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Although I am of french-canadian heritage, I am so sick of french Canada's whining. It is never ending. I don't know what would make them happy, perhaps if the opening ceremony had been entirely in french without a single word of english that might have been enough? , -But no wait,- i expect they still would have found something to complain about, perhaps there would not have been enough french culture or french entertainers, - I know - maybe if the olympics had been held in quebec with the rest of the country footing the entire bill, but excluded in every other way , that might have been enough. THey seriously need to get over themselves, it is beyond tiresome. I thought the amount of french (language culture and artists) involved at the ceremonies was more than sufficient and tastefully done. However, I strongly believe that the the translation should have been in English first, not french. The. last time i checked Vancouver is located in BC, an English speaking -part of the country, and BC taxpayers are footing the majority of the bill for these olympics , not quebec. Ps and commenting to one of the earlier posts -a lot of other people built this country, besides french canada. Perhaps there should have been a nod to the CHinese as well who helped build the CPR over the rockies. -and there are many many others from all nationalities. as for the comment about Quebec taking their treasure with them, were they to leave, well i guess they could return all the billions of dollars they have received in transfer payments and take their share of the national debt too.

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