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Posted in: Apple's iPhone could find Asia tough to crack See in context

Doing less but doing it well. Exactly what the IPod did.

Sure the Japanese traditionnal keitais are feature packed. But the psychopath who designed the user interface make absolutely everything a pain to use:

-Storage of data phone memory or sd card... sd is slow, data have to be put inside the phone memory to be used in any application (background/address book)

-Access to the camera dead slow (starting camera application please wait... wait... hemm a little more... ok... now you can change the settings that are never remembered)

-GPS... there is one... somewhere in the phone... promise... it's the 12 submenu in the web browser 3 option... sometimes...

-Media player... music have to be converted with software so badly written that it require XP japanese ONLY, not even the internationnal version with language pack is supported, or even work.

-Media player again... that popping noise was the battery commiting sepuku... hope you where not planning to actually use your phone today.

-Flip-flop-multi-flap thingamagig... it's not a phone it's a transformer in disguise...or a jigsaw puzzle... you choose... but don't expect to be able to answer fast...

Yeah sure... there is really no place for the IPhone... but the masochist are enjoying every second of the curent situation...

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Posted in: Japan ranked 5th most peaceful country in world See in context

Internationnally peacefull... Steam boiler ready to blow inside...

All those countries are international dwarves...

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Posted in: Plan to cut convenience store hours 'playing with fire' See in context

Why in japan people staying up at night have such a bad eye turned on them... I'm a system engineer and traditionally I deal with people plroblem during the day and machien problems during part of the night. I took the habit and i'm much more able to focus in the evening/early morning hours. Sure after I sleep from 11 to 13-14... So what... I didn't party all night... If the combinis were not available during the night I would have nowhere to buy food. And if they want to keep them open only during the day... it's ridiculous, everything is more expensive than in your local supermarket...

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Posted in: Iwo Jima sand souvenirs grate on Japanese sensibilities See in context


Serioulsy dude, on a scale from cool to totally farked up, selling sand from this beach is so minor it would'nt find his place. War is all about profiteering.

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Posted in: Iwo Jima sand souvenirs grate on Japanese sensibilities See in context

To Japan

From The World

Subject Pacific WWII


You started it. You lost, get over it.

The Germans are keeping low profile on this, consider them as a role model.

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Posted in: Pre-empting air rage See in context

Yeah... sure airage is all the fault of the passengers... Not the TSA, not the clowns of the plane company... Not all the clowns on a payroll that know they can get away with everything.

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Posted in: It's one of the only avenues they have for release, where they can actually let go and not be conservative anymore. See in context

I disagree... humiliation and embarrassment are extremely conservatives and traditional values in japanese society...

But compare this to Jerry Springer... and you'd think it's National Geographic material...

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Posted in: Anime USB memory See in context

Technically it's just the legs that are USB... Means the body is just here for the bulk...

Also you seems to have to plug them through their pooper... that's... interesting...

At least it's not the USB humping dog...

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The one on the right... I think she can kill me with one hand... (just look at the dry muscle...)

Third from the left too... these big mamas have quite some firepower...

Others... maybe not... but I don't want to try...

I don't know for japan, but for european countries female fighting sports tend to get dirty/personnal quite easily.

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Posted in: Hotels in Beijing hurting despite Olympic fever See in context

Why pay a fortune to visit a polluted dump run by an unelected dictatorship when you could be relaxing on a beach in Thailand for a fraction of the price?

Or stay in Japan to have the same environment...

Rajakumar... thanks for the candid touch... that more frightenning than refreshing but i'm sure you did your best..

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Posted in: Don't sweat it See in context

Yes but woman in Japan don't know about fragrance either... It's goes with their unsophisticated general behaviour. Like Toyota cars... Somewhat the same, somewhat different but in fine you don't care...

BTW for a denial of the non sweating japanese girls myth I recommend any movie with Yua Aida... (at least I wuz told...)

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Posted in: What do you think of the Mainichi's decision to cease publishing its WaiWai tabloid tidbits section on its English online site following complaints that it portrays Japanese society in a negative ligh See in context

Yep, the translator was really good in his job. And they always claimed that the story were unverified and might be completly made up. It was really a pleasure to read them.

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She seems smarter than ever... make you miss Aki Hoshino aka the Goldfish Stare Queen. At least when she play balls even clothed like she jumped out of bed late she's not "singing".

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Posted in: Experts have their say on Akihabara rampage See in context

Living with the family is part of the fun in this country. I insisted against my wife so we go to live with her parents; nicest people i've ever seen and since I work from home it give me people to see during the day. Allow to be in bigger house, do some carpooling, use less energy and water and much less stress in case someone is sick or injured.

