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That would be over 40% for the extreme-right thieves. I really think many of my compatriots need to get their heads checked. And Emmanuel Rastignac president next month. Bad day.

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just because he had an affair. 

It's not the case. Half of J-lawmakers would have resigned "just for an affair". Nobody cares about their sex life usually. Even paparazzi ignore the "just an affair" cases as there are 13 for a dozen. A scandal is when there is more. Some politicians had to resign due to affairs linking them with the under-world. Another MP resigned because he was doing the playboy while on child care paid leave. Today's hero is accused of stalking.

Not if they haven't done anything criminal or illegal.

Stalking is legal ?

I would have given him another chance provided he was doing good work for his voters. 

And he does ? You think he is 2 distinct persons ? Having a double life and telling lies is not illegal, ok. I really don't care if a taxi driver, a plumber, a cook, a math teacher or a nurse has a double life. But you want to be represented by a lawmaker that says he makes laws for citizens, while in the hide, he only works at pleasing lobbies ?

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Posted in: Who is more unpredictable: U.S. President Donald Trump or North Korean leader Kim Jong Un? See in context

I trust neither. One worries more due to scale. Trump. He's taken weird random decisions already. He can strike anywhere in the world. The weapons work, that was sadly proven. Kim, He has been stubborn but 'logical'. He can strike inside his country (which is already too much). The weapons don't work.

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Posted in: 1 in 4 Japanese men remain unmarried at age 50 See in context

What's a good reason to get married?

Money (like free social security for Mrs) or visas. Many persons are not concerned. If you're poor and both live in the country where you are citizen, no need for a contract.

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Posted in: How to travel from Tokyo to Kyushu by train for less than Y2,500 See in context

It seems their goal was to go as far as possible, even if they had to eat crap. I used these tickets, and also those for only Kansai, but for shorter trip legs. 8 to 10 hour of sleep (er train) takes you far enough and lets you a full day to enjoy places.

Isn't each ticket only good for use on one day?

Each ticket 24 hours. If the system has not changed recently : You can share the 5 tickets with several persons (and buy only one in those shops), You can even share the day. I have a "good face" and I was several time given such tickets (and Kansai tickets and no-my-car-day tickets) by people at the end of their trip, (for instance they used from midnight till 5 pm and I could use the ticket from 5 till midnight).

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That UK leaves EU, it's their choice. But the attitude of May is absolutely unacceptable.

In security terms a failure to reach agreement would mean our cooperation in the fight against crime and terrorism would be weakened.

So she threatens EU countries. I think we should immediately simply refuse to negociate, reinforce coast security.

So when will the Scott's join Europe?

They are in. The Hadrian wall just needs a refreshing.

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Posted in: Acceleration sensor to keep diet record See in context

In a demonstration, a beef bowl, sushi and bread were distinguished by using the new technology. According to NTT, it is also possible to distinguish curry and pasta.

And then ? That says if the pasta is in tomato or cream sauce, or is a jar of cream is a too small detail ? I don't believe it's even remotely efficient.

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Posted in: Why can't Japanese teachers of English ... speak English? See in context

If it weren't that it's about business, English wouldn't even be taught.

It's clear that English speaking countries have that mindset, as someone said, Americans are not learning Japanese or any language. Japan goes far beyond most countries for English (a lot of that started to please US occupant). English is an official language and a compulsory subject. In France, the compulsory subject is "foreign language" and you can choose other languages (some taught in your school, some at distance learning), so some kids don't take English.

What would it hurt having a TV channel in English? Even a few hours a day

You wrote that in 1970 ? Access to foreign language stuff was surely limited back then. If you visit Japan again, you'll see that in 21st century, they have those TV programs (dumb and clever) in English version, you don't even need the cable. An they have the internets. And books, rental movies/series; etc, Now it's all available 24/24 in any language you want. And most Japanese don't want, are not interested.

Lots of people who do not have English as their first language need English to get the full benefit of the Internet.

Not at all. That's the excuse for oldies like my parents that still struggle with basics. Not for the youth. As my niece rightly said when she was 4 : "I can't spell, your phone spells for me. I can't speak in English or Japanese, your computer does it for me...".

