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Posted in: Samurai Mac burgers arrive at McDonald’s Japan See in context

@ Tey Dela Cruz I'm old enough to remember when "cream pie" had the same meaning as intended in the article. Language is a living thing and evolves along with the times...

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Posted in: Abe says gov't will create ¥270 bil fund to fight virus spread; asks for public support See in context

He wants more money? We just gave him a 2% consumption tax increase!

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Posted in: Transportation, tourism sectors hit hard by virus outbreak See in context

The drop in tourism only means a return to pre "easy visa" times, so why the fuss? If Japanese panic and stay away from crowds--good luck to that!--the economy will collapse. I'm not hopeful Japanese will do the right thing since there is absolutely no toilet paper to be found in stores. This, in a country that invented the shower toilet...

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