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Posted in: NHK to launch all-English international TV broadcasting service See in context

UnagiDon, I can't agree with you more.

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Posted in: Former spokesman bashes Bush in new book See in context

Pro or anti Bush sentiment is all theater to me but…

"The leftists once called McClellan a lying mouthpiece. Now, all of the sudden, the leftists say he can't tell a lie and is a saviour. (rolleyes)"

Where’s the inconsistency? By McClellan’s own account he was a lying mouthpiece. If an athlete lies about using steroids and then after the career is over admits to using steroids in a tell-all book, does that mean he/she can’t be telling the truth?

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Posted in: Dior issues Sharon Stone apology for 'karma' remark over China's earthquake See in context

I’m no expert but I believe karma must be related to human behavior not natural disasters. But either way could someone ask Sharon Stone what all the poor, suffering people in Africa did to deserve their karmic retribution. Because whatever they did it must have been bad.

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