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Sorry this is a little long its from Wiki. Yeah, they're definitely getting screwed.

Not exactly. Both The Washington Post ( and the Los Angeles Times ( have published articles on this topic back in July 2019(Washington Post) and September 2021(LA Times). So both articles were published after they sued the federation. First of all the women negiotiated their own collective bargaining agreements with the federation and it differs quite a lot from the men's agreement.

From the LA Times:

On a per-game basis, male players can earn more per national team appearance and victory than the women. But per the respective CBAs, the women in the national team pool, after rejecting a pay-to-play structure similar to one in the men’s contract, agreed to a lower per-game bonus in exchange for an annual salary and benefits the men do not get. As a result, most women on the national team receive more per year from the federation than their male counterparts, especially since the men missed out on a World Cup bonus in 2018.

So the women actually rejected a similar pay structure and decided to forgo higher bonuses in favor of a base salary. The men have another structure where they don't receive a base salary and only earn bonuses.

Under the current CBA, most women in the national team pool are guaranteed a base salary of $100,000 plus up to another $99,000 for playing in the National Women’s Soccer League, the domestic league that U.S. Soccer subsidizes. That means the federation pays the top 16 players in the national team pool $199,000 plus benefits in addition to bonuses for being called into training camp, whether they play in the game or not.

The men, in their CBA, get no salary or benefits from U.S. Soccer — most are paid handsomely by their club teams — and must dress for a national team game to get paid. Equal treatment, then, could mean the loss of a guaranteed salary and benefits for the women.


The last time the men played in a World Cup, in 2014, making the roster was worth $55,000 per man, Peterson reported, and the players split part of a $4.3 million bonus for making the knockout round, with each player earning about $187,000.

The women split $862,500 for making the roster for the 2019 World Cup, then split part of another $2.53 million for winning the tournament, with each player earning $147,500.

So not only do they get a base salary of $100,000 but several will also receive more for playing in the National Women's Soccer League that is subsidized.

The total pool for prize money in the men's tournament was $400 million in 2018 while the pool for the women was $30 million in 2019. The winner of the men's tournament made more than all the women's teams together ($38 million; the winner of the women's tournament won about $4 million).

There is simply more money to be made with the men's tournament, so the prize money is much higher. If you distribute their share of the prize money it is quite obvious that they would receive more.

From the Washington Post article:

The Fact Checker obtained the new agreement, which took effect in April 2017. Using the same 20-game scenario, we calculated the player on the women’s team would earn $28,333 less, or about 89 percent of the compensation of a similarly situated men’s team player. If both teams lost all 20 games, the players would make the same amount. That’s because the men earn a $5,000 bonus when they lose and the women have a $100,000 base salary.

I went back as far as 2015 and apart from 2021 (22 games) the men's team has never played more than 20 games per year (several times even far less). From what I can tell the women's team usually plays more games per year and therefore has actually more chances to earn additional money.

It all actually comes down to the agreement they themselves negotiated and the fact that in tournaments there is more money to be made on the men's side.

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Well, it's not really surprising. I don't know how much the situation has changed over the years but you just have to look back at the articles on this topic from the last few years to see the problems.

An article by Kyodo from June 2017

Discrepancies in Japanese eel catches suggest poaching, underreporting

Nearly half of juvenile Japanese eels farmed in the country may have been illegally caught, according to a Kyodo News survey. The Japanese eel is an endangered species.

The survey, released Wednesday, found that 45.45 percent of young eels caught in Japan between November 2016 and April 2017 may have lacked prefectural authorization or were underreported.

But it is not only affecting the Japanese eel. Back in 2013 Japan consumed more than 70% of the global catch. Like this article pointed out at least in the past the way eels found their way to Japan has at least been questionable.

Again Kyodo March 2019

80% of young eels farmed in Japan may have been smuggled from Taiwan via Hong Kong

About 80 percent of young eels put into aquaculture pools in Japan in December and January may have been smuggled from Taiwan via Hong Kong, according to trade data and sources close to the matter.

Around 6 tons of juvenile eels were imported to Japan from Hong Kong in those two months, according to government data, but Hong Kong does not engage in eel fishing, raising suspicions about their origin. Industry observers say most may have been illegally brought from Taiwan, which bans eel exports.

