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Posted in: We attribute the downward trend to the widespread installation of security cameras and improved anticrime systems equipped on motor vehicles and houses. See in context

.....and arbitrary state terrorism against perceived " suspects ".

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Posted in: Japan to recognize indigenous Ainu people for first time See in context after the GENOCIDE !!!!

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Posted in: Man arrested for beating girl after she helps woman who vomited on bus See in context

How can anyone fathom this ?

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempting to kill 15-year-old girl at her request See in context

It's my opinion that this kind of thing ( the need to kill people for no reason) ALMOST APPEARS to be in their DNA. Again, my personal opinion.

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Posted in: Local governments worry over new foreign worker policy; ask for help See in context

This is just the SOFTEST way they are expressing their opposition for foreigners. In actual fact, since time immemorial people have moved in small groups or in numbers all over the world, and in the end it all turned out well. For example the Japanese in Brazil and other South and North America diaspora. Yesterday, they beat, tortured,expelled and killed some foreigners, you certainly don't expect them today to welcome them with open arms...and while they are at it, half-heartedly, they'll blackmail and extort the central government .

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Posted in: It is a serious problem that the government cannot get basic figures right at a time when the country is preparing to take more foreign workers. The ministry should examine every case. See in context

It is imperative that Japan MUST have foreign workers. Their population can NOT sustain and drive an economy as near as they are used to. Remember too , that, for there to be an " upper " class there also must be an " Under " class...the ones who's bent backs the upper class sits upon. Conditions have once again, forced Japan to " bear the unbearable " if you remember the quote.

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Posted in: No. of foreign workers in Japan triples in decade to record 1.46 million See in context

Con artists extraordinaire . The first thing a good conman does to you is steal your trust and all else is downhill. None has been so successful before...... bandying figures around , Volunteer or aid " work " not withstanding .

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Posted in: Japanese whalers discuss plan to resume commercial hunt July 1 See in context

Not that I ever agree with this, but , I think Japan wants to keep fishing the whales and making the citizens palate remember the taste because in case of a war, the whale is the only food protein source that will be abundantly available within easy reach and could be made available to all.

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Posted in: Children of Nazis and their victims share family history to mark Holocaust See in context

BigYenToday  03:41 pm JST

I respect these people like Ulrich Gantz who have the courage to publicly face up to and repudiate the sins of their fathers. It can't be easy.

This is a sign of maturity and a really civilized people. Unlike some other people we know who wax lyrical about being civilized but do incredible hideous things then hide and pretend it didn't happen,or shift blame on their victims, which reeks of immaturity and boorishness.

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Posted in: Russia, Japan make no visible progress on territorial dispute See in context


Abe will call Russia's bluff, send in Japan Defense forces, occupy the place and see what Russia is going to do. Russia is weak and cannot withstand a naval or land combat with JDF. They cannot nuke due to big bad US. What will they do?


Trust me, Japan will be polka-dotted with lots of man-made Tunguskas . Courtesy of Russian missiles.

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Posted in: Russia, Japan make no visible progress on territorial dispute See in context

Woe unto Japan, it's a different time and Putin is no Yeltsin. The approach by the late Suzuki Muneo would also have given them a really good chance of CONQUERING ( you are reading right ) those Islands.... by humanitarian stealth. If they had sent Japanese nationals with investments which the area needed the most as Moscow had either neglected or had no means to develop the place. Had they done that, the islands would have been geographically Russian but Japanese dominated ... with other future probabilities.

Here again , Japanese exclutionist tendencies worked against them. Thought of in other ways, one can think of Little Tokyo in the US or the many China towns all over the world. Where one ethnicity dominates and defines the areas social culture . Also the example of the Mongols having militarily colonised China but were culturally conquered by the Hans. Currently , It's just water under the bridge though.

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Posted in: Russians protest any Kuril islands handover to Japan See in context

At their peak, the Japanese conquered, occupied , pacified, administered and utilized resources from the colonies. Were it not for the defeat it's hard to argue that they'd have willingly gave them back. Why at all, do they expect a different treatment from the conqueror of those islands ? because they are Japanese ? If at all the Islands are that important to them, as I said before, and I'm not a war monger - I don't come from a " warrior" clan but they can extend the diplomacy by other means... war. They are welcome.

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Posted in: Japan may accept Russia peace pact if it can get back 2 of 4 disputed islands See in context

Sometimes opportunities rarely strikes multiple times. Japan already missed it once ... they'll have to be extremely lucky or...go to war.

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Posted in: Mayweather stops Nasukawa in 1st round, flooring him 3 times See in context

Given the Japanese sense of honor and face, I think this kid will need some serious counseling. He needs to know that it's just sports and at 20yrs he has a lot going for him. That that's life, you win some and you lose some, a few knock-downs included.

