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It's a matter of what policies work/will work for the overall benefit of the average citizen no matter who proposes them.

Nice to see you're open minded about these things.

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Bernie Sanders/Democratic Party policies I support are:


1: $15/hr minimum wage. Australia is an example of such a minimum wage working well. (approx $US13.50/hr)

2: Single payer health care. It works well in Japan.

These would have to be introduced slowly in order for industry/society to adjust. If these work well elsewhere why not in the U.S.? 

Unfortunately Republicans generally don't value what works in other nations and are too frightened of anything that remotely resembles socialism or big govt to agree to any of these. Sad.

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Here's an example of liberal racism/ misandry towards white males. This is an absolutely disgraceful attitude which Bernie Sanders and other Democrats turn a blind eye to and even promote and perpetuate.

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In announcing his 2020 presidential bid Bernie Sanders said: “Our campaign is about redoubling our efforts to end racism, sexism, homophobia, religious bigotry and all forms of discrimination,”

Sadly, Mr. Sanders has embraced the failed racist (against whites), misandrist (against men) anti religious, pro LGBTQ and illegal immigrant at the expense of everyone else, identity policies of the Democratic Party. How do they expect to win elections when they display open hate for and lack of concern for half the country?

It is shocking that such blatant racism and anti-religious bigotry is displayed so brazenly in political discourse in this day and age.

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None of the declared Democratic candidates, including Bernie Sanders, have offered economic policy proposals that can surpass President Trump's booming economy echievments. Also, all of them continue to cling to failed, divisive and racist identify politics. I don't see any of them winning over middle America nor the working class who have benefitted under Trump.

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It's encouraging to see childcare workers, teachers, etc reporting suspected abuse and action taken. Publicizing such cases and the punishments of the perpetrators might help to give would be abusers pause and cause them to refrain from harming thier children.

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I believe that a pre nup agreement about what happens in case of divorce is kind of like hedging your bets. It degrades the 'I do' promise.

But a pre nup for the purpose of agreeing on how the marriage works, as described by Silva, looks like a great idea. It gets couples talking about and agreeing on fundamental issues between them before tieing the knot. It could save a lot of hassle later and maybe help greatly to ensure a successful partnership.

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Unfortunately the world is growing colder and more divided by the day. Going, going, gone are simple and time honored values of love, trust, faithfulness and sacrifice for our spouses. Marriage and childbearing, the basic building blocks of a healthy society is getting harder to pull off successfully by the day. Sad.

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So terribly sad. Blessed are the peacemakers.

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Terrible. Poor children. Well done to the daycare and welfare center staff. Hopefully some time apart from their children will teach the parents some needed lessons, to really treasure them and to always treat them well. Also, hopefully someone will give the parents a solid talking to and warning 'Change your ways or lose the children permanently.'

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God bless the donor. Great to read good news stories like this.

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I believe this is the wrong move in the face of a heart rending incident.

Certainly abusive corporal discipline is wrong and should be punished. I also agree with Strangerland that you can be strict with children without physical discipline, and hopefully this should be the norm.

However there are some children who don't respond to anything but smacks, swats etc. This type of discipline can be administered moderately and without excessive anger until the child learns inner control and to respond to non physical discipline.

Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

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How did he learn to drive a car?

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Typical socialistic, secular humanist philosophy, to care more about trees and animals than people.

These people generally don't care about you or me. Most of them just want power. When they get it they will be dictating everything and our freedoms including speech and thought will be gone.

Ignore them.

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Going green and protecting the environment are needed endeavors and I applaud those who promote these policies, if sincere.

However pushing to achieve those stated goals within 10 years is very unrealistic, will cost a fortune and will negatively impact workers.

I suspect that much of this touting of a Green Deal is just hot air. It's not based on realism and genuine concern for the welfare of the people.

Socialism does promise and delivers economic equality, the problem is everyone is EQUALLY POOR. Remember communist Russia, Eastern Europe, Venezuela, etc. Socialists/communists don't really love us. They only want power and control.

