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Posted in: 4-year-old boy dies after being hit by car; driver arrested See in context

So what I never read about in such incidents are the sentencing of the drive. Since it is clearly the fault of Japanese parents for never holding the hand of their child when outdoors and in obviously dangerous places such as parking lots, do the drivers "get off" with a warning such as: "sorry for your bad luck, but please try to watch out for careless parenting?" For once I would like to read about the outcome so I dont "run" if this exact incident happens to me.

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Posted in: How high a fever will you run before calling in sick? See in context

If one has a cough, they will have have it for a week or 2 or months with medicine, are they supposed to take that time off? So enough of that getting people sick at work nonsense excuse. You can take any off the shell medicine and that will stop runny nose and sneezing, headaches. Done. Never taken a day sick in 10 years in Japan. If i cough, i turn away and cough in the inside of my arm. I wash hands often and make a conscience effort not to get others sick. The one time i was so sick, i ran out of class to vomit, then came back in to finish is the only day i actually felt like staying home. The principal sent me home after that class. Oh, i m hungover, im gonna take a day off. Oh, i sneezed twice, yes, im sick, im taking the dayoff. 90% of westerners takng sick days off is just out of laziness and taking advantage of the situation, and not due to actual health issues like ebola, noro virus, etc.

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