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Posted in: U.S. military in Okinawa eases restrictions on off-base drinking See in context

What could go wrong when few drunk marine see a girl walking alone on the road.

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Posted in: Osaka man stabbed after argument over boiling crabs leads to bizarre attempted murder See in context

Sometime back here in Singapore we had this one Chinese national killed his girl friend, her room mate and tried killing her daughter (who lost her finger when he was trying to slash her). Later he tried packing his bag but get caught just before leaving home and then he told police he didn't remember doing anything but everything is blur. This is not the only case but we are get a lot of cases where Chinese national are killing local or their own country men/women and try to show they are innocent (in-fact we have crime rate going up since more and more China Chinese are coming to this country). I am not sure if this is culture in China to go and killing around?

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Posted in: Man killed by door of car that suddenly started; driver arrested See in context

Kent, sorry for my ignorance but put one of your family member at the place of victim and tell me honestly would you still think 18 years old person without a license need to let go without any punishment? (43 old man could be supporting entire family). First he is 18, second he have no license, he is old enough to know he shouldn't drive car when he have no license. But he still drive and ignoring safety of others by leaving the car door open.

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Posted in: Japanese author, Pakistani teenage activist tipped for Nobels See in context

Get Real, maybe some low life thugs who think they know everything.

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Posted in: Japanese author, Pakistani teenage activist tipped for Nobels See in context

Nothing against Malala but there are more well deserved people in this world. If people ever look at other personalities in Pakistan itself, they will find Abdul star edhi who is founder of free ambulance service in Pakistan and he also talk about less fortunate people. Although he is running so big organization but he never took advantage of the resource he have.

And if anyone is interested can read about his life a bit

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Posted in: Man arrested after throwing cup of urine at schoolgirl in Saitama See in context

I would let him drink his own urine, WTF he was thinking.

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Posted in: Nippon Steel says it will accept South Korea slave labor ruling See in context

I don't for how long Korea/China want to blackmail Japan for those things which happen way way long back (i wonder how many of those, who made decisions on WWII or prior to that are working in Japanese Govt or alive).

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Posted in: Gasoline prices continue to rise See in context

We are paying SGD 2.20/liter on Shell 95 which is around 168.59 YEN - google conversion. This price is before GST and you can add 7% on top of 2.20S$.

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