There was also an editorial in 2019 on The Japan Times on that topic

Musing over the sustainability of eel consumption

The annual domestic catch of juvenile eels, which stood around 50 tons in the late 1970s, has been on a long-term decline. During the latest season (from last November to May), the catch was a mere 3.7 tons — less than half the previous season and only 13 percent of the 27.5 tons caught in 2006, which was the largest catch on record since the Fisheries Agency started collecting the relevant data in 2003.

As a consequence, many of the juvenile eels used for domestic cultivation this season were imported, and imported juvenile eels — whose cross-border trade has incurred suspicions of smuggling and poaching due to its lack of transparency — plays a large part in consumption in Japan. In contrast to the poor domestic catch, juvenile eel imports reached 11.5 tons, the second-largest on record. About 75 percent of the juvenile eel placed in aquaculture ponds in Japan were reportedly imported from Hong Kong, but Hong Kong is not engaged in the farming of juvenile eels, leading experts and environmental groups to suspect that the eels were in fact smuggled from Taiwan — which prohibits the export of juvenile eels — via Hong Kong.

Authorities in the European Union also suspect that young European eels — whose export outside of the bloc is prohibited — are poached and smuggled in growing numbers and that many of the eels end up in the Japanese market after being raised in Chinese aquaculture ponds.

And in the end part will be thrown away since they reach their best-by date.

Kyodo June 2018

At least 2.7 tons of broiled eel, including an endangered Japanese species, was thrown away by the nation’s retailers last year, Greenpeace Japan said Monday, citing the results of a survey.

It is customary to eat grilled or fried eel in late July in hope of beating the summer heat, and the practice is extensively advertised during this special sales promotion period.

According to the Greenpeace survey, a large amount of cooked eel was disposed of mainly because it had reached its best-by date.

The environmental group conducted the survey from last September through January, contacting 18 eel retailers, 16 of which responded.

The group said disposal was confirmed by at least 10 retailers, including Aeon Co. and Maruetsu Inc.

Life Corp replied that the amount of its disposed eel was “nearly zero.”

Only five companies disclosed the volume of dumped eel, amounting to a gross weight of 2.73 tons, equivalent to about 13,650 eels.

Only two retailers out of the 16 that replied — Pal System and Yaoko Co. — said they did not dispose of any eel, while Seiyu GK, a Japanese subsidiary of Walmart Inc., gave an answer of “nondisclosure.”

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“There were other people on the train who witnessed this horrific act, and it may have been stopped sooner if a rider called 911," the authority said.

That's what baffles me the most in such situations. I won't judge people for being too afraid to intervene (especially since it is not always possible without putting yourself into danger) but at least call the police...

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Jim, can you please cite your source that the Mu strain is "highly resistant to vaccines"?

Weekly epidemiological update on COVID-19 - 31 August 2021 from the WHO (

Based on the latest round of assessments, B.1.621 was classified as a VOI on 30 August 2021 and given the WHO label “Mu”. This includes the descendent Pango lineage B.1.621.1. This variant is known as 21H in Nextstrain nomenclature. The Mu variant has a constellation of mutations that indicate potential properties of immune escape. Preliminary data presented to the Virus Evolution Working Group show a reduction in neutralization capacity of convalescent and vaccinee sera similar to that seen for the Beta variant, but this needs to be confirmed by further studies.

So at least right now there is no data that says that it is highly resistant to vaccines, but its mutations point towards potential properties of immune escape.

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You think bad, Japan is in 5th place worldwide in vaccination and has applied more than 110M of vaccines, with an average of more than 1,300,000 daily vaccinations, besides Japan goverment plans to accelerate their vaccination rate.. Do a better research before creating more drama. ;)

Yup, 5th place behind Qatar (66.27% fully vaccinated, 11% partly), Singapore (71.26% fully, 5.79% partly), Portugal (64.75% fully, 11.51% partly), Uruguay (69.35% fully, 6.25% partly), Denmark (65.99% fully, 8.85% partly), Chile (68.15% fully, 6.19% partly), Spain (63.72% fully, 10.53% partly), Canada (64.22% fully, 8.47% partly), Belgium (66.05% fully, 5.48% partly), Ireland (62.44% fully, 8.75% partly), UK (59.96% fully, 9.77% partly), France (52.58% fully, 15.83% partly), Italy (57.24% fully, 10.25% partly), Germany (57.08% fully, 5.79% partly), US (50.44% fully, 9.03% partly), Brazil (24.06% fully, 33.25% partly), Turkey (39.29% fully, 13.10% partly)...should I go on? Sure, in Japan a higher percentage of the population is fully vaccinated compared to Brazil for instance but that also means that a bigger part of the population has no protection at all. Also this is only part of the countries that have vaccinated a bigger percentage of its population than Japan. If you add more places like Austria, Cambodia or the Dominican Republic, you'll have even more countries with better numbers.

