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Posted in: Actor Hiroshi Mikami surprises fans once again in new TV movie 'Yukai' See in context

i have a fondness for this guy because he was the 'fairy' in proposal daisakusen, very cute show :)

? also, why are successful people in the entertainment industry always called 'sellouts'? isn't that the whole point- to be successful and get paid for your work?

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Posted in: Serial groper caught in the act on Yokohama train See in context

there is something that strikes me as very sad about all of these groping incidents. of course it's frightening for the victims... but it seems that some basic human need (and not just the need for sex) is not being met, which creates people desperate for human touch at any cost.

sorry, i'm probably just over-thinking it because i am tired. it just makes me kind of sad. where is the 'free hugs campaign' when you need them ;)?

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Posted in: Gov't may add noise-making device to quiet hybrid cars for safety See in context

just blast the Knight Rider theme

THIS. that would be the best & most awesome solution ;P

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Posted in: The secret to good sex after 45: Bring the brain into play See in context

this article seems to imply that sex after 45 is only for men (& younger women)... what about older ladies? they don't get to have fun too? i'll be really bitter when i'm older if that's true ;P

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Posted in: Earphones for women See in context

well, maybe they'll at least be smaller than regular ear buds- every brand i've tried has been too big for my wee ear holes :(

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Posted in: One zoo to avoid See in context

Zoo's should be banned altogether, safari are okay to a degree in the open wild, but anything with a cage and no sky should be abolished.

not all zoos are bad...

the really good zoos have large open air enclosures designed to be as close as possible to the animal's natural habitat. and they are not just tourist attractions- they are research stations where various species can be more closely studied, a base from which people can attempt to create breeding populations of endangered animals, and a place for injured animals to recuperate before being released back into the wild.

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