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ColinWilson comments

Posted in: Chinese fighter jets fly within 30 meters of SDF planes See in context

@ Tahoochi who said, "...sooner or later the world will see China as the bullies."

Sooner or later? China is threatening Vietnam, Japan, the Philippines, and quite a few others. On top of that, they support North Korea. Anyone and everyone can clearly see that China is not only a bully, but the embodiment of megalomania (with an itchy trigger finger). If they want something (Tibet being an example), they will take it without caring about the lives of their victims nor the reactions of the rest of the world.

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Posted in: Documents show Japan complicit in WWII sex slavery: activists See in context

When someone apologizes over and over for what their ancestors have done, and even gives money with many of those apologies, and then is spat on endlessly (with more money demanded), one comes to realize that they aren't after an apology at all.

Historically Great Britain conquered much of the world, yet there were no apologies. Should the descendants of those conquerors be held responsible?

The U.S. has endless quantities of blood on its hands (there are many examples, and it's ongoing, but in this paragraph I'll just mention the Indians). As an American, am I responsible for General Custer's insanity?

How about China's apology for the genocide against Tibet? (Not to mention their endless slaughter of their own people). Oh wait! There was never an apology. Not one.

YET, Japan HAS apologized. And not just once - MANY times! What is clear is that Korea will always reject ALL apologies. Here's a link that shows just how often Japan has apologized (to Korea and China): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_war_apology_statements_issued_by_Japan

And here's another apology link: http://www.japanprobe.com/2010/02/12/yet-another-japanese-apology-to-korea/

Yes, Japan could apologize again, but Korea has proved that they wouldn't accept it. A pity, since the real threat (in the here and now) to peace in Asia is China, as everyone knows. It's time for South Korea to move past the "long, long, ago" mentality and join with Japan for the good of both nations.

As for my fellow Americans who somehow think they are on the moral high ground, first get the facts before you criticize. Then ponder this: Modern Japan is one of the most peaceful nations on Earth. I wish other nations would emulate them. Yet the U.S. not only has oceans of blood in its past, but it continues to shoot, bomb, and drone anyone (male or female, adult or child) that gets in its way.

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Posted in: China angered by Japan's U.N. bid for kamikaze pilot letters See in context

@ Eiji Takano

You're wrong, I see endless cases (in article after article) of "pile on Japan" troll behavior. May I suggest you buy some new glasses? Or acquire some reading comprehension skills (where did I praise the Japanese government? You pulled that out of your #!X). Japan has apologized to Korea, but they keep demanding more and more apologies and, eventually, it's time to tell Korea to shut the hell up. The past is past, and I see no reason why the Japanese people need to be constantly bombarded by demands that no other nation has to face.

As for the Japanese government, they suck. They continuously demonstrate incompetent behavior, and (gag) they remind me in many ways of American politicians, who are unable to achieve anything whatsoever that helps American citizens. As for Tepco, the heads of that organization should be tried as traitors to their country. So I'm not defending the Japanese government, I'm castigating trolls and nations that want Japan to beg and cry and grovel for deeds long gone.

"Germany has it 100x worse"... what other things do you want to make up?

I'm a Jew, and I don't ask Germans (or the descendants of Pharaoh) to apologize since the German's of the here and now didn't do anything wrong. And I'm an American, yet I don't ask the Japanese to apologize for Pearl Harbor (since those people no longer exist). I would like America to apologize for the butchery they are doing now, since it's NOW... in fact, to hell with silly apologies... I would like them to stop!

I also take offense about China making any demands about anything. That out of control nation has earned nothing but my disgust.

Finally, wanting the World Heritage Organization to register letters by World War II kamikaze pilots has nothing to do with hiding from responsibility. These poems are often beautifully framed and heartbreaking (have you ever read one?). They show the agony of war... for both sides. Dehumanizing Japanese troops for following orders (just as American troops blow away women and children in foreign lands) misses the truth about war. Offering up these letters might help in showing the world that war is a lose/lose situation for both sides, and suffering isn't something that only one side experiences!

It's time for you, Mr. Eiji Takano, to grow up.

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Posted in: China angered by Japan's U.N. bid for kamikaze pilot letters See in context

It amazes me that everyone continues to pile on Japan, even though America has invaded countless nations in past and recent history, and continues to do so (with enormous civilian deaths) to this day. The Chinese Communists butchered around 40 million of their own people, and the Chinese emperors used the masses as sacrificial fodder throughout Chinese history. As for the genocide in Tibet, Chinese insist they never hurt one single Tibetan... tell that to the surviving Tibetans that had to flee their homes or be killed.

But... let's leap to the here and now. Japan is one of the most peaceful nations on Earth. And just about everyone from WWII is now dead or on their way out (thus why attack people that had nothing to do with WWII?). Yet, poor mistreated China is threatening everyone in the region (Korea, Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines), the U.S. is basically a life support system for big business and the military, and everyone fearfully leaves them alone and raves about Japan.

As for war, it's never pretty. Every nation has done terrible things. Note the word "done." The Vikings are no longer a threat, Mexico is no longer demanding the return of Texas (please, please take it back!), Germany is a very peaceful country, and the Japanese are not hurting anyone... but others ARE. Turn your anger to the present warmongers (you know... actually trying to prevent more mass killings of civilians), and tip your hat to Japan - a country that has stepped away from militarism and violence.

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Posted in: Osaka becomes first Japanese city to embrace free Wi-Fi See in context

@ Eric Mc Millen:

Amazes me how many people are offered something for free and are outraged that they don't get even more. Eric, it's not Japan that is cheap, it's people like you who feel everyone deserves everything for free.

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Posted in: TEPCO reports Y772.9 bil profit for April-December See in context

Japan has embraced the worst U.S. qualities in politics (self-serving idiots that don't get anything done) and their treatment of big business (they do illegal things that ends in various disasters, and the government rewards them while the people suffer). Tepco's desire to save money (placing the reactors in an unsafe location when a higher/safer location was both available and recommended) allowed the disaster to happen, and their continuing incompetence continues to put the Japanese population at risk. But, instead of arresting these traitors (and to me, traitors are people that prize money over their country's safety), the government pays them! It blows the mind.

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