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Posted in: Why can't Japanese teachers of English ... speak English? See in context

“A good teacher can get you to JLPT N2-level in a couple of years,” one friend told me,

When I started reading, I thought that meant the eigo sensei was getting the JET teacher to JLPT level.... And that certainly happens.

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Posted in: School operator head testifies in Diet he got Y1 mil donation from Akie Abe See in context

They can't both be telling the truth.

They can be both telling lies. And they certainly do. Mrs Abe was part of the stinky project, her name was not used by accident, and that's what counts. How much help she provided is one of the details that investigation will check. The scandal is the Prime Minister of Japan supports cultish weirdos. You imagine what we'd hear if Mr Angela Merkel was caught visiting a Hitlerian youth kindergarten ?

Abe has denied he or Akie intervened in the land deal, or helped the school get accredited. He has said he would resign if evidence to the contrary were found.

He should already be gone.

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Posted in: Trump wants to build 30-foot-high wall at Mexican border See in context

In just the first month there has been a sharp decrease in the number of incoming illegal immigrants

As my grandpa would say ; You know the boat is sinking when the rats leave. . But who will want to live in Trump's giga-wasteland ?

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Posted in: Diet proposes one-off abdication law for emperor See in context

The law requires his attestation, which means a lot.

It means nothing. The Tenno has not the option of refusing to put his stamp on any law. He has the same amount of power and freedom as a girl in AKB or Morning Musume. But well, at his age, it's tough...

South Korea currently has a semi-presidential system (similar to France) and just impeached and chucked out their president.

For good reasons. When elected representants misbehave, the electors can make them go. It was very complicated Spain to get rid of their infamous king and his daughter. What would Japan do if some Imperials became criminals ?

during the 50s or 60s, if Japan had been made a presidential republic as in the US, an anti-communist dictatorship would've been implemented;

It was implemented.

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Posted in: 4 shot, 10 hurt in French school shooting; student arrested See in context

"4 people shot - and 10 other victims" is supposed to mean?

4 received bullets (2 are already out of hospital). The others were lightly hurt in the panic.

Guns are plentiful in France but a grenade??

In this case, it was confirmed that he had everything at home. He's a son and grandson of gun collecting airheads. But getting grenades is easy for a teenager. Many were left after the wars. All you need is a military map and a metal detector, you can gather a dozen in one day of hiking, 1 or 2 will still work.

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Posted in: Matsuya beef bowl chain begins offering low-carb meals with tofu instead of rice See in context

50-yen surcharge upgrades your plain white rice to “yudofu,”

That used to be a discount.

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Posted in: Former Morning Musume singer Rika Ishikawa marries pro baseball player Ryoma Nogami See in context

really sad that she had to keep it all a secret

Not at all. What I find sad is when celeb document their intimate live in media /social media. She kept it "private" as it should and not secret. Best wishes to them.

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Posted in: France's Fillon makes no promises to stay as party fights for electoral survival See in context

Le Canard Enchainé is a left wing rag

You are the only one that thinks that. You probably confuse with Mediapart (Edwy Plenel, ex-boss of Le Monde). Fillon's main problem is not the articles, it's not even the investigation, it's himself. He destroyed all trust because he lies like a Trump (and so does his Lady Penelope). He thinks people forget what he promised the day before. Plus he insults all kind of people, even the disabled now. Next thing, he'll say he grabs women...

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Posted in: Trump claims Obama had phones wiretapped; Obama denies it See in context

I wish the CIA, FBI, etc had actually wiretaped and investigated seriously the Donald and his gang of Russian spies long before the election. He would not be where he is now,

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Posted in: Is ride-sharing about to upend bus industry, too? See in context

Car sharing, be it taxi or personal car, was a great idea 50 to 20 yrs ago but in most areas it is no longer working because roads are streets are so overfilled. My cousin had a car sharing rotation with 3 coworkers and they did it during 25 yrs, but the same route was 30 minutes and became more than one hour on a good day, plus parking fees have exploded. So now all take the train .

So what will happen?