Like Fuzzy pointed out what matters is the vaccination rate per capita and not volume of doses. Or do you expect a country like Spain with a population of less than 50 million to deliver as many shots as Japan does?

Compared to countries like Chile Japan does have the advantage that they didn't use the vaccine from China though, so I guess it's their win there...

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Critics on social media took aim at Hashimoto's performance in the men's all-around final on Wednesday, in particular his score of 14.7 on the vault despite stepping off the mat on the landing.

This isn't the first time something like that happened and it won't be the last. I don't know how accurate those claims are this time around but they will keep happening with sports where judges award the points for the athletes' performances. The lack of transparency does not exactly help either.

You could take the wind out of the critics' sails by providing more information. Tell the viewer before the event what kind of point deductions there are. Show them the composition of the judges. And last but not least give people access to the scores of the athletes in detail. If the deductions align with the with what people were shown before and what they have seen, it will be harder to make unsustainable claims.

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Japan is not the State, full of obese people and the population in mostly bad health. It’s why deaths are low in Japan. The vaccine rollout is now protecting the elderly, severe cases and deaths shall remain low.

Delta is not more deadly than other variants

In France there obesity has been among the lowest comorbidities though. On the website of the Agence nationale de santé publique you can find a document called Point épidémiologique hebdomadaire where they often give data on the comorbidities for cases where COVID-19 was listed as the cause of death in the electronic death certificate.

For the different age groups they also provide data on the percentage of people with no or no known comorbidities which ranges from 20 - 35% (which can of course also mean that in some cases an existing comorbidity has not been discovered). Among those a grand total of 6% were obese. Now unlike with other comorbidities obesity is obviously quite hard to miss. Only immunodeficiency ranked lower with 2%. Illnesses affecting the kidneys or the respiratory system were far more common (both 13%), as well as diabetes (16%) and arterial hypertension (22%). Illnesses affecting the heart actually top the list with 35%.

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What the International Table Tennis Federation has to say concerning this (

3.2.3 Playing Conditions The playing space shall be rectangular and not less than 14m long, 7m wide and 5m high, but the 4 corners may be covered by surrounds of not more than 1.5m length; for wheelchair events, the playing space may be reduced, but shall not be less than 8m long and 6m wide; for Veteran events, the playing space may be reduced, but shall not be less than 10m long and 5m wide.

So he does have a point here. It begs to question why the playing area is smaller than the stated requirement in the handbook by the International Table Tennis Federation.

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Just wondering but when did Kyodo move away from sexual assault and started using rape? Does this mean that they will call the crime for what it is now instead of just using sexual assault like they did before?

Anyway, I hope we'll get a follow up on this case. Since at least part has apparently been caught on video we should get more information rather sooner than later.

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Check this link:

The Mainichi newspaper reports the Mininstry of Health C19 infection status. It states that over 70,000,000 vaccinations (at least one shot) have been administered. For a population of 126 million a majority have some protection (55%) so the population is NOT largely unvaccinated.

Please spare us the doom.

You only provided the number of doses that have been administered and not the people that have been vaccinated. Since people have received two shots by now, the number of doses administered is obviously higher than the number of people vaccinated. So far they have administered 70,051,205 doses. Of those 42,640,078 were first shots and another 27,411,127 were second shot.

Everyone who got a second shot obviously received a first shot before. Therefore we have 27,411,127 (21.6%) people that have received both shots and 15,228,951 (11.9%) who have only received one shot. That means that 33.5% (42,640,078) have any kind of protection and not 55% like you claim. That also means that 66.5% are unvaccinated.

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The development of multiple vaccines in record time by the private sector in conjunction with the oversight and support of the Federal government through efficient regulatory supervision and in many cases financial backing and promises of bulk purchases was a huge national success. Why demean such an accomplishment? American vaccination rates are much higher than South Korea and most any place in the world. Thanks to Operation Warp Speed. South Korea was probably a bit complacent with their early successes in controlling the covid virus spread and are now behind in vaccinations.