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Posted in: Revolving USB webcam See in context

gogogo: Much more than you think, especially in japan, especially in the category of people who might buy this product. Until now it was ok for companies rebranding cheap chinese products (like elecom) to get away with buggy driver only for windows and never more mature than an 1.01 release. Today the wind has already turned. And either supporting linux or coming clean about the spec of the product to allow independant developers to fill the gap is what differentiate success from failure. If the maker is at least a little smart their webcam will follow the UVC norm and therefore de-facto be supported by mac OSX and Linux.

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Posted in: Akihabara victim was dialling 110 when she was attacked See in context

For those thinking my comparison to movie is stupid. Let me phrase it differently:

You don't report on a situation before assessing it. Here the situation was clearly still developing and it seems that there was an uniformed police officer nearby. In this case, it's not even about training or else, it's just that you back up, try to understand what's going on and then try to see if / what you can do.

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Posted in: Akihabara victim was dialling 110 when she was attacked See in context

I don't remember ONE single war or action movie where the soldiers don't take cover before calling for support. This death is so stupid. Not that the others were making any sense, but here sh1t was already hitting the fan and she stood like a sitting duck.

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Posted in: Tokyo Sky Tree unlikely to take root See in context

Sound like the name of a crappy satellite TV package...

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Posted in: New Fukutoshin subway line plagued with trouble for 1st three days See in context

For Meitetsu at least 4, The airport shuttle (new train express and a old banger that stop at every combini on the way), the Toyohashi terminus, a local line and some another (toyokawainari I think).

Don't remember having or reading about any problem...

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Posted in: Hostesses See in context

pffff... My cat can also fake to be interested in my conversation... and it just cost me a can of "Mon Petit"...

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Posted in: Ibaraki woman arrested for drowning 13-day-old son in bathtub See in context

Illsayit... those words are english... but the way you put them together, they just make no sense...

Post partum... without any psychological councelling it's not really coming as a surprise...

It's getting boring to see how late japan is compare to the first world countries...

For energy preservation, everything started in europe in the 70' is just starting now (so around 40 years late, and they are dumb enought to pretend to be on edge and a model for the rest of the world)

For psychology... let see...1900/1920 for europe... Japan is still nowhere to be found in this game so let say around 100 years late...

Politician will continu to blame weak individual and not being a good fighting japanese while having themselve never fought for anything since they got the power from their family name... Babies will continue to die...

It a lose lose situation with only 1 player who, in order to add insult to injury consider that he should be a role model for the rest of the planet... insular inbreeding is really starting to take its toll...

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Posted in: Stereotypes ’R’ Us See in context

Typical filling article... Kept in a secret vault for the dreaded day where there is not even something to say about dog makeup in Japan...

2 theories behind the author... either she's for real and is not known among her friend for her great spirit but is a blast in someanother field. OR... it's a bloke paid to write said filling articles...

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Sarcasm123... overhead wire are much more vulnerable, (wind, traffic accident, quake, easy sabotage, lightning.) it's just cheaper, so people rationalize it with the usual "it's japan so it's for the quakes" which is beyond ridiculous. In my little harbor town here, they are burrying everything. The town was pretty even without lowering your standards because it's a japanese town. But now it's getting quite gorgeous.

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Posted in: The company is losing its place at the center of the employee’s universe. See in context

You mean before the company was put before the law ? Like some abusive husband...

Yea, the company is losing the place as the center of the universe, because they now use and abuse their workers like expandable material. Nothing is driven by passion anymore, the corporate drones do everything to steal the merit from the real workers, while the company is milked to satisfy the bigger shareholders. Engineers are no longer naming their invention. Which product today can still be linked to its creator ? Renault, Nissan -> badge engineering Toyota -> carpet bombing engineering Audi -> adding insult to injury engineering

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Posted in: Free metabolic syndrome check See in context

All I see is bored housewives... and a taxi driver...

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Posted in: U.S. Air Force leaders ousted in historic shake-up after nuclear, other mishaps See in context

Maybe even worse than that, because I never had nukular missile warhead fuse stuffed in my cheezeburger...

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Posted in: The problem of malpractice has received a lot of media coverage, and so patients have developed an excessive amount of mistrust toward hospitals. See in context

Maybe if japanese doctors werent actually just a mob of quacks... But with a university system where you just need a little money to have your diploma, it's not going to stop...

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Posted in: New subway line to open in Tokyo on June 14 See in context

Would it be to much to ask if I wanted to see a map of the new line with relation to the others ?

And last time I checked, the women only cars are also for disabled people. There was a scandal few month ago when few hysterical women threw a tantrum because of a guy in a wheelchair rightfully boarding one of those cars.

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Posted in: These days, on trains, for example, we often see people who have little sense of public morality. See in context

'Public Morality' ? It's the codeword for lecturing your neighbourg ? In europe we call them religious biggots... Like if we needed more obachans to lecture cuties putting makeup in the subway...

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Posted in: Cool Biz See in context

TBL: excellent... If only these people could give up form over function in their work ethics... Looking like the employee of the month doesn't make you the employee of the month, it make you a Dilbert Drone...

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