Regarless of the costs, you need 20 cars minimum to replace one bus, and 20 buses to replace one train... Mass transportation will be developped in the future, public or private, I dunno. It's the only efficient way. Taxis, pick-and-drop electric cars (and probably self driving vehicules) will be for the last 2 to 5 km from station, not the whole way.

the long-standing prohibition on riders sharing a traditional taxi.

Seems to be a special rule for Canada. What's the reason ? In all countries I've been, taxi sharing is common. I do it nearly systematically for long rides from airport to city center. That was also the norm after clubbing in my student years and no taxi driver accepted to move with less than 4 (or 8) passengers as they were making at least 30% more.

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Posted in: Trump says he won't attend correspondents dinner this spring See in context

That meants next president will be already there in April. Great !

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Posted in: Do Japanese take use-by dates too seriously? See in context

Suddenly within 30 minutes, a tasty sandwich had turned into a life threatening poisonous item

It's possible. The way to know is to see if you fall dead after eating... then your heirs will sue the shop. OK, it's not magically at that minute. Depending on ingredients and climate, a sandwhich can go bad in a a few minutes, so shops decide on the "safe" time depending on their conditions. If the limit is 2 hours, 30 minutes is a lot. Otherwise how do you want to do ?

But come on, I would bet hard cash that the VAST majority of the "6.32 million tons of perfectly good food" is from the zillions of combinis and pan-ya peppered every 10m in Japan.

From what I know, it's the contrary. I don't say they cut wastes as much as I'd like, but more than others. The kombinis have been the first to deal with the issue. That's why you can see them getting deliveries many times a day as they get the minimum stock of perishable items in shops. Pan-ya and such also tend to bake in the shop depending on demand and they avoid stocking. The other small shops, like Trinket's bentoya, they are not into stock management.

IIRC France is making this a LAW.

You misunderstood. You are not allowed to donate stale food in France. That was about another level of human stupidity. Shops habe been told to give to charities big stocks of what is beyond "sell by date" and before "consume by date" and also food that didn't sell well. Before the new law the a-holes managers of retail chains used to destroy excess stocks in order to free the shelves and they'd have their security staff beat the homeless trying to grab a few things to eat. But the farmer mafia is still destroying some excess of produce in order to maintain the selling prices and for them it's legal.

almost none of those dates indicate the safety of food, foods can go bad even before the expiration date if they have been poorly stored.

Exactly. I check the date when it was made/produced and I make my calculation depending on food and storage conditions. Buying dairies in Summer in Japan, bringing them back in a plastic bag walking or cycling 20 minutes.... by 40 degrees 120% humidity, storing the misty packages for a few days, it is a bet on your health. Idem for ground meat. Use within 2 hours if stored in good refrigeration, or forget the idea of eating it. Bring it from the butcher's in an ice-box or grind at home with your knife. In Japan, they are usually serious. In the US, cluelessness reigns and it's not surprising that they have record level of food poisoning for countries with wide access to refrigeration. In France, I don't trust them much these days. You can go in a shop, and in semi-cool shelf (opened fridges that don't even seem to work well), you can see fresh dishes (like local version of "sushi", salads, sandwiches, etc) that was made 3 days ago and to be consumed within next 4 days. I don't touch that. That type of food has to be eaten the day it's prepared or never. But there is a date on everything by rule. For rock salt, I ignore it. That salt had been made 1000 yrs ago, it can wait a few more years.

Osak however seems a little more relaxed about it.

Homma ni. The big food poisoning cases happened in Osaka.

We used to eat canned goods far beyond the date...with no problems.

The people that had problems are not here to tell. Cans, ground meat and dairies are the biggest killers.

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Posted in: 'Reverse engagement ring' helps women control their marital destiny See in context

and slip the ring on her finger,

??? It's not a ring for him ? Many men love wearing rings, so they'd be disappointed, no ? That makes me think about my Dad when we ordered clothes and he was there at delivery. So he'd say nothing and the next day, he was wearing the new item and say "There was my name on the box, I keep...". Clothes ordered for my brother, but also for the girls of the family like he took Mum's snow shoes and a large jeans shirt that was for me.

gives women a unique way to get the ball rolling on progressing from boyfriend and girlfriend to husband and wife.

