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Posted in: Japan says 7 nationals missing in Dhaka attack See in context

Bangladesh seems too poor and incompetent to do much of anything. The best option for foreigners is to avoid the place completely. Don't visit, don't invest, don't buy their products. If they want to hack their foreign guests to pieces, then so be it. They've chosen their course, and we should act accordingly.

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Posted in: Japan says 7 nationals missing in Dhaka attack See in context

Other reports say that many of the 20 dead hostages were hacked to death with machetes. They weren't even given the brutal dignity of a quick death via gunfire.

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Posted in: Japanese may be among Bangladesh hostages See in context

Isn't this the second attack on Japanese citizens in Bangladesh in under a year? As I recall, a Japanese man was gunned down in Bangladesh back in October, too.

For whatever reason, Bangladeshis appear to hate the Japanese. Very sad.

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Posted in: Japanese musician found strangled in Trinidad See in context

Trinidad has an extremely high murder rate. That country needs to pull itself together, for its own sake as well as the safety of visitors.

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Posted in: Islamic State claims responsibility for killing Japanese man in Bangladesh See in context

Well interestingly enough, the 10 deadliest school massacres/shootings in modern times were ALL perpetrated by self-proclaimed "Islamic" militants. From Beslan to Peshawar to Iraq to Kenya to Syria to several incidents in Nigeria. Every last one. Other "secular" school massacres don't show up until a ways further down the list.

And the Oregon individual apparently described himself as "biracial" rather than "white."

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Posted in: Islamic State claims responsibility for killing Japanese man in Bangladesh See in context

It's hard to ascribe much rationality to Islamic fanatics. Boko Haram actually killed several North Korean medical volunteers during a raid in northern Nigeria a few years ago. Not because of North Korean policy, but because they just wanted to kill anyone who looked like an outsider. The same is probably true in Bangladesh. They don't see "Japanese;" they see "East Asian," and that's enough to trigger their violent tendencies.

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Posted in: Islamic State claims responsibility for killing Japanese man in Bangladesh See in context

The Koda Shosei case took place in 2004, during the Koizumi administration. The Saito Akihiko case was the following year, in 2005. Both were carried out in Iraq.

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Posted in: Islamic State claims responsibility for killing Japanese man in Bangladesh See in context

Shame on Bangladesh. Japan has contributed billions of Yen in development aid and sent thousands of experts on everything from water purification to high-yield agriculture to help the Bangladeshi people over the past few decades.

And THIS is how Bangladeshis thank the Japanese?

Ingrates. Cut off the aid and tell any remaining Japanese in that nation to come home. They obviously aren't wanted over there.

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Posted in: Man sentenced to death for fatally stabbing 2 people on Osaka street See in context

Good. I would add that no one from a nation with a murder rate higher than that of Japan has any firm basis upon which to condemn Japan's approach to criminal justice. Accomplish what Japan has accomplished in terms of public safety, and then perhaps your critiques will be meaningful. But before then...

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Posted in: The Republican road to the White House runs through Israel See in context

It is odd how conservatives in the US traditionally used to be associated with nationalism and national pride, and now they are tripping all over themselves to outsource their nation's interests to a foreign country - and furthermore, condemn those who are wary of doing so!

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Posted in: Japan confirms 3 nationals among 19 killed in Tunisia museum attack See in context

Japanese tourists keep getting murdered in the Islamic world - Syria, Iraq, Yemen, now Tunisia. And others have been taken captive in other Islamic nations and ransomed. At a certain point, you have to accept the fact that the Islamic world doesn't like you very much.

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Posted in: Abe expresses outrage at IS video purportedly showing Goto being beheaded See in context

Englanders should be ashamed of themselves for producing murderers such as the "star" of this video. What the heck is wrong with your country and its educational/social systems when your people are turning toward ISLAMIC EXTREMISM of all things? Pull it together, England. Shame on you.

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Posted in: 3 Filipinos held for dumping bodies of Japanese man, girlfriend at sea See in context

The Philippines murder rate is EXTREMELY high by East Asian standards, about 25 (yes, twenty-five) times higher than Japan's murder rate. Law enforcement and investigational standards tend to be extremely low, as can be seen in everything from the country's constant jail escapes to incidents like the Hong Kong bus massacre.

