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Posted in: Australia's largest carbon emitter to exit coal by 2035 See in context

By all means protect the environment and transition to clean energy, but do it dibetately and incrementally so that you don't wreck your economy, put multitudes out of work, suffer energy shortages and become reliant on outsiders for energy thus potentially becoming their slaves.

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Posted in: Two plead guilty over death of 5-year-old boy left on bus See in context

This is a very sad story. I'll bet that whatever prison sentence they get will be nothing compared to the feelings of regret and guilt....and then even more insignificant compared to the grief and sorrow of the poor parents. May God comfort the parents.

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Posted in: Young women in Japan want only one child or none at all: survey See in context

I could understand such reluctance in a very poor or developing country, but Japan is among the most developed in the world with high standards of living for most of the population. There's no excuse for most people. This is national suicide. Reproduce or perish Japan.

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Posted in: Over 75s top 15% of Japan's population for 1st time See in context

Japan self destructing because a whole generation put other concerns before reproduction. No society or civilization can survive like this. Japan is one of the most advanced nations on earth. For the vast majority of people theres just no excuse. Reproduce or fade into oblivion.

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Posted in: Rate of young Japanese people who want to get married someday drops to lowest ever in survey See in context

I wonder what people in the developing world, which has much higher birth rates, would think of the Japanese' attitudes towards child bearing? To them this would seem a great place to have a family. And I'd agree with them.

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Posted in: TikTok search results riddled with misinformation: Report See in context

The term 'misinformation' is subjective.

Just because the media, elites, big biz, etc tell you something doesn't necessarily mean it's true.

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Posted in: Global luxury brands drop Chinese star held for hiring sex workers See in context

The CCP is officially atheist but in many respects are more prudish than religious people.

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Posted in: Pink world See in context

Beautiful. Would love to visit there.

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Posted in: Heatwaves: What you need to know See in context

@ CrashTestDummy

Thanks for sharing the 50 years of failed doomsday predictions. Definitive proof of why we should be cautious regarding climate alarms and not over react.

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Posted in: We're hiring: Babies wanted for Kitakyushu nursing home See in context

Great idea. There's nothing more heartwarming than the pure love of a child.

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Posted in: Elon Musk says the planet needs more oil... and babies See in context

Elon is kind of out there with his opinions sometimes, but I will say he's right about babies. Nations that don't at least hit the replacement rate are headed for disaster, like Japan.

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Posted in: Greasy spoon eateries to avoid like the plague See in context

Good advice.

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Posted in: Still no trace of 2-year-old boy missing for 9 days in Toyama Prefecture See in context

Poor little fellow. May God care for him.

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Posted in: Democrats: Abortion rulings may be 'a blessing in disguise' See in context


Well, they certainly are a blessing for all the human beings in the womb whose lives are being saved.

Yes, they are human beings.

Separate DNA. (From conception.)

Separate chromosomes. (Also from conception.)

Separate heart.

Separate brain.

Separate blood supply.

Separate arms & legs.

Separate torso.

Separate everything.

Pregnant women don't have two of any of the above.

The unborn are clearly human beings. This is not debatable. It's not controvertible. It's undeniable biological fact.

And when we kill human beings, it's called murder.

The pro-abortion crowd always avoids the above facts. They always try to rhetorically spin their way away from them. They utter shrill, shrieking, angry, bitter wails. None of it changes the facts above, though.

I fully support every woman's (and man's) choice to either (a) abstain from sex so as to avoid pregnancy, or (b) engage in sex, but with the understanding that a pregnancy may ensue.

If (b) is the choice and a pregnancy does result, it's not a choice anymore. It's a child. Again, review the incontrovertible facts listed above.

So, to the "control my own body" crowd, if you don't want to get pregnant (ladies) or get someone pregnant (gentlemen), then ... control your body. Control your actions.

You already have reproductive rights. You have full rights over whether or not you choose to engage in the reproductive act.

If you choose to engage in it, don't be surprised if you get pregnant -- and take responsibility for it, which doesn't include intentional homicide.