Sure, I mean BioNTech started working on a vaccine as early as January 2020. By March 2020 they already had 20 vaccine candidates of which 4 were later used for the clinical trials. Only in April 2020 did they sign a partnership with Pfizer which included some investment from Pfizer.

BioNTech did later also receive money from the European Commission and the European Investment Bank as well as from the German government. They did not receive any funding from the US. Pfizer even rejected any kind of money from Operation Warp Speed for the development of the vaccine according to their own CEO. The agreement was merely about the distribution of the vaccine. So no, at least concerning this vaccine Operation Warp Speed had nothing to do with the development itself.

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As of Friday, 26.65 million, or 75.1 percent of the elderly, had received one shot, according to the government tally.

That is kind of weird considering as of now the official figure ( for senior citizens with at least one shot actually stands at 26,258,095 and not 26.65 million. Where did Kyodo find the additional 400,00 people?

Assuming that they at least got the 35.48 million in the article right that means that roughly 30.8% (or 10,931,008) have so far received one shot and another 43.2% (15,327,087) have received both shots. So the article isn't that far of here I guess. But that also means that around 26% (~9,221,905) have not received any shots at all. Going by the official numbers, I don't see how they will acheive their goal unless they focus on giving second shots now (which would mean a lot of people will have to wait longer for their first shot). As things stand now the middle of August seems feasible but not the end of July.

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Sindhoor GKToday 05:38 pm JST

well, not for long. 2.5 million doses administered in a single day according to friday's update. Try to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

That's not exactly true though.Check out the PDF or Excel provided on and you'll realize that they only administer about 1.1 million doses per day max. While the website also displays 2.5 million in bold letters, it fails to say that this number is composed of the doses for the last day and the doses that have retrospectively added to the dates before like the PDF and Excel show.

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44M doses to date, or 34% of the population has at least one dose. And we know one dose will protect better than none.

That's not how it works though. The number you are citing is the number of ALL shots administered so far and does not make a difference between first and second shots. Giving the second shot to one person does not magically vaccinate another person. Of the 43,504,931 shots administered so far 14,591,068 were the second ones. So 28,913,863 people have received at least one shot so far (50.5% of those have already received their second dose). Therefore it's around 22.9% of the population that has received at least on dose and not 34% like you claim.

Also roughly half of the doses administered these days seem to be second shots. Going by the numbers from the last few days, the number of people that have received at least one shot will likely increase by around 0.4-0.5% per day. Unless they increase the speed, they will probably reach the 34% around the time the Olympics are supposed to start.

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ToraToday 08:14 pm JST

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Delta Plus has arrived with 15 cases confirmed already in Japan out of just 197 cases confirmed across 11 countries. Britain (36), Canada (one), India (eight), Nepal (three), Poland (nine), Portugal (22), Russia (one), Switzerland (18), Turkey (one), and the United States (83).

Tora was a little bit faster than me but actually there are already 37 cases of Delta Plus in Japan as of June 21 (

As of June 21, 37 cases of "Delta Plus" coronavirus variant infections have been confirmed in Japan in tallies from the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato said in a June 25 news conference.

The Delta Plus strain is a mutation of the "Delta" variant first detected in India. Regarding the difference between Delta Plus and the reportedly highly contagious ordinary Delta variant, Kato said, "As of now, I am briefed that there is no evidence indicating differences to the Delta strain in terms of infectivity, severity or vaccine efficacy."

There are also slightly newer numbers for some other countries (

UK: 41

India: 48 (although other sources say 51 by now)

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There was an article on this some time ago (

Apparently it's not as simple as they make it out to be.



It’s tough to make a straightforward comparison of the earnings for men and women players, because the two teams have different collective-bargaining agreements that outline different pay structures.

A contract player on the women’s team makes a base salary and can earn performance-based bonuses. (Players without a contract have a different pay schedule.)

On the men’s team, players earn only bonuses.

The teams play different numbers of games each year and earn different bonuses depending on the game type, their opponents’ FIFA rank and the game’s outcome. On top of that, both teams can earn additional bonuses for winning specific tournaments. And certain events, such as the World Cup, have a separate bonus structure entirely.

“The male players are paid when they play, but not when they sit,” McCann said. “USMNT players must thus be on the roster to be pay eligible. USWNT players, in contrast, are guaranteed pay.”

