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Lovely commercial, but even for my 60" HDTV Toshiba @ 1080p i have to sit 8 feet away or closer, if 4k you have to sit 4 feet away and at 8K 2 feet to gain the benefits, and this is for individuals with 20/20 vision.

I think at some point, the benefits just don't out way the cost, not just monetary, but if you were to watch a tv at 4 feet away, that cannot be good for your eyes. pretty good analysis on the following link, and enjoy for whoever chooses to buy it.

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I wanted to say that the quotes mentioned not only apply to the Japanese Expat communities returning, but to non Japan expats.

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I don't know what expat audience this was, however, when I speak to former colleagues who were expats here and abroad, some things mentioned are:

Safety, such as children going to school on their own on the trains (not Salary men sleeping).

No tipping (this is especially big for US expats)

Lost Items returned (wallets with money still returned to them) intact.

Food, definitely the quality of the food (last week a former colleague from NY was here and he said he missed the whole culinary experience in Japan and quality soo much)

quality of service (enough said)

level of politeness (which was alluded to slightly in the piece by the "apologies for train delays" and "being asked to wait"

and for those in Asia, the four seasons (especially for Expats in HK).

I think that if the top things the expats mentioned here were the above, then they truly missed out on the real Japan experience.

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My concern over this is the lack of will power or resolve the US would have in order to abide by the treaty of helping Japan (irrespective of Abe's positions on nationalism). The US is heavily in debt to China, that is a fact, and they are by no means friends, and China has proven this with it's hacking of US systems and interest as well as theft of technologies and the like (which China takes from not only the US).

The world has been watching a weak US Administration on Foreign Policy and countries such as Russia having capitalised on this lack of resolve (remember the "red line" in Syria?). China also watches this and feels empowered, gone are the days of America showing it's might to deter enemies foreign and domestic (the latter being easiest to quell). Should China set foot on the Senkaku, I doubt the US would lift a finger to come to the aid, but at most just send a few warships in the area to keep the peace - if that.

The only thing that can deter the Chinese at this point would be a hit to their pocket books, but that goes for every major player in the global economy.

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