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Posted in: Netanyahu says Gaza war has entered new stage and will be 'long and difficult' See in context

I'm wondering if Hamas supporters still think it was a good idea to massacre 1400 civilians in Israel, and kidnap more than 200 people.

1400 israelian civilians killed for 4000 palestinian children killed


and people still defend israel, what a shame

i'm waiting to see what people like you will say when Israel will use an atomic bomb but I think it's the same stupid excuse a country used when they used twice an atomic bomb : we have to stop the war (when Japan already asked for surrender, check the Internet)(if you can)

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Posted in: Security tight for Halloween in Shibuya See in context

who cares about halloween... it's just part of the american culture forced to other countries.

i'm European and I don't give a **** to halloween

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Posted in: Europe prepares for a winter without Russian gas See in context

Donbas was a war started by Russian separatists.

The war which started in April 2014 between Russia (through proxies of Donetsk and Luhansk “people's republics”) and Ukraine has driven up to two million people out of the region. They fled in two directions: east, across the border into the Russian Federation, and west, into inner regions of Ukraine.

If Putin supports a separatist area in Donbas why did he not do the same in Chechnya? 17,000 killed.

yeah, rewrite the history !!!

2014, Donbass republic declared their independence from Ukraine, Ukraine started bombing Dombass supported by nato

1999, Kosovo decleared their indepencede from Serbia, nato bombed Serbia


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Posted in: Europe prepares for a winter without Russian gas See in context

So those hard hitting sanctions on Russia are actually making Russia richer while hurting European consumers and industry?

Whose brilliant idea was this?

welcome to the political genius in Bruxelles

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Posted in: Kishida resumes work remotely after contracting COVID-19 See in context

it was first found in Europe, why didn’t they notify first?

eat some fish cause your memory has problems

corona virus first cases where in January 2020 (but actually from November 2019 but PCC shut all the mouths up) and then came to Italy at the beginning of February 2021 imported by some chinese who traveled back from their own country for Lunar's New Year (which is holiday in China)

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Posted in: Japan gets 120,400 foreign visitors in June, but only 252 tourists See in context

Won't visit Japan till Stoneage restrictions are removed and visitors are treated with respect.

you can stay in your country, no problem for us

ps : the "stoneage restrictions" are lockdowns and Japan didn't do that

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Posted in: Japan gets 120,400 foreign visitors in June, but only 252 tourists See in context

NewgirlintownJuly 21 07:06 am JST

I keep hearing Japanese people talking about how foreigners are going to bring coronavirus in. The irony is that the tourists are the ones who are probably more at risk off catching it off the local population.

based on what ?

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Posted in: Nintendo issues warning to make sure your Switch can handle the heat See in context

Japan is right in the middle of one of its hottest summers on record.

today 26 degrees, lol

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Posted in: Japan warns of swiftly rising COVID cases; Tokyo raises alert to highest level See in context

Borders have been reopened in beginning of June, middle July infection spikes

Where is the news ?

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Posted in: Former Prime Minister Abe dies after being shot while campaigning in Nara See in context

Doctor says it was from the front - all the reporting was wrong.

you can see from the pictures, but if you see the video the explosion after the first shot is from the left back of where Abe was, it was not in front in fact he didn't realize immediately while talking, if the assassin was in front of him he could have seen him immediately

so or the doctors are lying or what we saw in the videos is not how Abe really died...

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Posted in: Do you think more nuclear power plants should be reactivated in Japan to avert a power shortage? See in context

it's funny that most of the comments here are against nuclear (including mine) but yes has almost 75% :D

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Posted in: Shooting of Abe stuns nation known for gun control See in context

I'm only stunned that security was so lax.

same for me, after the first shot we can see Abe for almost 30 seconds still standing and talking while anyone from the body guards or police put him down, what they are paid for ??

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Posted in: Shooting of Abe stuns nation known for gun control See in context

I think there are more people killed in Japan by knives than guns...

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Posted in: Coalition headed for election win; LDP seen gaining seats: poll See in context

It will change very fast as the boomers die off.

dont forget that sooner or later you will die too

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Posted in: Coalition headed for election win; LDP seen gaining seats: poll See in context

kishida : a puppet from washington

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Posted in: Japan protests Chinese navy sailing near disputed islands See in context

who cares of those rocks surrounded by sea....