The lawsuit from the women’s team sketched out the following scenario: If both teams played 20 friendlies in a year, a top-tier women’s national team player would earn $164,320 less, or “38% of the compensation of a similarly situated MNT player.” That was true under the previous collective-bargaining agreement that ended in December 2016.

The Fact Checker obtained the new agreement, which took effect in April 2017. Using the same 20-game scenario, we calculated the player on the women’s team would earn $28,333 less, or about 89 percent of the compensation of a similarly situated men’s team player. If both teams lost all 20 games, the players would make the same amount. That’s because the men earn a $5,000 bonus when they lose and the women have a $100,000 base salary.


World Cup earnings

Then there’s the World Cup — which has a different bonus structure entirely.


Total prize money for the Women’s World Cup in 2019 is $30 million — the champions will walk away with about $4 million. For contrast, in the 2018 Men’s World Cup, the champions won $38 million from a total pool of about $400 million. In other words, the champions from the men’s world cup were awarded more than the total prize money in the women’s tournament. So there’s no question that there’s a huge gap in earning potential here.

How does this play out for the teams? According to their collective-bargaining agreements, the men’s team earns $3,000 more for a loss in a World Cup qualifying game than the women earn for a win. And that is just the beginning of the differences. In their legal response, USSF attributes the gap to the total prize money that FIFA provides.

The article talks about more points but those are rather important in my opinion. As far as I remember the men also receive a smaller cut of the revenue than the women (because of their poorer performances) but since the revenue generated by both tournaments is quite different, the men actually get more.

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For the person wanting evidence around Japan's rate of vaccination being over 1M per day, please refer to the following.

And I keep pointing you to the official Japanese numbers ( that have never surpassed 1M but you keep ignoring that. The problem with bloomberg is that they pull they number from the website of the Prime Minister's Office of Japan that displays the numbers in a deceitful way.

The number for medical workers is always accurate and doesn't get updated. But they will not release numbers for weekends and holidays but add them to the next weekday.

The numbers for the elderly on the website are completely wrong. They never get accurate data for the elderly and daily update those numbers. In the PDF or Excel they actually add the updated numbers for past days to the respective day. On the website they don't say something like 500,000 doses administered yesterday and another 500,000 doses added to their respective dates but just 1M for yesterday. If you access the files they provide themselves, you'll notice that the highest they have gotten so far is 941,003 on June 9. Sure, they probably have surpassed 1 million by now but right now the official numbers do not support what you claim day after day.

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Surely the above is INCORRECT. this 6% mostly have only one shot. hence NOT fully vaccinated.

According to the official numbers roughly 8 million people have received the second shot by now. The last numbers released are from June 17 though...

I dont recall EVER seeing the above logic applied to JAPAN .........EVER!!!

Well, Japan is special as we all know, isn*t it? Does anyone know if the author of this article also questioned Japan's testing policy at some point?

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So who's is going to tell them that you first need a lot of inappropriate photos to train a system to detect such photos? And then you need some more in order to verify that the system works. Where are the companies supposed to get such photos from? I guess they could always ask the politicians to provide some of their collection...

This plan includes such initiatives as education programs in schools to help young people acclimatize to the digital world, awareness campaigns regarding harmful content and predatory practices that are present online, and the promotion of ways to deal with uniquely Internet-based problems like cyberbullying.

Good, so they at least got this part right. Education is the way to approach such problems.

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Excellent explanation. Thank you. So for 14 June, we would have 214,965 + 665,241 = 880,206. And this total might be adjusted upward as numbers continue to roll in.

Yes, that is exactly the case. I have not analysed the files far enough to tell what the adjustment will likely look like though. I've started downloading the Excel every day now (it will be some time until I have enough data though; I really should have done that from the first day) and will have a closer look concerning the adjustments when I have the time to. Just a little note for 14 June though. Since it was a Monday, the 214,965 for medical workers includes the doses for Saturday and Sunday. For medical staff they only provide daily numbers from weekdays and the doses on weekends or holidays are added to the next weekday.

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Asiaman7June 17 08:10 pm JST

Doesn’t the link you provide clearly show 16 June’s increase over the previous day as +118,735 medical personnel and +1,161,201 others?