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While this advice to Japanese society regarding children is helpful and contains legitimate concerns, it smacks of an attempt by the haughty U.N. to lecture the Japanese about social issues.

Unfortunately the U.N. has become a tool of secular humanist social progressives attempting to subvert the sovereignty of independent nations and cultures. If bodies like The U.N. have thier way our children may not even exist due being brutally aborted, or they'll be pumped so full of a plethora of behavior modifying drugs like ritalin on top of mandated vaccines. Plus they'll be lazy, spoiled brats because disciplining them will be illegal. Besides all that the poor kids won't even know what gender they are due to gender confusion being forced into school curriculums. Finally, parents rights will be usurped and the state will have the final say in medical and other decisions regarding children. This is the direction the U.N. is heading.

I reccomended that the Japanese politely totally ignore them.

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Gotta love the Japanese! Well done.

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While Mr. Aso's mantra of 'Do it for Japan' might not resonate with many, I would say that 'Do it for yourselves' might be a better way to look at it.

Sure, as some have correctly pointed out here, childbearing and raising in the present stagnant economy is financially very challenging. But I would say that the sacrifices pay off heaps in the long run.

We'll have children to care for us when we're old. They can help us with errands, jobs around the house, medical trips, etc, etc.

We can enjoy thier company and a happy family life.

We can enjoy our grandchildren.

Having several kids creates a family support system when they are adults that can be financially and emotionally very helpful.

There are lots more benefits of course. Thankfully I personally enjoy all these with my many siblings and my own bunch of kids.

Regardless of what Mr. Aso says, I reckon these things are worth considering regarding the choice to have children.

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While Mr. Aso lacks diplomacy, his point is actually correct. While having children is a personal choice, no society can prosper if the birth rate is too low. Social scientists and demographers will tell us this. Nations like Japan and Denmark are taking concrete steps to encourage more childbearing for a reason.

Check out this funny video from the Danish government promoting more child bearing.

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'Marriage shall be based only on the mutual consent of both sexes', says the Constitution of Japan. I don't see how there is any way this can be twisted to be interpreted as allowing same sex marriage.

It's wonderful that they love and care for one another. Polygamous partners do as well. The Constitution doesn't support either of thier claims to marriage licenses and neither do I, but may all these irregular sexual/romantic arrangements live in happiness and peace.

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While it is good to ensure the rights of minorities, political leaders ignore the welfare of the majority at thier peril. This is typical of liberal progressives and, along with a backlash against globalism, has helped give rise to populists such as President Trump.

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Well said @cla68.

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In any country this would depend on what value is placed on the unborn. It it simply a blob of tissue which can be aborted? Or is it a human life with has value and rights?

> Is this considered a double murder in japan?

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This is horrible. Poor victims. If this is the work of Abu Sayyaf then slaughtering the innocent is not the way to fight for autonomy.

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Children, because they are children, will always need guidance and at times some form of discipline from us parents. But how this is done makes all the difference in the world.

We might get angry sometimes at our kids antics or attitudes, but dealing with them in anger usually backfires and only ends up alienating and scarring them. I ought to know, I had to learn this lesson with the first couple of my bunch.

Rather, guidance and discipline has to be given firmly, but mixed in with a huge dose of humility and sympathy for the child. At the end of it all our kid's need to know that we discipline them because we really love them and have thier best interests at heart.

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Congratulations to you for having such a wonderful relationship with your girl. You (and her) must be doing something right. Unfortunately the father in this article was unable to do the same, with devastating consequences. How heartbreaking.

I have an 11 year old girl (granddaughter) living in my house, and I never lay a hand on her. In fact, I rarely have to change the tone of my voice. The greatest honor I've ever received, is hearing how she likes to brag about me to her friends, and tells other family members "I know Daddy loves me."

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This ruling doesn't force anyone to do anything. It simply states the criteria for changing gender on birth certificates. It is entirely voluntarily whether someone wants to meet the standard.

As usual, LGBTQ activists throwing a fit when they don't get what they want.

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