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"The obvious irony of holding someone hostage in a vehicle written Hospitality Taxi."

You beat me to it.

I think it was Mr. Amakasu's idea. I can see him in the background, without a mask.

Have not seen him for a while ...

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Posted in: Tokyo governor urges residents to stay home over 4-day weekend as virus surges See in context

Looking at the highway info at the JARTIC website, it is a sea of red. Traffic backed up 20~30 kms on all outbound lanes from Tokyo, in every direction. Sure Koike's "urging" has worked (?).

I guess we'll see in two or three weeks where this will have led us. Until then: have a good weekend and enjoy the show.

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Posted in: JR East aims to launch ferry route linking Haneda with central Tokyo See in context

As zones2surf says. It is pointless.

Don't know who those trial-passengers were but probably some baa-chan with plenty of time to kill, for some pocket money.

If you are a resident, after a 10-12 hour intercontinental flight, jet-lagged and sleep-deprived as hell and hit in the head with the 95% humidity as soon as you exited the airplane, you just want to get back home ASAP, take a shower and go to bed.

If you are a traveller, you want to get to your hotel and do the same, just as quickly (probably even more so).

For this service to be remotely viable, the HND to Takeshiba route would have to be lightning fast, which it most probably won't.

And, although the article did not mention it: Don't get me started on the "potential" sightseeing aspect, further up towards Asakusa and stuff: are the run-down, bubble-are warehouses and the army of homeless on the Sumida river-front what people have in mind? Not exactly a Venice-like cruising-experience, is it?

Finally, the disaster-recovery potential: built on reclaimed land, during a major earthquake, HND will sink into the sea just like KIX has done already, on multiple occasions (one did not even need an earthquake - a storm surge happily did it). On a second thought though, the ferries could be use to rescue people whoa re stuck at HND or floating on the sea, provided there is no typhoon striking at the same time.

Brilliant idea, indeed.

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Posted in: Search resumes for missing 3-year-old boy in Fukui See in context

Isn't Fukui a convenient and hence historically favourite location for NK abductions? Just saying ...

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Posted in: Defiant N Korean leader says he will complete nuke program See in context

Do people really believe he was sitting there like that? Ever heard of chroma keying?

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Posted in: Abe wants SDF to be allowed to rescue Japanese citizens in danger See in context

Does Japan really need a group of SDF people kneeling in orange jumpsuits? And their mothers pleading on national television?

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Posted in: In Japan, Goldman, Fortress scout for runway, solar, infrastructure deals See in context

Anyone who thinks the govt is serious about renewables is mistaken. Subsidies have been drying up and the feed-in-tariff has been falling like a rock, steadily, year-by-year. And one just has to read the latest energy policy. Nuclear is the name of the game once again, after the post-tsunami tatemae. Sad, but was predictable.

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Well, I think the prime minister just made it sure with a casual walk at Yasukuni today that it won't be a lasting trend.

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Posted in: Tokyo enlists civilian 'water monitors' to prove its water is tasty See in context


It was way before Fukushima, if that's what you are alluding to.

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Posted in: Tokyo enlists civilian 'water monitors' to prove its water is tasty See in context


I was also wondering what that pink scum was when I first came to Japan because I had never seen it before back in Europe and my first thought was minium (a Pb-oxyde) as well, just like yours, but then did some research which convinced me it is probably bacterial. Google for Serratia genus.

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Posted in: Tokyo enlists civilian 'water monitors' to prove its water is tasty See in context

Unfortunately they have to add chlorine to drinking water to prevent microbial infection while the water is on its way to the customer, especially in summer when the probability of such contamination is higher. This is just the way it works. Those roof-top water tanks can contain anything from microbes / algae (especially summer), dry leaves (mainly autumn) and the occasional dead insects, lizards and unlucky cats.

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"As someone very much caught up in the economic optimism inspired by the election of Shinzo Abe"

Sopped reading it right there ...

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Posted in: ANA orders three Boeing 777-300ERs See in context

Doubt it matters what the list price is. I guess this is the compensation for the 787 fiasco.

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Posted in: Gov't, business groups discuss raising retirement age to 65 See in context

With the speed decisions are made in this country they should already start thinking about raising it to 70. What 'graduates' anyway? By 2050 there will be hardly any.

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Posted in: Joe Odagiri apologizes for signing name 'Kumi Koda' as autograph for fan See in context

Celebs and fans ... They deserve each other.

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Posted in: Kan buys 5 books on nuclear crisis for his 'autumn' reading See in context

Hmm... A humble politician who is thirsty for knowledge, goes to a book store in his spare time and (apparently/hopefully) spends his own money on the books he buys, instead of tax payers'. Should not he be ...... the next prime minister of Japan?

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Absolutely stunning. Seems like they have made great progress cleaning up the mess. Hope this is representative of the whole area. It was the same in Kobe in 1995. City leveled in January, no sign that anything happened by the end of the year except that the elevated Hanshin Kosoku was still closed, but even that re-opened by mid-1997, if my memory helps. A slightly bigger undertaking in Tohoku but all the bests for the people and the construction folks. Probably the only time I do not mind my tax money goes to construction firms. At least the folks on the ground deserve it. Now, if only TEPCO could finally fix that nightmare.

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Comm'on guys. Do not be that harsh. Otakus also need to get out of their stinky 1DKs and enjoy life once in a while. Like once in every 5 years. Hope this burger puts them on the right trail for the cardiovascular heaven.

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Posted in: 9 companies, Fujisawa City to collaborate on sustainable smart town project See in context

Nice, tsunami-prone area, as far as I can see. Perfect for sustainable eco-development for young couples with kids.

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Posted in: Looking for extreme sports? Try Yamagata See in context

Assuming there is a typo in the title and the first line. The article has nothing to do with Yamaguchi.

Moderator: Thanks. The typo has been corrected.

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Posted in: Rinka becomes Cinderella with new Disney Mobile phone See in context

"Rinka appears in the upcoming commercial in the back of a taxi" “I really felt like Cinderella,” she said,

hmm .... ok....

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