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Posted in: Ukrainian forces take up new positions as Putin hails Luhansk victory See in context

The battle is the closest Moscow has come to achieving one of its stated objectives since its forces were defeated trying to capture Kyiv in March

Russian never tried to capture Kyiv, disinformation at its best

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Posted in: 85.6% back Japan's sanctions on Russia over invasion in Ukraine: poll See in context

You're right -- they didn't mention opposition to banning imports of crab meat for kani-tours, so now people here can stuff their faces with crab while civilians in Ukraine are being shelled, women raped and murdered, and hospitalized and shelters being targeted. You're right, Rodney, they aren't saying enough.

smith-san, you forgot 10,000 civilians killed by ukranian forces from 2014 to 2022.... I'm sure you wanted to write that but something happened and you forgot

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Posted in: Ukraine says Russia stepping up shelling of residential areas See in context

The classic 'other-guy' line from a thug caught doing a crime. Someone else did it, Russia has long done the same thing in Syria, and Putin's media pushed the other-guy defense there, too. At this point Putin claiming his invasion can be stopped with some form of i'f', might be believed by those as insane as he has shown to be.


Russia cleaned Syria from Isis, what movie did you see sir ???

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Posted in: Staying vegan and vegetarian in Japan while on a budget See in context

just go outside Tokyo and you can find a lot of fresh food at reasonable price.

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Posted in: Russia extends troop drills; Ukraine appeals for cease-fire See in context

And just another day of Putin-adoration from our far-right friends...evidently their dictator-love knows no bounds...

Yesterday they admitted he is not only their hero, but "their good Lord" also... If Trump heard that, he'd turn from orange to red with envy...

One can only imagine if they had been around seventy years ago what praise they'd be singing for America's enemies during WWII...

the only far right thing here is the Azov battalion on the national guard of ukraine


In 2014, the regiment gained notoriety after allegations emerged of torture and war crimes as well as neo-Nazi sympathies and usage of associated symbols by the regiment itself, as seen in their logo featuring the Wolfsangel, one of the original symbols used by the 2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich.

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Posted in: G7 ministers agrees to urge Russia to defuse Ukraine tensions See in context

first nato should stop arming ukraine, then maybe they can start talk

russia can do whatever they want inside their territory, as any other country in the world

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Posted in: Biden vows 'never again' in marking 80 years since Japanese Americans' internment See in context

IJA never invaded Russian soil. Soviet was the invader ignoring not only non-aggression pact but also Potsdam declaration by detaining disarmed surrenders into slave labor camp for years after war ended.

gotta study history better, buddy

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Posted in: Message for Davos See in context

Did Kishida-san took note about "now you do not have property" 2030 agenda ?

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Posted in: Russia foreign minister plans to visit Japan in next few months See in context

Free Navalny. No kowtow please.

what about Assange ?

ah yes, it's not a Russian prisoner but a UK one...

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Posted in: Hayashi points to U.S. forces over COVID surge in parts of Japan See in context

Finally some minister who has the guts to say the truth, the peak started in Okinawa, just a coincidence?

Japan lost the war but this doesn't mean they should lose their honor.

Well done Yoshimasa-san

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Posted in: Japan decides not to send gov't delegation to Beijing Olympics See in context

japan disappointed me, but they lost the war so they have to do what the boss says

I hope China won't boycott olympic in lost angeles, the more medals they won = the less the medals the yankess win

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 43 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 263 See in context

Panic for what ?


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Posted in: Ohtani, Osaka among TIME's 100 most influential people of 2021 See in context

JAPAN picked her when she started winning. I was watching her for two years before she won anything. Never heard a peep out of any Japanese person. Not my co-workers or friends. Why should she have to change for them?

they started caring about her cause she choosed japanese passport (in order to play Davis Cup and going to Olympic games).

I speak japanese better than her, enough said... (and my japanese is a little more than basic)

She was the one who turned on the olympic flame, she didn't deserve at all.

And of course, she supports blm, shame of her

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Posted in: Man dies in Japan after receiving dose of recalled Moderna vaccine See in context

The truth is vaccine at this stage is still experimental, it takes 3 years of study to be approved.

Currently who gets a shot just makes part of this experimental part.

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