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Posted in: Japan falls silent for tsunami victims See in context

If it was not a Sunday, then there would be little pause. 20,000 people dead a catastrophe But bet your boss would not give a hoot on a work day.

Well my the people at my company plan to do a moment of silence even though there is practically no one there today. We all need to take a moment. Remember those who passed, then be grateful for the lives we get to live

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Posted in: 8 nations sign anti-counterfeiting treaty in Tokyo See in context

Why would China sign a treaty against the essence if things. They make things! Doesn't matter whether or not it was made by someone else first. As long as they can replicate success, to make it look like their own, it's ok with them. Anyways, I applaud S. Korea for jumping in on this too. There was a plethora of fake goods all over the place when I went.

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Posted in: Tokyo Sky Tree mascot Sorakara-chan introduced See in context

Everything here needs a brand image. They can't sell the tower itself to people, but they can sell sorakarachan dolls and create an image. It's a given for the Japanese audience cause it's worked in the past. At least this is better than those foolish tokyo tower thingys

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Posted in: Thousands in Japan, China rally over island claims See in context

I think china and japan should get together and do the one thing that will solve this problem easily, hassle free without any arguments. Janken.

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Posted in: Mother murders her 2 children; then tries to kill herself See in context


One thing though, has anyone notice this doesn't occur with interracial families!!! Hmmm....one must wonder.

It hasn't happened…yet. There are few of us in comparison and we are sane for most part. But when it does happen it will be all over the news. And every interracial relationship will be scrutinized, hell will break loose

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy arrested for Saitama school bomb threat See in context

Not such a bright kid I guess. Too dull to study for a test and too stupid to send an e-mail from his home without realizing he can be caught

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy arrested for Saitama school bomb threat See in context

Its obvious he didn't want to take the test. C'mon, anyone whose ever been in school has at least "thought" of doing something like this, but...most (99%) of us will never do.

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Posted in: 10 ways to get a seat on a packed commuter train in Japan See in context

One More really good one: If you can ride the same car every morning. Then, you will start to remember where individual people get up! This takes some time, but when you get it down its worth it.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Estate to host Halloween events in Marunouchi See in context

lol @ "Probably for the same reasons the Americans adopted it from the British and Irish"

Good One. Us Americans don't come with everything

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