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Posted in: Can you tell if a Japanese neighborhood is dangerous by looking at its convenience store? See in context

Using these signs as a way of determining how safe a neighborhood might be, is almost as unintelligible as using blood types to determin what type of a character a person would have. What you can be sure is you can bet pretty much any neighborhood you go to you will be safe. You an also be sure that if any crime or nuisance is encountered the gaijin san will be the first suspect.

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy dies after choking on large grape at Tokyo kindergarten See in context

What a nightmare for the poor parents and child! They need to have a talk to whoever designed the menu. Accidents happen but as adults they need to think worst case scenarios. Im on edge everytime school has the mochi making day for this same reason. Im a hawk if my kids are eating mochi or anything questionable. But I've been looked at as over reactive or over worried by my Japanese inlaws for it. But I dont care because its my kid and what they feel means nothing when it comes to their safety.

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Posted in: JK Rowling responds to critics over her transgender comments See in context

girl_in_tokyo. You have alot of good points. There are a lot of studies that support alot of what you have stated. One of my favorite lectures that talks about this is by a Stanford Professor by the name of Robert Sapolsky. His lectures are available on youtube. Its basically a whole semester of his Human Behavior Course taped and made available fo anyone interested in the complexity of our mind. A few of the lectures are about sexuality. Great series to just listen to. We might not all agree but we cant just close our ears when we dont hear what we want to hear.

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Posted in: Letters from Japan: 'Why is he anti-Japan?' See in context

This is not about look at my foreign girlfriend. This is about control and ownership of another human being. He is trying to have you question your own convictions and deprive you of your basic needs such as social interactions. Soon he will not even let you interact with your own kind because this will weaken his statuss in the relationship. Next will be your family that he will guilt you about in order to get you to distance yourself from. If you let him he willhelp you with your finances to make it easier for you all as a ploy to also controll your ability to be independant. It's a dangerous slippery slope. Narcissists can behave this way they are always right and are cunning at getting what they want while hiding the truth to the outside world. When all is said and done hopefuly you dont allow it you wnt be able to even express your frustration because of your laguage barrier. Keep your loved ones close and dont make excuses for this person. Wish youall the best.

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Posted in: George Floyd was infected with COVID-19, autopsy reveals See in context

COVID-19, heart disease, high blood pressure, why not add high levels of stress too, but all not an assurance of certain death. A maybe one day at best. But a knee to the back of the neck while handcuffed to stop oxygenated blood flow to the brain over an unnecessary amount of time will cause certain death. Trying to taint a helpless murder victim's image, too easy of a target but our eyes are not covered and we can't and don't want to unsee what happened. As some one said it hasn't gotten worst it's just recorded for all to witness.

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Posted in: Price of premium melons plunges See in context

It only took a pandemic for people to wake up and say it is ridiculous to pay so much symbolically for something so basic. But again its just as ridiculous to hear people in other countries who actually believe the prices were a reflection of quality or scarcity. It was just a free pass for a non-frowned upon " Look at me" moment in Japan. People just realized they have better things to do this year.

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Posted in: 'Terrace House' star Kimura likely took her own life using toxic gas See in context

"One is not mature if you can't bear criticism."

Priceless wisdom there folks. Right up there with everyones favorite classics. Such as grow a thicker skin. Unless you have actually experienced real axiety or depression or have a real understanding of the internal turmoil within individuals who struggle with such emotional storms. Then it is easy to make such simplistic statements as to think beyond your own experiences would require empathy. This was a young woman at a still voulnerable age akin to that of a teeneger. Look up pre-frontal cortex development to get a better understanding. Educate yourself about depression don't blindside yourself to think you or your loved ones are somewhat immune.

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Posted in: Jerry Stiller, comedian and 'Seinfeld' actor, dies at 92 See in context

Serenity now! Insanity later, and stop short when necessary!

Rest in peace, Mr. Stiller.

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Posted in: What Japan's 'hikikomori' can teach us about self-isolation See in context

The irony and hipocracy. Hikimori is now a hip thing to be. Great and insightful journalism. Next thing well hear is schizophrenia is a blessing from God too. Have at it. Dig deeper do some actual work in truth finding.

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Posted in: Abe's abrupt call to close schools triggers confusion See in context

Im not a fan of Abe San but to be fair there is no win for him. No matter what he does there is some one waiting to take the opposite side. Like tryig to strike a compromise with narcissistic tendency. You just can't win. Maybe it's a taste of his own medicine or not but it is what it is (politcs) at a bad time.

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Posted in: Man beats fast food worker because one chicken nugget was missing from his combo meal See in context

Blame it on a bad hair day.

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Posted in: Japan asks Interpol to issue red notice for Ghosn's wife See in context

Throwing a tantrum add no credibility to the Japanese Justice system in the eyes of outsiders looking in.

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Posted in: Authorities urge elderly people to be careful when eating 'mochi' See in context

All jokes aside a death especially a childs death is a tragic thing no mater the cause. But it's fair to point out that child fatality rate in Japan for children under 5 is half that of the US. When feeding mochi watch your littleones closely.

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Posted in: Elementary school girl slashed by 14-year-old boy in Aomori Pref See in context

This is a terrible act that was commited by a 14 year old boy. An the victim thou lucky to be alive will forever have to deal with this experience. Here's hoping for a quick recovery physically and emmotionaly.

Now to the adults in the room who are wondering how such a thing can happen, it is important to understand how brains develop. It's believed that the human brain doesn't fully develop until around age 24. Thou most of the brain is developed by then the one part that lags is the frontal cortex. This is important because this is the part of the brain that is believed to be responsible for the erratic behavior bad decision that children and young adults make. Including such compulsions and horrific acts that are committed from time to time by young people such as in this case.

This is yet another reason there is an age limit before someone can be tried as an adult.

Something to think about before getting the stakes and pith forks out.

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