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Posted in: Asia has wary welcome for G7's answer to Belt and Road See in context

They threw mud and resisted the Chinese BBI just because it's the Chinese doing it. Now, they are aping the Chinese by their Build Back Better..someone said something about .. ...being the best compliment ? If only there was cooperation instead of confrontation, the world would be a better place.

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Posted in: Japan says China's military strategy unclear, of serious concern See in context

They're the G7 due to their history of military dominance, Replete with genocides, pillaging and plundering of other people's they're looking over their shoulders and quaking in their fear of the payback which I don't think China or any other country has any intentions to exact. Barbarians can ONLY think in barbarian's terms.

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Posted in: Biden promises to lay down 'red lines' to Putin; NATO addresses China challenge See in context

The US has about $ 8B military budget. That's bigger than the next 7 countries put together.

The US and allies in the G7 once colonized China.

The US and allies are operating their military and threatening manouvers at China's doorstep.

The US and allies in the G7 have their major and minor industries in China.

The US and allies owe China a great deal of money.

The US and allies have lost their prestige in many countries around the world due to their exploitative nature and unneccessary military interventions.

The US and allies behave like outlaws in a bad cowboy movie issuing ultimatums in these nonsensicke " red lines " yet they're the ones who've been crossing these red lines every which way.

The US, is driving the G7 to these confrontational posture even though it's obvious some don't want it.

The US and allies combined, already, spend tens of times more than China and Russia and are calling for MORE additional spending " to confront security threats" from Russia and China. while their own countries are falling apart in every way.

Could go on and on but just to sum up, the sheer hypocracy and stupidity of countries I once held in utmost regards baffle me !!

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Posted in: Biden urges G7 leaders to call out and compete with China See in context

China IS setting the agenda for the G7. In other words G7 is copying China.

......Russia’s Vladimir Putin. The White House announced Saturday that they will not hold a joint news conference afterward, which removes the opportunity for comparisons to the availability that followed Trump and Putin’s 2018 Helsinki summit, 

A massive Presidential embarrassment has been avoided here.

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Posted in: G7 pledge to share vaccines, make a fairer global economy See in context

Scheming how best to scr*w the rest of the world. This is the club that gobbles up the world's resources and woe unto those who resist and choose their own sovereignity, they get branded and threatened China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela ... Feels like there ACTUALLY should be a WWW3 soon just to rid ourselves of these predatorial tendencies.

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Posted in: Biden warns Russia it faces 'robust' response for harmful actions as he begins European visit See in context

The disease-bearing winds traverses the oceans and the hills in order to make far-away people sick in their own homes.

Europe and Russia have no big issues at all. God knows they would work well on their own. They have PERFECTLY sane leaders, afterall.

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Posted in: Japan's April current account surplus grows six-fold as trade improves See in context

Just yesterday, many international papers were afire with news of an overflowing amount of US$ in China, which is viewed as a problem for the Chinese.

Is Japan just reacting to the Chinese report ? Just asking.

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Posted in: Putin says Russia ready to continue peace treaty talks with Japan See in context

The islands are Russian in every which way one may want to consider . Whether the US, UK or any other entity present at the signing of the SF treaty, who naturally but USSR/RUSSIA would have legitimacy ? So far Russia has administered them to no adverse effects to the security, economic , commercial situation, but only on political rhetoric. Here , again , the table is being laid....just maybe there might be a different angle.

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Posted in: Japan protests Russia's impounding of fishing boat, detention of crew See in context

@ Sven

@ Smith said, it is "Japan" that renounced the ... Not Russia.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan reaffirm alliance amid China territorial claims See in context

I have heard these " alliances" against China and Russia, just too many times to think when will they actually go to war ? Even just to stop this refrain ?

I've concluded that these are an Al- Capon-ish saber rattling for the military industrial complex and players to extort more money from taxpayers coffers. We all know an attack on China or Russia will be light years away different from an attack on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and the other rag-tag armies before. The bellowers, I'm sure , know that well. But please, if it pleases them, on behalf of those of us who want no Unneccesary wars, I say " Dozoh " let's get over it already .

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Posted in: Cruz accuses Biden of being soft on Israel's foes and inviting further violence See in context

I hope he keeps cruising fast to oblivion.

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Posted in: North Korea's hacker army called 'world's leading bank robbers' See in context

When it was issued Assistant Attorney General John Demers called North Korea's operatives "the world's leading bank robbers", adding they were "using keyboards rather than guns, stealing digital wallets of cryptocurrency instead of sacks of cash".

If true, North Koreans will be petty thieves the real robber-barons are in guess that.

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Posted in: Jomon Era sites set to be added to World Heritage list See in context

"It's a result that we had been waiting for a long time," said Masahiko Hananoki, 53, the director of a museum on the Oyu Kanjo Resseki site.

Another gulp of manufactured cool-aid for the world. We gotta prove TODAY we are an old civilization.

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Posted in: Record low number of pregnancies reported in Japan in 2020 See in context

Soaring social security spending to cover pensions and medical care for the elderly weighs heavily on the world's third-largest economy's budget.

Yet we'll spend gazzillion $$ to buy arms !!! Indeed, a peaceful neighborhood is a prosperous one too.

