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Protestors shouting and using all kinds of foul language.

Which is not so different from any sporting match in my country, and most parents seem to have very little problem bringing children the same age as this boy or even younger along. Admittedly they aren't pleased when foul language is thrown around, but that doesn't seem to stop them from taking them. Participation is learned. If you're worried about indoctrination, does it extend to sporting events and teams? I think it's potentially hypocritical to be against protesting or religious services for children, and not show the same considerations for sports. I'd be very interested to see how people stand with the comparison. Learning about taking a stand in my opinion is much more important than sport, and if one is good for children, especially in a relatively safe country like Japan or my country, then I see no problem with this.

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Completely agree with the sentiments above. I guess they need to kick him out before he can start asking for compensation for wrongful imprisonment.

On another note, it is my understanding the immigration department, or should we say deportation department are one of the more efficient entities of Japanese law enforcement, and they have some very questionable, legally sanctioned practices. Does anyone know if he's being detained in a immigration facility? Because if he is, the sooner he gets out, the better

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@Maria - I'm glad we're on the same page! Sorry for jumping the gun, I think I'm a little bit sensitive to the idea that discrimination and vilification are somehow justifiable because the source and the victim are the same.

No, but it turns a meat cleaver in to a butter knife

Really? You're going with a kitchen metaphor? Jokes aside, I think anyone perpetuating sexism or any other discrimination is on equal footing; while their motivations might be different, the effect is the same...

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Snuck in at the end, is the fact that it was a group of women from Tokaimura (location of another nuclear reactor with a history of mismanagement and idiocy) that thought up the cartoon.

It's a somewhat extreme example, but the fact that it came from women doesn't excuse it - there are women all over the world who believe that domestic violence is acceptable...doesn't make it any less heinous or wrong.

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But good or bad, the vast majority of people uphold the fact that marriage is just this, the union of ....

gonna have to stop you there.

The vast majority of people I know uphold the fact that marriage is just this, the union of two people in love

nothing more, nothing less.

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Congratulations to all who wish to take Disney up on the offer. And in a nice twist on generally socially conservative Japan, they've certainly outpaced a number of far more 'liberal' states in this respect, although am I right in assuming that same sex marriage is not legally binding in Japan?

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Sakurala - good luck, I feel your pain. Summer here gives me nightmares

I think too that the 'staring threshold' in Japan is a lot lower than it is OS, at least in my country. What I mean is that a little bit seems to go a long way here, probably because it's a lot less common. AND - cleavage aside, you can be wearing the baggiest of turtlenecks and still be stared at. It isn't always about covering up, being physically different is simply sometimes enough to attract attention.

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We should hope that the increase in the reported number of cases comes from more people utilising their right to protection under the law, but cases like this could send the rate dropping again if all of those pesky "more important cases" take precedence. Grrrrr.....

An NPA spokesman said they want to rethink their strategy in dealing with such crimes, after the report found that four of the eight most serious incidents involved victims who had come forward to the police for help, TBS reported. The report also found that, although some cases involved those who came to the police for help, a number of cases involved victims who had ignored suggestions from authorities.

Also, and sorry for being a bit cranky, but doesn't the above just sound like victim blaming?

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She replies that its perverted, leaving the guy at a loss for words

I'm pretty sure that he actually has no idea what sukebe means...if you watch the clip some of these responses are peculiarly interpreted.

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In the Australian press yesterday they stated that he disappeared after leaving a bar...

Sorry i don't know how to make it clicky...

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes the chocolate here! I'm also happy that we can get Cadbury's here, and being Australian, I'm super happy that it's ours (sorry)! Can get fruit and nut bars at our local super. Yay!

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