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Posted in: Clinton says 'comfort women' should be referred to as 'enforced sex slaves' See in context

In response to timtak's remark below...ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This joke of a publication you have posted is NOT deemed as reputable research - you must have just done some internet search and found this propaganda material...also when you try to open the link you have noted, nothing shows up...I'm curious to ask why you think it's okay to deny the truth & are so adamant that what occurred is okay? timtakJUL. 12, 2012 - 10:36AM JST I thanked 2020hindsights for the book selections but I admit that thanks may not be relevant and perhaps my post was rejected for that reason. I have read books by three of the four authors 2020hindsights kindly recommends and I intend to read the fourth by Soh. To make this post relevant, please forgive me for introducing a "revisionist' (i.e. sex-slavery-denying) book by a professor of Area Studies and specialist in Japan Korea relations, Prof Nishioka, free in pdf below It is polemical -- many will say I have no doubt, "propaganda"-- but I would say of general interest and in intention honest. It is in many ways damning of Japan too. As this work points out on page, 33 for instance, and as I firmly believe, many Korean males were forced to work as what one might term 'miner-slaves' - the Japanese term is "mobilized."

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Posted in: Clinton says 'comfort women' should be referred to as 'enforced sex slaves' See in context

In response to TIMTAK'S remarks are as follows:

at a person who thinks a culture that is "extremely kind and civilized" about institutionalizing forced prostitution of young girls as young as 10 years old, because there was prepayment made is obviously not a very civilized person himself...sounds more like a pervert! I feel sorry for any lady that chooses to date/marry such a man that has such sexist views! also, TIMTAK really needs to get his facts straight, because for him to refute the stories of hundreds of women who have made it clear that they were forced (not by payment, but my abduction and gun point from their families...and they weren't just Dutch women) needs a big wake up call. He clearly is provoking some sort of hierarchy where he is conjuring the belief that Japanese people are superior to the rest of Asia, and that gives them the right to rape these women because they (the Japanese) are a "kind and civilised people". His logic is seriously flawed...for example, if Britain were do the same thing during WW2 to other European nations, that would totally be condemned, but because it happened to other Asian nations that makes it right and should be downplayed with no formal apologies being made by the government....give me break TIMTAK - your unconvincing, "laced covered", racialised remarks are so really are coming across as a goof, to put in layman's terms! As well, for him to question why people are questioning his ideas and making remarks that he is "arrogant, right wing" etc., is his way of being provocative and dimwitted....he tries to come across as objective by being wordy in his responses...but the underlying message is the same...he is twisting the facts and he doesn't know what he is talking about...even if prepayment was made (which is only a fraction of the stories) - he obviously doesn't know that there were still violent repercussions if payment was refused...he obviously has not lived through a war or under forced colonial repression! Furthermore, how does he know the facts? He states he has read some books (which I highly doubt he read thoroughly or if in fact at all, because I have also done research in this area when I took East Asian Studies courses at U of T), however, it appears he has chosen to pick and chose a few points here and there and is not really understanding the whole story...only the facts that fit his perverted views of this matter. Has he actually talked to any victims? I can assure him, I have personally spoken to victims and not one of them has told me payment was made to their families... their fathers were arrested or killed, or the brothers violently beaten up in their attempts to stop them from being abducted... so, I am cordially asking TIMTUK to really reflect on his responses and do proper research, because he clearly is not making a convincing argument that the world community is backing up....he is only coming across as narrow minded, sexist and racist...perhaps though that is who is truly is and his intentions? timtakJUL. 11, 2012 - 10:21AM JST ”xenophobic, arrogant, evil right-wing mindset never disappeared”

Where do folks get these ideas from?

The Japanese, aware that their grunts had a tendency to rape the women of nations they invaded (nothing new here), decided as they are an extremely kind and civilised nation, to set up a system of prostitution, which they did in the only way that would have worked, by paying the women about 20 times the pay of a private in the army, or a nurse at the time. Since the work was harsh and often in war zones, they also offered advance payments.

Then later they are accused of being xenophobic, arrogant and evil. What is going on?

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