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Posted in: 3 dead after Japanese fishing boat collides with Russian ship See in context

I'm sorry to hear of this loss. I frequently worked, or, almost lived at Mombetsu Lucky and Posful supermarkets. Fishermen were some of my best customers. I can only pray for fortitude to the families and the good people of Mombetsu.

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Posted in: White House reaffirms support for Tokyo Olympics See in context

Tokyo Olympics are perfect for Pelosi's axe. No calls there ?

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Posted in: White House, Kremlin aim for Biden-Putin summit in Geneva See in context

We usually have decent conversations with wholesome people who capable of focus. I wish Putin the very best for this might be his toughest meeting. I wonder who'll be seating across ?

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Posted in: Stop terrorism See in context

What terrorism, Japan?

Enough of this BS!

It's for Bousouzoku and Chimpira class, pay no attention. They were quieter than altar boys when a state was terrorizing a defenceless people recently. Not a word then - we want no word now.

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Posted in: Stop terrorism See in context

This message is meant for Bousouzoku and Chimpira.

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Posted in: Palestinians see victory in Gaza truce as Israel warns Hamas See in context

Only when a fighter beats another fighter of equal stature does he get to have bragging rights. So far I have only seen infantile bullies.

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Posted in: Japan must radically speed defense build-up: Kishi See in context

Given the choice, I'm sure people would like to go to their jobs, earn a decent salary to take care of their families...and this is UNIVERSAL.

Why do we always have to read about war games and Reaganesque Star-wars programme of exponentially increasing military spending , when lives of ordinary folks is drab and dreary ? The worst is that other Superpowers' militaries are at China's doorstep doing all manners of war games leaving no doubt of their intentions, but, at the same time accuse China of belligerance. Why then don't they practice in their own backyards ? I wonder, Is their intentions just to hype war and evoke fear at home just so they can easily have HIGHER military spending allocations ? As is the case here ?

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Posted in: Japan must radically speed defense build-up: Kishi See in context

Because they, themselves, were incredibly bad custodians of power and responsibility when they had it, they now can't trust anyone else to have it and use it wisely. They see it " in their own image". And this includes the US.

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Posted in: Pelosi calls for U.S., world leaders to boycott China's 2022 Olympics See in context

Correction !

"The US approved US$ 735 Million NOT Billion to Israel" That's 10% of its own military budget.

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Posted in: Pelosi calls for U.S., world leaders to boycott China's 2022 Olympics See in context

The US has just approved $ 735 B to a Superpower, Israel which is obliterating a defenceless people , Pakestinians, and they are calling for boycott of the winter olympics because of...? The world needs healing.

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Posted in: Israel, Hamas trade deadly fire as confrontation escalates See in context


It is the Palestinians LEGAL RIGHT to defend themselves, as Israel continues to Occupy their land and STEAL their homes and properties.

Aren't we all tired of hearing this World's super power beating the hell out of a defenceless people while screaming at the top of their lungs about " self defence ". ?

Palestine has been an ongoing land grab and Jerusalem is the icing on the cake. All this executed under the watch of the US.

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Posted in: G7 foreign ministers meet face-to-face after pandemic pause See in context

China wasn't invited

Neither was Riussia. The two also ARE, in their own rights, the world's most influential countries. One is Christian, European, the other is Asian and the 2nd largest economy....more like Japan, just bigger and in a (few ) decades will be No. 1 it has done well on its own without " prescriptions" from the West, So what gives ? NO " CONTAINMENT" will work.

The fixed eco-system of civilizations is that one will rise and eventually fall....just pass the baton gracefully and better still, working with the rising civilization WILL work best for the receding one. AND the world in general. The US and the West should be gracious ! It is Civilized people who pause to reason, Barbarians don't.

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Posted in: G7 foreign ministers meet face-to-face after pandemic pause See in context

If one ever wonders where the Fathers of ALL the world's problems are, look no further.

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Posted in: Britain, Japan agree to strengthen trade and security partnership See in context

Japan seems to be frantic in seeking " security " alliances from anybody. They do realize one thing perhaps, they're the ones closest to the potential theater of war among the QUAD countries, with the most to lose. Can you imagine the heat being next to China and Russia ?

Security, thoug, shouldn't necessarily mean antagonism, it could also mean they're ambassadors for securing peace or at least in modulating it...hopefully.

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Posted in: British warships, military aircraft to set sail for Asia next month See in context

( Wikipedia) (1850s)

*Returning to Nagasaki, Putyatin found that no progress had been made, *and that the Royal Navy had called on Nagasaki during his absence as part of a manhunt to destroy his vessel. He therefore

Out of sheer serendipity, The Royal Navy got to sign lucrative treaties with Japan. They simply were prowling the seas to destroy Russia's Commodore Putiatin, but the Japanese mistakenly thought the Brits had called in for trade deals.

By hooks or flukes , cheers to many more trade deals but without muster and blaster.

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Posted in: Bodies of two brothers in their 50s found in Osaka home See in context

All these happening in an apparently very rich country, highly educated people and innovators, just exactly why are we, humans, think of ourselves as " advanced" and " civilized " ?.

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