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Posted in: 17-year-old boy drowns while trying to cross river in Saitama See in context

were their no bridges?

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Posted in: North Korea threatens to shoot down Japanese spy planes See in context

Japanese aggression forces

calling the JSDF that is hilarious at best.

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Posted in: Should marijuana use be legalized? See in context

decriminalised yes, but can you imagine the ammount of high pitched squeeling from already annoying octive levels of J-lasses around town?. you`d need plugs for sure.

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Posted in: Trainer fumes over 19-year-old jockey’s relationship with Aki Hoshino See in context

hats off to you fella. good skills!

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Posted in: Michael Jackson dies of reported cardiac arrest at 50 See in context

I did hear somewhere a few years back that he`ll either pass on or be admitted.. RIP white brutha.

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Posted in: Robot expresses human emotions See in context

Why is it making a "helllllo thailor" expresion though?

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Posted in: Thieves get away with Y40 mil worth of Rolex watches in Kobe See in context

nice haul!

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Posted in: Unauthorized Komukai striptease photos highlight copyright dilemma in Japan See in context

and these photo`s are where exactly.

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Posted in: Candle Night See in context

Kusanagi blew them all out at 3 in the morning that night.


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Posted in: Woman jumps to death from bldg; 1-yr-old daughter found dead in bedroom See in context

on the upside, this is better than killing your kid and then failing to kill yourself

I fail to see how any of it is "upside".

she will burn for strangling a child like that.

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Posted in: Chiba man admits to assaulting over 100 young girls See in context

I have taught my kids to kick or punch as hard as they can right where it counts if ANY adult touches them inappropriately.

good lad

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Posted in: Packing heat See in context

bb gun or not. This kid would be shot on sight at home.. nutter.

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl gets finger severed by escalator in Hokkaido store See in context

she had been keeping an eye on her daughter while shopping

sure she was

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Posted in: Fetish fashion See in context

the girl on the top right seems to be enjoying it bery muchi

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Posted in: Skyliner train to make Tokyo-Narita run in 36 minutes See in context

to Nippori?? thats just useless???

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Posted in: Flasher delays train for over 7,000 commuters in Saga See in context

why was it delayed for half an hour?? seems a bit daft to me. kick is date off, let the train run as normal and arrest him on the platform perhaps????

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Posted in: Tokyo’s new tour spot -- sightseers flock to site of Kusanagi’s arrest See in context

so what.. take the broomstick from your behind and let them have a laugh. its funny.

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Posted in: Marriage-hunting bra See in context

this is quite possibly the stupidest thing i have ever seen in my life..

2nd that notion. absolutely daft.

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Posted in: Star Trek See in context

what? no spandex?

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Posted in: 57-year-old Saitama tax chief arrested for taking pictures of naked 9-year-old girl See in context

WTF....? They don't already have laws against child pornography..?

not in japan actually. last 1st world country left that doesnt.

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Posted in: Reaching for the Universe See in context

lucky boy.. that`ll be 7000yen thanks.

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Posted in: Cherry blossom queens See in context

The PM's trousers seem a little long given the folds near the bottom.

called bad tailoring..

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Posted in: Microsoft releases near-final version of Windows 7 See in context

with loads of bugs so we`re forced to upgrade for years

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Posted in: Angels & Demons See in context

hope it measures up, as the book was the best one.

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Posted in: Ai-chan exits See in context

she cross-eyed?

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Posted in: Police capture fugitive on run since escape from Ibaraki police station See in context

pretty resourceful individual..

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Posted in: Media continues to smirk over SMAP member's Roppongi impropriety See in context

just ordered a couple..

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Posted in: For allergy season, Japan turns to surgical masks See in context

Id rather bleed from my eyes than wear those gumby things.

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Posted in: Tokyo Metro tries interactive map at Ginza subway station See in context

in English for the millions of torists trying to find their way around ginza? betting on no for that one.

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