Very well put.

Any response pro abortionists?

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Posted in: Australia enlists NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal on Indigenous reform See in context

Why? Why is his voice more important than their own citizen's? Australia is losing the plot. No wonder it's quickly losing its great reputation.

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Posted in: Woman, with only ¥10 on her, arrested after leaving restaurant without paying bill See in context

If she's honestly desperate and poor then make the meal free and direct her somewhere where she can get help to get back on her feet.

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Posted in: Japan looks to simplify COVID survey, deal with it like seasonal flu See in context

Japan looks to simplify COVID survey, deal with it like seasonal flu

Common sense. They're finally realising that it's not as serious as the fear mongers told us and they don't want another yearly spike of 8000 more suicides than usual. Well done.

But let's bear in mind that the elderly and other vulnerable need strong protection.

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Posted in: Abe's accused killer says in letter, tweets his life destroyed by mother's religion See in context

Take away money and religion and you have no war. Fact

You mean like in the Communist USSR who slaughtered 20 million?

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Posted in: Abe's accused killer says in letter, tweets his life destroyed by mother's religion See in context

While I sympathize with Yamagami's plight (if it's true....we haven't heard his mother's side of the story) it's absolutely no excuse for killing an innocent person. He may have experienced pain from his mother's actions but what about the death he caused Abe san and the pain inflicted on his family? -Mostly because of money.

If what he said about his mother is true, the focus of our anger should still be far more on him than on the Unification Church. He's the murderer of the innocent, they are possibly fleecers of their flock.

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Posted in: COVID-19: Are you an anti-vaxxer? See in context

By the way 'anti-vaxxer' has become a derogatory label.

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Posted in: COVID-19: Are you an anti-vaxxer? See in context

I'm not anti vaccine (Covid and others). I've had some myself and am glad they are available. I'm anti vaccine coercion and pro choice.

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Posted in: Anti-mandate protesters converge on New Zealand Parliament See in context

Well done. May their voices be heard and the mandate madness end.

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Posted in: Child virus infections in Japan remain high amid low vaccination rates See in context

weekly number of new cases for the age group hitting over 300,000

How many of these children died? Probably near zero. I personally don't think vaccination is necessary.

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Posted in: Walmart expands abortion coverage for employees See in context

While I don't think abortion is right in the very vast majority of cases, I think applying Bill Clinton's motto would be a reasonable compromise between both sides of this issue. "Abortion should be safe, legal and rare".

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Posted in: N Korean leader's sister tells S Korean president to 'shut his mouth' after offer of aid See in context

How sad the logic of Nth Korean leadership.....while their people starve. It shows that they don't really care about their citizens.

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Posted in: Unification Church followers in S Korea protest negative Japanese media coverage See in context

There are plenty of people commenting here whose views I would consider cultish. And they probably feel the same about mine.

So how about we leave these people alone? It's a free world and everyone should be free to join whatever 'cult' or ism they choose, whether it be religious, political, environmental or otherwise.

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Posted in: CNN cancels 'Reliable Sources,' host Stelter leaving network See in context

Finally 'impeached' for his "Russia, Russia, Russia!" disinformation campaign.

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Posted in: World's biggest ice sheet could cause massive sea rise without action: study See in context

The problem with these climate alarmists is that they base their 'trust the science' conclusions on a mixture of facts, assumptions and guesswork. How can they prove thier assumptions re temperatures, conditions and events of the distant past? They can't. It's all guesswork.

Unfortunately we and our children will have to bear the financial and social fall out of their foolishness....if we allow it. Ignore them.

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Posted in: World's biggest ice sheet could cause massive sea rise without action: study See in context

Cannot believe a word these people say.

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Posted in: No. of suicides in Japan increased 8,000 due to pandemic: study See in context

How tragic. As expected, the so called cure was worse than the disease. Yet those who foresaw this happening and spoke up were shoutrd down and ridiculed.

May they all rest in peace.

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