This is not different from what so many J-woman already do : pulling her socially inept sarariman by the sleeve to the jewel store, point the ring she has reserved, make him pay with his credit card, and instruct him to propose at the next dinner in the restaurant of her choice.

a diamond necklace “in celebration of her taking the first step of her new [single] life.”

They do that too already, when they dump a guy, go to Brand Off with all his presents of value and exchange with a new trinket.

Cooking and cleaning well can only get you so far,

You're not going to receive one.

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Posted in: McDonald’s releases new 'Yakki' burger See in context

Finally, I have a question in case of ordering those products. Which is more natural, saying Chiki-Chee please or Chickin Cheeseburger please?

Your order with your phone. They no longer speak.

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Posted in: Old loves highlight Japan and Vietnam's new bonds See in context

I think the dead man is Nguyen Thi Van's father.

Yes, and Thi Van seems to be a daughter of that couple on the photo "Nguyen Thi Xuan, who married Japanese soldier Nguyen Van Duc". The story is not complete.

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Posted in: Old loves highlight Japan and Vietnam's new bonds See in context

Xuan’s husband was in the first group of 71 soldiers to go home in 1954.....He died seven years after returning to Japan.

and then :

After Xuan’s husband left, she never had another relationship, she said. In 2005, the two were briefly reunited when he and his Japanese family came to visit.

He came while he was dead ?

The post war era is filled with seeming contradictions like this.

Pre-war for them. But that was (and still is) a very complicated story that placed people in contradictory situations and separated families.

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Posted in: 60 cases of child-related accidents at homes reported in 5 years See in context

Yep. So much lower than stats for abused children. People are probably deterred from reporting. I guess makers prefer paying systematically and avoid cases being investigated.

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Posted in: Muhammad Ali's son detained at airport: 'Are you Muslim?' See in context

“Where did you get your name from?”

How can you be American and not know about Muhammad Ali's name ?

been going on since Bush ... People will blame anything they can on Trump.

I blame it on people that voted Bush, Bush and then Trump. They know who they are. Happy ?

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Posted in: Ramen romance — 5 things to remember if you don’t want to blow your noodle date See in context

I don't know if I would take a girl to a ramen shop on a date.

I like taking guys to ramen for a first meal or drink together. The guy is nicer when he is fed enough. It's relax, it does not look like a big test to pass (as those formal dates do). Probably he thinks the holy 'first date' will be the next one when he invites. Another perk is you can leave quickly a ramen shop in case you get along much better or much worse than expected...

If you were in Osaka, you should hit Shinsaibashi, and the Dotombori

That's the last places where I'd go eat in Kansai.

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Posted in: If money were no object, would you buy an apartment, existing home, or have one built to order in Japan? See in context

NO. Japan is a great country to live in rental. It's cheaper, someone else deals with big issues and when the building is getting old or fall aparts after a disaster, you go rent a newer place. In my country, I can't rent, I'm forced to buy but a house here has an average lifespan of 100 yrs, you usually get most of your money back when you resell. Not in Japan where a 20 yr old house is often sold cheaper than just the land with no house on it.

a vacation-house build and go there when I had the time.

A rebuild it all each time you visit ? It's easy to have a second house waiting for you in Southern Europe but the Japanese climates are very different. An empty house would get full of molds, in best case scenario. Then, take into account the frequency of typhons and quakes, and local plagues (rocks that fall from mountain, monster waves and wind at seaside, small rivers that expand overnight...).

I would buy and renovate, or faithfully reconstruct, one of those early western-style houses which can be found in parts of Yokohama, Kobe, Nagasaki etc,

That's already done for all the historic houses of the 3 cities you list. There were not thousands. You have more chances to buy an old J-style machiya.

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Posted in: Trump denounces anti-Semitism See in context

It seems there was a documentary on anti-semitism on Fox News yesterday...

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Posted in: For Ivanka-brand goods, Nordstrom's loss is Japan's gain See in context

Ivanka is not her father and he is not her. People need to learn how to separate and not conflate the two.

I've never heard about Ivanka except as her father's shadow.

And I thought Japanese had real taste in clothes.

They love cosplay too.

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