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This "senior citizen"...a newcomer to the board, a citizen of the USA, and one who VOTES, has seen things dispicable to BOTH political parties. Yet, I've never seen anything MORE dispicable than the way the Republican party has systematically tried to gut the heart of the USA by ignoring and or flagrantly violating the foundation document, the Constitution of the United States. Previously, I'd always voted indepently, but the last eight years (starting with a highly questionable election to begin with) have turned me into a pure "Yellow Dog Democrat". I wouldn't vote for a Republican to be elected to clean out clogged up toilets without any tools. In my opinion, even as a Democrat...Hillary is a L O S E R! Add the baggage of hubby and it's dumb to even consider her for a VP slot. McCain? An aging, and obviously infirm candidate who has the distinction of dumping his crippled first wife, (who stood by him when he was a POW in Vietnam) for a booze baron's daughter. If American's are SO stupid as to want (much less ELECT) someone who supported the current regime's idiotic policies, then they DESERVE what they get. Haha, being an "ex-pat" in Japan isn't bad at all.

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Posted in: Suspect says he decided to stage Akihabara attack a few days before See in context

As if anyone other than the National Security Agency had the ability to snoop on EVERYONES' business here and anywhere else in the world. Maybe not a "lucky fluke" that the mobile posts were revealed, but it WAS after the fact. Most mobile phones in the USA have a built-in GPS, but I have no idea if the same is true for Japan.

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