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Rather than playing games at home, I think that it is better to go outside and play. Games like Pokemon GO make you actually walk and you can play the game outside. Since Pokemon GO is popular not only in Japan but also overseas, a lot of tourists visit, bringing liveliness to tourist destinations. And thanks to Pokemon GO, there are more people going out and tourists are increasing in various sightseeing spots. However, it is dangerous to see people using their cell phone while walking. If someone plays Pokemon GO while driving a car, a big accident could happen and someone could die. Is it free to play games? If you do not play by keeping the rules, an accident that can not be undone will happen. You can't go back in time and stop the accident if it already happened. As each person follows the rules and plays happily, the popularity of Pokemon GO will increase. As a result, Japan's sightseeing spots will be overflowing with more people and will bring liveliness. Let's keep the rules and play it safely.

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Posted in: No. of foreign visitors to Japan reaches 2.29 mil; record number for May See in context

It seems that tourists that went to Japan reached the highest value this May. I was delighted when I saw this article because I felt that Japan is becoming popular in such countries where many foreigners would like to visit. I love Japan. Japanese people, Japanese cuisine, Japanese beautiful scenery etc, Japan has many places to be proud of. So, I would like to have many more people visit Japan and enjoy Japan. And I would like many people to know more about Japan. For that, first of all, I think that it is important for Japanese people to know about Japan, to have pride in Japan and to spread it to the world. I think that Japanese do not know much about their good and bad places. The Olympic Games are waiting in 2020. By the Olympic Games, I think that it would be nice to stay in such a country that it is easy to spend time in, even for people from various countries visit while leaving the good points of Japan properly.

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Posted in: Samurai chef serves ramen with a side of history at Sapporo restaurant See in context

The first time I saw this article, I learned about this ramen shop. Usually speaking of ramen shop, it comes with simple clothes just as in the article and we offer delicious ramen to you. However, this ramen shop wears Kabuto and makes ramen. While eating tasty ramen, you can also learn the history of Japan. I thought it was a fun restaurant. I think that no ramen shop like this is anywhere in Japan as far as I know. It's a really new ramen shop. I would like to make a special kabuto and wear this kabuto to make ramen in hot weather. I was amazed by the passion of the owner. Do whatever you want with clothes you like. It's so nice. I think that I will try to find something that gives me passion like this owner. Since I want to feel the passion of this owner, I hope to visit him in Hokkaido one day.

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