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Posted in: Japan releases video showing N Korea fishing boat collision See in context

@ Macv

> I'm the guy who's door is open 24/7 to anyone stranded in Tokyo particularly US military who had too much fun. I"m the guy who from 1971 has gone to US wars in SE Asia on my own dime to learn the truth and help any and all victims. I ain't stingy with my humanity or food in my fridge.. I'd even welcome you :-)

I tip my hat to you, my fellow sojourner in this thing called life.

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Posted in: Japan releases video showing N Korea fishing boat collision See in context

I'm just curious. They said the survivors were picked by another N.Korean boat . Did the JCG call this NK ship ? Was it in the vicinity? If so, wasn't it also encroaching? Why didn't they proffer the same treatment ( spray, chase or sink it ?) . Is it just possible that NKoreans, for whatever reason don't know/ recognize Japan's claim to these waters? Since , JT quoted somewhere that many NK and Chinese ships fish here.

What's the point of using a water cannon if you are too far from the target.

insinuating the JCG came perhaps too close to the decrepit NK boat to initiate the assault.

I look forward to Japan at the very least pay for the boat. I know this issue is going to disappear from the public but privately, Japan WILL do what is right.

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Posted in: Japan releases video showing N Korea fishing boat collision See in context

I commend all efforts done to avoid a genuine collision, but has it occurred to people that they could , themselves, have come too close to the NK boat to up the chances of contact? They were spraying water cannons too.

Well done. This is why Japan is a first world nation and the Koreans and the Chinese are a third world peoples.

I bet the people getting government subsidies ( seikatsu hougo) in this first world nation( Japan) would be more than the population of NK. Though I'll check to cconfirm.

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Posted in: Japan releases video showing N Korea fishing boat collision See in context

No doubt NK is poor, I hate the conditions that make people poor, but why would a rich First world country like Japan be threatened by a fishermen's boat to want to kill them? Is Japan starving or just soulless? poaching of fish by foreigners happens all over, all the time! First time I see barbarity in such from a civilised country. Arrest, impound confiscate would still be good deterrence.

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Posted in: Japan releases video showing N Korea fishing boat collision See in context

Say what they may, it's unconscionable at whatever level to imperil the lives of 60 people for some fish. An over 4 hr video edited to 13 min by the aggressors doesn't convince one of their innocence. I repeat, they wouldn't dare do that were the boat Russian or Chinese. We know the NK boat was sunk, exactly in whose waters ? We only have the perpetrators mouth to go by.

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Posted in: Man runs toward car on street and smashes windshield See in context

He should have tried a man to let off his steam. Ohh! His steam has preferences.

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Posted in: 7 crew missing after North Korean fishing boat capsizes See in context

How and why the boat capsized was unknown. It was not immediately clear if the boat was inside Japan's 200-mile (322-kilometer) exclusive economic zone, where the country has the right to all resources.

See how the language has changed ? The NK boat cause of sinking NOT rammed but unknown.. Location of the incident ? Was not immediately clear.

I'm still glad that Japan is behaving with civil decorum by joining the search and rescue efforts.

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Posted in: Japan dismisses N Korea's compensation demand for boat collision See in context

The incident took place in the same area in which a Japanese patrol boat and a North Korean fishing boat were involved in a crash this month while the patrol boat was chasing the North Korean boat of Japanese waters.

Again, Japan alleges. North Korea ddisputes. These foreign boats poaching are common around the world. There are mechanism to handle such and I don't think imperilling the lives of fishermen is one of them. Just impound the boat, crew and the catch for further processing.

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Posted in: Japan dismisses N Korea's compensation demand for boat collision See in context

It's said the JCG was chasing the NK boat. The impression here is JCG was in pursuit. So, JCG almost killed 60 people because of 2-5-10 or even a boatload of squid ( fish ) ?. And it's supposed to be OK ? I see unchecked power play here, where no consideration was given to the safety of other human beings, at all !! Frankly, I'd expect that treatment from N. Koreans, not Japanese.

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Posted in: Coast Guard searching for North Korean fishing boat reported to have sunk See in context

I commend Japan for stepping up to the plate and helping out the NK shipwrecked. Japan didn't have to but as the nearest capable entity it had to. I expect no less from anyone, unless cut from a barbaric gene pool . As humans, we're impaled by some inner character to reach out and help those in need even if we weren't the cause of their crisis.

Again, I thank the J authorities for quickly addressing the lag between human ideals and practices by sharing their largess at the hour of need. I'd like to remind posters here that during the Pacific war and elsewhere enemies, too, picked each others crews in the seas. A good example is at the battle of midway where the Japanese carriers were sunk and airmen had to ditch, it was Americans who fished them from certain death.

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Posted in: Japan dismisses N Korea's compensation demand for boat collision See in context

Japan alleges ( what they ssay, no proof) the NK was in its EEZ. i doubt they'd ram the boat were it Russian, SK or even if it looked expensive. They've had run ins with Chinese boats several times and I remember once they detained one in Japan causing a bad diplomatic tiff with China. 

I see what I'd think is brainwashed comments, where NK has been given such a bad name already that many commentators here have divested the people, who come from a geographical expression called NK completely of any humanity. As if they don't deserve any consideration as part of the global humanity. This could be akin to psychological happenings of exclusion and even killings of the poor homeless simply because they're powerless, not merit. A well fed and dressed guy will always command the narrative against nobodies.

I'd think itbehooved Japan to behave better. Ramming the boat and risking their lives smacks of overkill. I believe this is a problem not unique to that area, and are governed by rules. Just like many I'll wait for the video .

