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Posted in: China defends massive growth in military spending See in context

It is important for China to increase its military spending (even though China's intention is to rise peacefully) especially in the face of Japan's renewed military ambition while its economy falters and its JPop loses to KPop, and while the US cuts its military spending due to its fiscal problems.

Even if the US manages to increase its military spending, China has to boost its military spending because the US may be targeting China while keeping an eye on Japan, but more importantly rather, the US never win in a war, especially in East Asia. There is a lot of unfinished business with Japan's military aggression, it has never repented nor apologize unlike Germany. However, Japan has to be very careful. It is sitting on a tectonic plate and China may not even want it as one of its provinces.

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Posted in: A Chinese perspective: Some surprising cultural differences upon coming to Japan See in context

Japanese are descendants of the Chinese. They have the same DNA. So, what do you expect? They migrated to Japan since the days of the Qin, and take everything from the ancient Chinese dynasties of Qin, Tang and Han and from Confucius, lot, stock and barrel. There are a lot of contradictions with the Japanese character though just like their perverse practice of SM, Sado Masochism. China, partly because of what Japan did to it in the past, is still a developing country but a rising one whereas Japan is a declining nation. For the record, the source of the article is from recordchina.co.jp, a Japanese website and this is a Japanese site, but like the dubious Japanese character, they never reveal the whole truth, so? Don't get me wrong, I love Japan and the people, and I visit Japan and China regularly. Japan just have to come to terms with their ugly side and sincerely apologize, and let their beauty blossom all the way through.

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