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Posted in: Abe's secretaries, supporters questioned over 2018 dinner function See in context

Abe was a rock. 

At a time when other Japanese PM would quit every 6 months to a year. Called the Revolving door of Prime Ministers.

yeah.... didn’t he also quit after one year the first time round?

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Posted in: Walls close in on defiant Trump See in context

He has maintained his busy tweeting schedule however.

oh, the shade. LOL

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 534 new coronavirus cases as Japan goes on maximum alert See in context

I feel like the gov. are just placing emphasis on “wearing a mask.” Granted, it’s a preventative measure but what about advising on other measures? Wearing a mask will not simply rid the world of corona.

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Posted in: Japanese people more cautious but continue to travel amid virus surge See in context

“Japanese people more cautious..”

says the headline. However, there are two men in the picture: one without a mask over his nose and the other wearing it as a chin strap with his mouth and nose exposed. Cautious? Maybe ‘J-cautious’? Is that a term?

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Posted in: Japanese teacher arrested for sexually assaulting boy while studying abroad in Canada See in context

 In 2018, he was investigated for a separate child pornography case. At that time, police searched Nakagami's home and seized a computer containing child sexual abuse footage.

And nothing was done about this? How is this man still allowed to be around children?

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Posted in: After unpredictable Trump, Biden presidency will still be challenging for Japan See in context


Doesn’t Trump have all his maga merchandise made in China? Just saying.

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Posted in: Suga vows to secure enough vaccines as hopes rise for breakthrough See in context

@john smith.

vaccinations are there to stop disease and illness in its track and to control it. That’s why we don’t need to worry about such things like polio or smallpox anymore. You’re right, it is a choice you are fully able to make. You are also choosing to put the general population at risk though. With little backed evidence of the negative effects on vaccinations, I would say more research is needed before you make such bold decisions. But again, you have that freedom. Just saying.

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Posted in: Suga vows to secure enough vaccines as hopes rise for breakthrough See in context

Doesn’t Japanese law state that western medicine, although approved in their home countries, must be tested on Japanese before legally entering the Japanese market? Correct me if I’m wrong on that. If it’s true however, how long would that delay the availability?

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Posted in: GOP to let Trump fight election for weeks despite Biden's win See in context

As if the Republican Party doesn’t already come across as trash, they are literally running their name into the ground further by trying to overrule a fair, democratic election. There is literally no proof of voter fraud to this day and with little time they have to prove otherwise, it should have come to the surface by now. I’d say certain Republicans are backing trump because they know that once he’s out, he’ll have no qualms about naming anyone and everyone in that party who has conspired with him throughout his corrupt presidency.

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Posted in: Minister bashes Trump over refusal to accept defeat; then deletes tweet See in context

There needs to be a recount!

So I can see Trump lose twice!

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers say virus fears banished by success of gymnastics test event See in context

And the gold medal for ignorance goes to.....

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Posted in: Man, woman jump to their deaths from Tokyo apartment building See in context

There needs to be more focus on mental health here. Suicide is not a joke.

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