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Posted in: Let foreigners enter, but don't let them obtain Japanese citizenship, doctor urges See in context

I invite this idiot to my country to come see how the Japanese live like Kings here while professing to be " helping " us.

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Posted in: Let foreigners enter, but don't let them obtain Japanese citizenship, doctor urges See in context that in Japan, an affluent country where no one suffers from food shortages, a certain number of people may be willing to entrust more and more jobs to foreign workers. *

. Is this guy REALLY awake to the problems of homelessness and the working poor in Japan ? People who live on one onigiri or a cup of noodles a day just to see another day ?

......and there will be more cases of them starting families with Japanese women. 

No wonder they tortured me and my family , eventually breaking us up .

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Posted in: New allegations against Ghosn concern payments to Saudi businessman See in context

Don't you just feel like telling them " get it over with already " .

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Posted in: Grown children surprised to find their fathers absorbed in internet rightwing sites See in context

Why the surprise? Even today they still have schools imbibing children with this nonsense. The Ojiisan generation, especially was weaned from it , more so that, that rhetoric was and has been the staple, glue and convergent point , which by large kept Japanese society cohesive.

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Posted in: Policeman leaves pistol in Osaka convenience store toilet See in context

Not well armed....especially in the head .

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Posted in: Man indicted for dismembering mother’s body, dumping parts in Chiba See in context

Eeeeew! ! !

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Posted in: Hope, anxiety in Japan over opening up to more foreign workers See in context

They are doing it NOT out of altruism but necessity. More so that people in the world are awake to the fact that Japan has been mooching off other peoples plates while not allowing anyone to touch its plate significantly ( I thank Trump a bit ). They are given all freedoms to do almost anything in other peoples' countries.. including becoming presidents, and use those countries laws to vigorously fight for any violations of their rights. The earlier articles picture of the acrimonious bill being passed told much more than the whole article itself.

I'm sure they will live up to their old age tradition of a flowery legislation but whose reality will be rife with barbs for foreigners, whom, as we already know, will be used and sapped of their youth and eventually spat out when deemed no longer useful. The world is full of con democracies.

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Posted in: 69 foreign technical interns died in Japan between 2015 and 2017: Justice Ministry See in context

They are just numbers, in a system that sees foreign workers as nothing more than disposable items . These particular ones just happened to be " rejects " before their use-by dates . Why are people making a fuss ?

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Posted in: Prosecutors to indict Nissan as well as Ghosn: report See in context

Now , watch the mal-alchemy of a governmental institution of " justice " use legalities to execute illegalities.

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Posted in: Kelly denies underreporting Ghosn's salary See in context

As for me ? This is just a CRIMINAL justice system running its natural course-- criminal. Period.

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Posted in: Golden boar See in context

In Africa we know this animal to be extremely shortsighted, which can only be matched with its equally extreme short memory. It's known to tag along with the giraffe which can see far and in case of danger, alert the warthog ( boar) as it starts to scamper. Again, thanks to its short memory, the boar scampers a short distance while squealing terribly, and almost always end up being the meal. A real low fruit for the carnivores of the Savannah ;-).

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Posted in: Austere detention center contrasts with Ghosn's globe-trotting lifestyle See in context

I REFUSE to believe in the Japanese justice system, especially in regards to foreigners. Since Ghosn is already in the lions den he should just adapt Murphy's law, plenty of yoga and meditation, and , let the lawyers do their work. It's time for him to get in touch with his inner self ,and one never knows. Gold has to pass through fire to attain its highest quality. I can just imagine his feelings towards the Judas he might have shared a lot with.

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Posted in: Japan still regards ties with U.S. as 2nd to none amid thaw with China See in context

Good relations between countries remain so on different distinct planes, which may or may not affect each other. Just to give you an example :- Canada would be considered a VERY good friend, partner and neighbor to the US, but , I'm 100% sure Canada has an invasion plan for the US somewhere . So does the US for Canada.

Countries ready themselves on "....if they chose to. ..." ( the worst scenarios) hypothesis and do what it takes to mitigate that. China and Japan too can have good relationship but won't mean that if a situation arose they won't draw the sword. Ideally all countries should be lovey-dovey, but the reality is different.

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Posted in: Can Japan play a role in bringing peace and stability to the Korean Peninsula? See in context

I think Japan is VERY threatened by the prospect of a united Korea. I'd find Japan's financial participation in Korea VERY suspicious. UNLESS ,invited to do so by Korea, I will totally disagree.

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Posted in: Abe, Trump discuss inter-Korean summit See in context

Abe ( with his typical Japanese ego) seems to be desperately struggling for relevancy in these epic events, even to the point of subtly trying to edge out Moon Jae in, but , he really is ill positioned to do anything and can't proffer any solutions. His only mantra of the abductees issue, has fatigued everyone and is seen by most as a political platitude for Japanese consumption... and his own lifeline. He'd be well advised to find the appropriate time and place to raise his issues.

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