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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 143 new coronavirus infections Sunday See in context

Take a look at this story. The poor guy had to wait for 5 days with a fever above 40C to get tested. What the heck is going on people??

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Posted in: Abe cautious about declaring emergency despite spike in virus cases See in context

Abe cautious about declaring emergency despite spike in virus cases

Like groundhog day, have we not kept seeing that same headline over and over again at least this past week? Is he at the tipping point of announcing his next initiative, "Abe-tizers" (2 packs of hand-sanitizers to each household)?

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Posted in: Tokyo area sees daily coronavirus cases top 100 for first time See in context

Next, PM Abe would vow to send each family 2 packs of hand sanitizers !

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Posted in: U.S. Embassy sounds alarm on coronavirus in Japan See in context

On a different site, the primary reason the State Dept issued this warning was the lack of widespread testing. Have lost a lot of faith and trust with PM Abe and gained respect for Mayor Koike--she is trying her best to raise the sense of urgency.

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Posted in: Japan 'on the brink' as it struggles to hold back coronavirus See in context

The swimming school near our home refuses to close and if we choose to stop going, we are required to pay a certain fee each month to "keep our spots". Has anyone else experienced the same? Have you stopped your kids from attending swimming school--with a whole bunch of other kids? Some have said swimming is harmless, though approx. 50 kids share 1 big locker room...

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Posted in: Japan 'on the brink' as it struggles to hold back coronavirus See in context

How could PM Abe reopen schools when all the leaders of this country are now required to wear facemasks, let alone the situation today is far worse then it was 5 weeks ago when he announced school closure??

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Posted in: Tokyo records most new coronavirus cases in a day as pressure for lockdown builds See in context

Unfortunately, we may experience what Sweden is, by taking such a laissez-faire approach to this pandemic:

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Posted in: Tokyo records most new coronavirus cases in a day as pressure for lockdown builds See in context

On a different site, Tokyo reported 78 positive cases today, another ominous record for 1 day. PM Abe, quit dragging your feet!

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Posted in: Japan not planning to declare state of emergency but will expand entry bans See in context

Could the fact that Japan requires all babies to be vaccinated with BCG be a factor in the low Covid-19 numbers? Currently, there is some debate that BCG could be an effective vaccine against Covid-19.

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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 63 new coronavirus cases, a record daily increase See in context

For those of us with kids, are we supposed to send our kids to school on April 6th when the coronavirus situation is worse than when Abe closed down schools over a month ago???

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Posted in: Japan testing for coronavirus at fraction of capacity See in context

I have been wondering if Japan was able to avoid the 'tsunami' or whether this is the calm before the storm? Additionally, I'm also wondering if the lack of tests done is politically motivated in that Abe et al., still intends to host the Olympics and don't want to show huge Coronavirus numbers??

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Posted in: Sales tax cut emerging as option as gov't battles coronavirus fallout See in context

I hope this is a permanent cut especially with regard to all groceries. On the other hand, will this really make a difference on the economy if we are in a lockdown and stuck in our homes?? How about we do a "Andrew Yang" and give everyone a $1000 (or Yen100,000) per month as long as this situation lasts??

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Posted in: Abe shakes up cabinet, bringing in rising star Koizumi See in context

Koizumi's qualification being, obviously, that his daddy was a prime minister. Japanese politics is as big of a joke as the Japanese "justice" system.

@Chip Star, yes, a page out of the US one.

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Posted in: While the Japanese government relentlessly promotes the image of 'Cool Japan' and mega-tourism, the current reality is a country run by sociopathic Hitler-loving plutocrats, with plummeting press freedom, endemic poverty, rising censorship, deliberate destruction of public records, continual death by overwork, a corrupt bureaucracy, and a medieval justice system. Despite the triple meltdown of Fukushima, the government is rushing to start nuclear power plants again with reckless abandon. See in context

@Bullfighter. Agree with you on many points. I worked in Japan for over a decade and could not have achieved the same level of worldly success as I did there. Upon return to the US, kept sending out resumes for 1.5 years until I finally found something. Though I am thankful each day for my life here in the US, I am forever thankful for my time in Japan and will always hope for the best for Japan.

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Posted in: Virgin territory: Study shows heterosexual inexperience rising in Japan See in context

I think part of the problem is the easy access to porn over the internet now.

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Posted in: American football player says coach ordered him to 'crush' opposing quarterback See in context

No question what the kid did was criminal. And according to another article he committed 2 more personal fouls after this incident and was eventually ejected from the game. The kid, who is an adult, needs to be accountable for his actions, but more so, the coaches and to a certain extent Nichidai (if there was any systematic cover-up).

@ Nessie: re the Eichmann defense: in Japan where pressure from authority, particularly at a renowned and top program as Nichidai, the coaches--who technically are still teachers--should be held to a higher standard.

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan celebrate skaters' friendship See in context

Truly the spirit of Olympics that should be emulated also in our daily lives. Hats off to Lee and Kodaira!

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Posted in: Scandal-hit corporate Japan needs whole new mindset See in context

@ Wallace Fred

People who subscribe to that mindset never grow and will always make excuses.

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Posted in: Kobe Steel reports wider fudging of metals data since 2011 See in context


Some food for thought: this fraud first came to light from their own employees. And, just because shenanigans don't get exposed, doesn't mean that they're not occurring.

Honesty is not tied to any race/nationality, but to each individual.

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Posted in: Why can't Japanese teachers of English ... speak English? See in context

If you've lived in Japan long enough, the question should be, "Why Won't Japanese Teachers of English Speak English."

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Posted in: Federer beats Nadal in 5 sets to win Australian Open See in context

Epic! Hats off to you Roger!

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Posted in: Matsuyama soars to Challenge lead on eagle wings See in context

Let's close the deal today Hideki!

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Posted in: Matsuyama wins Taiheiyo Masters for 3rd win in 4 weeks See in context

Matsuyama has been white hot this past month...look forward to seeing him win more tourneys and a major in 2017!

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Posted in: Ex-Yankees pitcher Hiroki Kuroda to retire See in context

A consummate pro!

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Posted in: Nishikori beats Murray in 5 sets to reach U.S. Open semifinals See in context

This is a huge win...Murray has been on a roll winning Wimbledon and the Rio Olympics and Murray has had a 8-1 head-to-head win the past nine matches. I believe Kei will win his semi-final match and be in his second grand-slam final later this week. Go Kei!

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Posted in: Obama implores Americans to elect Clinton; Trump asks Russia for help over emails See in context

Thank you President Obama.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. should consider profiling Muslims See in context

It is just mind-boggling that Trump has lasted thus far in the primaries.

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Posted in: What does 'good child-raising' mean? See in context

Children need to learn to delay gratification and to learn the joy of struggle. Mothers (in particular) need to stop coddling their children and allow children to experience the consequences of their own decisions. Good habits need to be instilled in children the first 5 years--we learned all this in our Psychology classes. Finally, parents need good role models not Naoki Ogi, please.

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Posted in: Missing boy case sparks discipline debate in Japan See in context

First, thank God that Yamato was found and is safe.

Anyone who has conscientiously engaged with parenting know that there is a fine line between discipline and abuse. In some way, if we are truly honest with ourselves and withhold judgement, we as parents can relate with Mr. and Mrs. Tanooka.

Rather than pass judgement on others which is just too easy to do, I hope we parents learn more about effective parenting and what we do to raise great and responsible men and women. Effective parenting, like anything else, can be learned.

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Posted in: Searchers struggle with lack of clues to fate of missing 7-year-old boy See in context

Based on what has been reported, sadly, I believe the boy was abducted. Really hope he is ok and will be found eventually.

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