Unfortunately it seem like you neither read my explanation nor checked the PDF provided on the site (that stuff I explicitly mentioned in my comment). Take a look at the files provided on the very same website and you'll notice that they list 566,014 doses for June 16 (for the numbers provided on June 17; they will likely update them on June 18). Amazing how they can have two different numbers for the same group on the same day, right?

So like I said before, the 1,161,201 on the website are the 566,014 doses from June 16 + all the doses that have been added to other days on June 16. It is not the number of doses administered to the elderly on June 16. For the days predating June 16 they updated the numbers for the respective days which add up to 595,187 doses. For some reason they add the doses added to those days also to the number of new doses for the last day shown on the website. But seeing how you did not bother to verify the number shown on the website (despite the PDF and Excel giving you the option to, even after you were pointed to these), it probably works as intended and people will just see that one big number and believe it...

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Reuters uses data from NHK and the MHLW, and this morning’s update had the 7-day average at nearly 900,000, so the poster’s claim that Japan is now tracking at over 1M per day is likely accurate

No, so far around 900,000 has been the highest going by the official numbers released( What is important is to open the PDFs out excel files provided there and not just look at the big number on the website itself. The number for the medical workers is always the same on the website and in those files and they never have to update the number for past dates (so they get accurate numbers every day).

For the elderly the numbers for every day get updated daily. That unfortunately means that the great looking number on their website for the elderly really just isn't the new doses administered on the day before + all the doses that have been added on all the days before. Usually the first update is always a big one (around 90,000 to 100,000) buy then falls off. It is absolutely possible that they have reached 1 million by now (since the numbers are not absolutely accurate) but at least for the medical workers and the elderly the number has so far not officially reached 1 million. There was also a photo showing a flight attendant getting a jab the other day and those are not included in those official numbers either.

So have they reached 1 million? Maybe, maybe not... It's very much possible but I'd never make that call based on the official numbers.

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She cared too much. I learned here that it doesn't pay to care more about something than the people who are directly involved. They don't care so leave it alone.

No, she should have gotten in touch with the parents and the boy to learn why he does not want to go to school. Dragging him to school will not solve that problem.

But like others have already said, it makes one wonder if the parents themselves did anything. Letting the boy just stay at home will not solve this whole situation as well.

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The entire Inter Milan team, including Ericsson, got the Phizer shot on May 31. Direct correlation.

Here we go again with the lies. Giuseppe Marotta, the CEO of Inter Milan, has stated himself that Eriksen has not been vaccinated nor did he have COVID-19 before.

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The International Olympic Committee (IOC) expects 70%-80% of the news media covering the Olympics in Tokyo this summer to be vaccinated, organizers said in statement at the launch of the updated coronavirus guidelines for the Games on Tuesday.

Here's the issue though...expects...

Why not make it mandatory? Now I'm not saying that you should force people to take the vaccine but I'm sure that there are enough people that got vaccinated that could take their spots. Yes, even vaccinated people can get infected and it's impossible to say how likely they are to spread the virus, but everything points toward a far lower ability to transmit the virus. Seeing that there are still many people in Japan who are not vaccinated, they should take every possible step to protect them.

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...If they maintain a 1M dose per day schedule the situation will improve greatly. It already is getting better.

Why do you keep repeating something that is factually wrong? Japan has yet to reach 800,000 doses on a single day. Right now the average for the last two weeks should be somewhere between 700,000 and 750,000 doses per day (but I don't really feel like running the numbers right now).

They have reached the highest number so far on June 8 with 603,478 doses for the elderly and 161,922 doses for the medical workers, or 765,400 doses overall. It might look insignificant but it adds up over time. Even if you assume that the average is around 750,000 per day right now, you'd end up with roughly 1,750,000 doses less per week than you would if you actually administered 1 million doses per day. The number of doses administered to the elderly is slowly increasing which is obviously something positive. The doses administered to medical staff has dropped of though. Around the middle of May they were administering around 200,000 to 250,000 doses per weekday (less on the weekend) to medical workers but now they are down to roughly 140,000 to 160,000 doses per day (or in rare cases a few thousand more) since late May.

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The "Contactless Frame" touch panels can be retro-fitted to any device at the hospital! They've literally got a picture at the top shwoing that. Read the article before switching on your anti-Japan sensor!

So it's anti-Japan to point out that such technology already exists? The version from Neonode is also just a bar that can easily be added to existing devices. So they are using a frame while those that came before them only needed a bar. It's a different approach but in the end it has the same function.