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Posted in: Japan dismisses N Korea's compensation demand for boat collision See in context

I'd imagine even in the worst case, that there are international rules of engagement which will determine the legality of the JCG's action in endangering the lives of fishermen.That they happen to be North Koreans doesn't make it OK . The proof of encroachment on Japan's EEZ and SOPs on contact. I reiterate, NK is no pushover, and like a few instances before, these " talks " are going to be held in camera.

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Posted in: Typhoon death toll climbs to 72, as scope of damage spreads See in context

Defense Minister Taro Kono said he is summoning some 200 reserve members of the Self-Defense Forces and will raise the number to 1,000 if needed to facilitate rescue efforts and distribute water and other supplies to the affected.

I'd think the MORE than 1000 reservists are needed NOW when the emergency is at its peak then taper off as it eases .

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Posted in: Tokyo ward barred homeless from evacuation shelters during typhoon See in context

Why ? I'm almost certain, if they had it their way this story would have been pulled. How dare they expose homelessness in Japan ? This is a reserve of other countries like N.Korea and Africa, they'll say. Still,the truth will always shine through, after the 3 best cities in the world.

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Posted in: Abe to skip Yasukuni visit during autumn festival: sources See in context


Compare how the Germans treat the history of the Nazis to how Japan treats its own...

doggarToday 05:17 pm JST

JJplane do yourself a favor and go to the yasukuni website and see if you agree with their viewpoint that Japan was a victim in the war. Also guess who supports visiting yasukuni? Those jolly fellows the drive around in those trucks with loudspeakers. Do you support those wonderful gentlemen?

NorwegianboyEEToday 05:29 pm JST

I'm not sure Abe is genuine about not visiting Yasukuni, he's one of the Nippon Kaigi fellows and clearly agrees with the museums viewpoint that Japan was a victim of WW2, never did anything wrong, every Japanese war criminal is innocent, Japan was "forced" into the path of war by the Allies etc etc...

In summary;

Japan and its leadership is infantile. An adult would/ should own their wrongs.

They do abominations and can't take responsibility. "Civilized" Indeed

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Posted in: N Korea demands Japan pay compensation for sinking fishing boat See in context

The first time this story broke out I said we were hearing one side of the story. This is the other part. Now, I'll wait for THE resolution.

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Posted in: The decline in births is happening faster than official projections had envisioned, due to a shrinking pool of women of childbearing age. The children of baby-boomers are reaching their late 40s, which is causing a radical drop in births. See in context

Governments policies have just made life intolerable even for singles. Who in his right mind would want to add more responsibilities of having children? Governments are realizing the threat of the state's very own existence because of this problem.

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Posted in: Typhoon warning from NHK 'to all foreigners' causes controversy online See in context

Well !! Foreigners, you've been warned in foreign-go.

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Posted in: Turkey presses Syrian assault as thousands flee the fighting See in context

Maybe this is a planned tactic by the US to SAFELY withdraw from Syria ?

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Posted in: Japanese tour to disputed islets put off at Russia's request See in context

Japan has maintained that the islands, which also include Shikotan and the Habomai islet group, were illegally seized by Russia following Tokyo's surrender in World War II on Aug 15, 1945. Moscow, however, sees the seizure as a legitimate outcome of the war.

Russia told Japan on Tuesday that it wanted to reschedule the six-day tour by 50 Japanese people, including government officials, of Kunashiri and Etorofu --

Russia TOLD Japan.....

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Posted in: Uniqlo operator reports record annual operating profit See in context

Not just Uniqulo, Japan should thank the heaven's for having China as a neighbor... a POWERFUL neighbor.

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Posted in: Do you consider North Korea's missile launches a real threat to Japan's security? See in context

Diplomacy. There are various forms of communications. NK's firing missiles is a form of conveying messages. A threat ? Possibly but not uncalculated.

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Posted in: Actor George Takei's manga on internment promotes lesson for future See in context

In my humble opinion, FDR was one of the greatest Presidents the US ever had. This is the guy who put in place many of the social nets available to Americas nobodys. He put hundreds of thousands of people to public work out West. Labor Unions, divergents thoughts ( communists/ socialist etc) were tolerated, until after the war and McCarthism started to erode those. Sure, the Japanese detentions were a blight of the time . But any leader leads by making the calls, some right.some wrong. In this case, was wrong and they were compensated for that.

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Posted in: Japan protests to N Korea over sea collision See in context

Again, this could be false, meant for home consumption. It's true that NK vessels are, nowadays, forced to go out further to fulfill fish quotas, why ? With the sanctions and embargoes placed on them,they have no other alternative resource they could trade with but from fishing. The area in question ( Squid haven) is roughly 500km which is half the distance between Japan and NKs fishing port of Chongjin. As for the collision location,we have one side of the story,could be true, could be otherwise

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Posted in: Supermarket throws away bench because of sales tax hike See in context

It's said an octopus turns itself in a hot frying pan. To keep up its status the Japanese are frying themselves. With the world economy slowing down, was this the only way ?

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Posted in: Actor George Takei's manga on internment promotes lesson for future See in context

Not to diminish their horrible experience but George Takei and co have a voice. From his experience, he could do a world of good too, to speak up for the many vulnerable and voiceless detainees in Japanese detention centres and elsewhere in the world.

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Posted in: Transportation secretary to represent U.S. at emperor's enthronement ceremony See in context

I'd like to think they thought this through, and have a good reason to elevate Ms. Chao's international profile, possibly for a future foreign post or so.

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Posted in: Authorities say Nigerian died of starvation after immigration hunger strike See in context

In all these instances , it's the deafening silence from African embassies thats unsettling.

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Posted in: Authorities say Nigerian died of starvation after immigration hunger strike See in context

Bravo bro!! Better die before illegitimate dehumanization.

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Posted in: Authorities say Nigerian died of starvation after immigration hunger strike See in context

I applaud this brother for having chosen his "way"/in total defiance over the legitima

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