone all the reported verbiage. All hats no cattle.

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Posted in: 3 killed after their car rear-ends large truck in Hokkaido See in context

The above are all good reasons, the one most certain is that the driver didn't keep a good distance from the truck. Used the highway countless times myself. They even have measured signs for distance-keeping. Still, RIP to them.

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Posted in: Japan plans to release refugee status seekers from detention See in context

For me ? This is but a trait of the Samurai " warrior " always choosing the most vulnerable and defenseless people, in this case- the refugees, to prop up their image as an advanced group in an advanced country.

As @ Laguna says, the Japanese were once recipients of other peoples' largess but hide the fact that they've worn that shoe before.

For those spewing pro- establishment dribble, I'd like you to know that some of those " refugees " are better educated and Could out-do you in many other fields-- given a chance. The US is an advanced country, courtesy I'd bet, if you are from the US, you will trace your ancentry to someone who " shipped " himself over with a little pocket- change in his pocket. So stop the smugness.

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Posted in: ANA, Pola Orbis to develop cosmetics for use in outer space by 2023 See in context

Hello ! Hello ! Mars.. this is earth calling... Watchout for inbound sh!t ..over& out.

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Posted in: Don't pursue strike capability or NATO-like Asia, scholars tell Suga See in context

If for a moment we pause and reflect on what's happening NOW, how the world has been turned helter- skelter by the Covid-19, just think how much worse it could be in case of a war. In case ? There is an economic war - judging by history - usually, a precursor to open hostilities and the ensuing conundrum therein.

The imports of commodities which many countries in both S.E. and Far East Asia- the world's most densely populated region- would be blockaded right from the Gulf region and several choke-points along the route to China or Japan. Remember this is a route carrying over $ 5 trillion worth of commodities through the South CHINA and East CHINA seas to get to Japan. I, again, pose a question, is the pursuance of peace such a lofty subject ? Given that any spark in that region would throw the whole world right into the precipice. Is having a War the ONLY price for Peace ?

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Posted in: 3.7 tons of newly harvested rice stolen from storehouse in Ibaraki Prefecture See in context

800,000 seems like a paltry sum for the risks of such undertaking. What ? ~ ¥200 a kg ? But then, what do I know ?

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Posted in: Police using facial images from surveillance cameras and social media in criminal probes See in context

They are giving the illusion of starting this thing now but they started it ten years ago !! They used me as their unwitting subject. Real evil !!!

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Posted in: Japan's e-money service fraud widens; 5 other operators involved See in context

In the same topic yesterday , I said this is a pervasive problem in many banks, even in my country. Banks are haemoraging cash but they have a reputation to protect. Hence suffer silently. Not that I sympathize with them, especially their usurial charges on everything !!!

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Posted in: More NTT Docomo e-money thefts confirmed; ¥25 mil stolen See in context

This is a pervasive pain silently borne by many banks in many countries.

Silently !! Because not many of us would admit of having been conned, much less the embarrassment and customer mistrust that could ensue for banks. A good Image is everything. And still, silently, they'll continue to haemorrage cash.

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