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In the book of Morman translated by Joseph Smith, Jr. he writes about the building of a new Jerusalem to be built in America by the seed of Joseph. The book of Morman compares it self to the Bible. My question is why they came up with their own Bible and not the one every other Christian uses? The new book was published in 1830 in Manchester, Ontario county, New York, United States of America. They built their new city in Salt Lake City, Utah. They say they were visited by a prophet from Heaven-Moroni-who gave Joseph Smith Jr. breast plates to translate. However, why does he reference the regular Bible and say this is like compare Isaiah 54-about A.D. 34. And tell me why the book goes on after the other Bible. And why does it even talk about America? Their are 12 million Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints worldwide and six million in the United States. I am a Methodist. It does matter if you are a Methodist, Muslim or Morman. Our doctrines are more open. However, our doctrine comes from John Wesley from England. Interesting and it will be interesting how this affects his running for President.

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I want to come. Please get the bid. Colleen Lemkuil Spirit Lake, Iowa.

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Will the United States sell you there oil? They have alot of oil but they do not use it since they can get it cheaper from the Mideast. Make them sell you oil. Big oil compainies control the oil market and they have plants in Saudia Arabia and want you to use that oil instead of the oil in Canada and North Dakota, USA,. Demand that the USA sell you oil.

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Apples are good for you and a way to get young people to eat apples. Great job Burger King.

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