But why is it that you always get so defensive when someone points out that something presented as new does already exist? This is not the first time it happened and it doesn't even matter if people link to videos that show the same technology.

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Posted in: Japanese company develops no-contact touch panels for hospitals See in context

How does it differ from the technology presented by other companies though? There is for example the holographic human-machine interface Neonode (a company from Sweden) that they demoed at the Sensors Expo 2019. While they don't offer the whole unit (yet?), you can buy the infrared touch sensor already. A Chinese company called Easpeed already uses that sensor for holographic touch panels in elevators for instance.

My friend is a quadriplegic has been moving his curser with his eye for years. If they can make something that tracks his eye movement it really doesn't seem so out of this world that someone could adapt that to following a hand or finger movement.

Systems that track eye movement are usually not suitable for the tracking of hands or fingers though. Depending on the purpose you'd usually implement different kinds of technology. In some cases the reflection of infrared light on the cornea is used to calculate where someone is looking. This technology has the downside that the movement of the head can already impact the accuracy and the system has to be calibrated every time it is used. Oh, and thick glasses or makeup can also cause issues here. Other systems use diodes or contact lenses with magnet yeah, not really something I'd use for gestures.

With gestures it really comes down to the complexity of what you're trying to do with it. Often cameras alone will do the job but at some point the necessity to introduce new gestures far outweights the use of simple buttons (in cars for instance). If it is just simple things like following where your finger is pointing before you touch the screen itself, then it is already feasable with sensors (like the one I mentioned earlier). You still will have to install some hardware for that though.

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You showed an article on hospital bed occupancy rates, not cases. Are you saying the situation is getting worse in Japan? With 1M daily shots administered, how is the situation getting worse?...

That's the thing I've been pointing out for days now that that's simply not true. Japan has so far never really administered 1 million doses in one day. I'll just post a copy of my comment from June 10 that explains in detail why this claim is wrong.

Wrong, there have never been 1M doses per day. I actually went through the trouble and analyzed the official numbers (

The number for the medical workers is the same on the website and in the PDF, so no issues here. The number for the elderly on the website on any given day is different from the number in the PDF though.

But why is that the case? They don't always receive the correct number for doses administered and update the data accordingly. By comparing the PDF from yesterday (June 9) with the one from today it becomes quite apparent. For the ease of reading the numbers I provide here, I'll use T for the numbers from today's PDF, Y for the one from yesterday and D for the difference.

June 8 - T: 570,345 Y: 477,465 D: 92,880

June 7 - T: 546,155 Y: 511,844 D: 34,311

June 6 - T: 467,000 Y: 429,746 D: 37,254

The further back the date is the lower the difference becomes though. If you add up the differences for all the days, you end up with 370,059 doses that have been added to the other dates. Now when you look at the website, it says that 844,543 doses have been administered to the elderly on June 9. If you substract the 370,059 that have been added to the other days, you actually end up with the 474,484 for June 9, which is exactly the same number you'll find for that date in the PDF.

So as of yet we have 641,868 new doses for June 9 and not the 1,011,927 the website wants to make one believe. Yesterday there have been a total of 732,267 doses if you consider the updated numbers. Despite the numbers from June 6 to June 8 there is not necessarily an increase in doses administered either. They are actually are in line with the numbers from about one week ago, so it remains to be seen if the numbers will increase further.

The question now is if someone didn't think it through when he set up the website or if it is done deliberately to make it seem like they are administering more vaccine than they really are.

No matter how often people taunt that 1 million, even with updated numbers they have only reached about 800.00 so far per day. Just because you got the data that another 400.000 doses or something have been administered in the weeks before, doesn't mean that you can just add them on top to the last day and make it look like you're administering more per day than you are.

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Infections across Japan have been declining, with the nationwide tally of new coronavirus cases at 2,242 on Wednesday, down from 6,000-7,000 daily in early May.

This is great news and it will only get better with 1M daily vaccinations happening.

Then I have bad news for you since there never have been 1 million vaccations on a single day so far. Simply put, concerning the elderly they don't receive the number for all vaccinations for every single day and update their data accordingly. But on their website (not the PDF provided on the same website) they also add the updated numbers to the number of doses administered on the last day. I've written a longer comment under some other article and am willing to post it here again but the gist of it is that the website says something like 500 new doses yesterday for the elderly. But then the 500 also includes the 200 something that were missing from all the days before.

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