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Posted in: Why does 'Engrish' happen in Japan? See in context

I actually made an account right now because I felt I had to point out something:

The last sentence of this article... "But at the same time, take a second to remember that the cause might be someone pulling double duty outside their comfort zone"

What the hell??? That completely contradicts the main (and important) message of the article which is that in Japanese grammar the pronoun or subject can be left out and merely implied and grammar issues like that go a long way to explaining the way these Engrish messages turn out.

In short, it's a freaking grammar issue. Period.

But then the stupid author goes back to some trite message about pulling double duty because such a lame, cutsy explanation has some sort of moral and emotional message, more than the message that this is simply an issue of the very different grammar of Japanese being the root cause.

This article is very illustrative of how people are full of crap and need to read and believe lies, because the truth is too often too prosaic and boring, and even when the truth is acknowledged, it still must be bordered and contextualized with crap. Thoughts?

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