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Posted in: Japanese composer for Tokyo Olympics apologizes for 1990s abuse See in context

It’s much worse.

“Yeah, I did inhuman things. I’d strip (one kid) naked and roll him up in cords and make (him) masturbate. I made him eat feces and then performed a belly- to-back-drop wrestling move on him.”

Keigo Oyamada, the composer in charge of the music for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics opening ceremony.

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Posted in: The government has closed the curtain on favoritism scandals linked to Moritomo Gakuen and Kake Educational Institution and on wage statistics irregularities by the labor ministry without sufficiently fulfilling its accountability. So a sense that people close to political power are being protected extralegally has spread through society. See in context

Ahh, this is the so-call 上級国民---It's very true. Japan has two tiers of justice now. One for the elite and one for everyone else. The rich and powerful and connected can get away with whatever they want.

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Posted in: While the Japanese government relentlessly promotes the image of 'Cool Japan' and mega-tourism, the current reality is a country run by sociopathic Hitler-loving plutocrats, with plummeting press freedom, endemic poverty, rising censorship, deliberate destruction of public records, continual death by overwork, a corrupt bureaucracy, and a medieval justice system. Despite the triple meltdown of Fukushima, the government is rushing to start nuclear power plants again with reckless abandon. See in context

Well, there's a version of the article in Japanese with lots of links to Japanese materials embedded. And in the original article, not the quote, you can find links to other articles backing up what is written. It's not sensational journalism if it's true.

Watch the video of Abe and his former Minister of Justice from 2012--it's mentioned in the Daily Beast article and then ask yourself if the author seems crazy or the LDP seems crazy. Of course if you don't believe Japanese people should have basic human rights, pacifism, or popular sovereignty , which seems to be the position of Abe and his cabinet--then there's nothing wrong at all.

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