It is best to avoid that place entirely until the Philippine people choose to get their act together.

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Posted in: Mt Gox files for bankruptcy; CEO says 750,000 bitcoins gone See in context

Oh, sure, the coins are "gone"... into the guy's secret accounts! Come on. How dumb does he think we are?

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Posted in: Woman found dead in car spoke to police about boyfriend's abuse See in context

This is what happens when law-abiding citizens are forbidden from protecting their own lives with firearms. Had she been armed, it's very possible the assailant would be the only dead one in this sad story.

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Posted in: Romanian youth says he didn't mean to kill Japanese woman See in context

Romanian people seem to hate the Japanese for some reason. A young Japanese tourist was also brutally raped and murdered by a Romanian man in Romania itself in 2012.

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Posted in: No guns See in context

The only types of firearms which a Japanese citizen may acquire are rifles or shotguns.

Sort of. There are a few very limited routes to legal handgun possession in Japan. The most common one is to become a competitive pistol shooter who participates in or trains for international events. But by "most common" I still mean rather uncommon, since the total number of pistol licenses granted on that basis is barely 100 nationwide, as I recall.

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Posted in: No guns See in context

What gun crimes? Well I guess that poor gyoza guy got shot in Kyoto a couple months ago, but aside from that...

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Posted in: 6 arrested in Ecuador over murder of Japanese honeymooner See in context

Ecuador has serious crime problems. Its murder rate is almost FIVE times as high as the US rate, and the US is already extremely violent by developed-world standards. There's simply no excuse for that to be the case. And you can't use "poverty" or "income disparities" as an excuse, either - countries with even worse poverty problems such as India have much lower rates of murder.

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Posted in: Anti-U.S. base incumbent mayor re-elected in Nago See in context

The residents obviously don't trust Obama to manage the base relocation correctly, and based on Obama's performance in office thus far, they are wise to take that approach.

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Posted in: Ecuador gov't offers $200,000 reward for killers of Japanese honeymooner See in context

All rates are per capita. Ecuador's per capita rate per 100,000 has been at or above 20 in recent years, while the US rate was 4.7 last year.

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Posted in: Ecuador gov't offers $200,000 reward for killers of Japanese honeymooner See in context

Why even bring the US into this madness

As a useful point of reference. For rough comparison purposes, US murder rate = 3X Canada or 5X England. So if some other country like Ecuador is 4X the US, that would translate to 12X Canada and 20X England.

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Posted in: Ecuador gov't offers $200,000 reward for killers of Japanese honeymooner See in context

There's really no excuse for Ecuador to have such a high crime/murder rate, and yet it does. Its murder rate is actually more than four times higher than the US rate, and the US already has the highest rate in the entire developed world. That's shameful.

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Posted in: Major Iraq city falls to Qaida-linked militants See in context

Sad how Obama has turned out to be a total disaster of a president for the states.

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Posted in: Japan hangs two death-row inmates See in context

It's kind of silly to see people from western nations with murder rates higher than that of Japan trying to argue that the death penalty "doesn't work." It seems to "work" reasonably well for Japan, if the murder rate is your metric...

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Posted in: 17 dead, 51 missing as typhoon sideswipes Tokyo See in context

This is always the risk in Japan - as I recall, the deaths from the Niigata quake from 2004 came from mudslides and landslides as well, with structures away from hillsides suffering relatively limited damage. It's very difficult to mitigate those risks entirely, since hills are always in a state of geologic evolution.

The most critical areas along certain roads have very expensive netting or deep-driven piling systems in place, but that's impractical for all but a handful of sites.

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Posted in: Death row inmate hanged; 6th execution since Abe became PM See in context

Apart from the United States, Japan is the only major industrialised democracy to use capital punishment.

South Korea? Taiwan? Singapore is not the biggest country in terms of population, but its economy is in the top 40 (usually #35 or 36 in overall nominal GDP rankings).

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Posted in: Brazilian police arrest man suspected of triple murder in Japan See in context

Brazilian prisons really depend on how much money you have. They are extremely corrupt; well-off inmates often have their own apartment-style units with cellphones, internet, and even firearms. It's a continuous source of scandal (reports on these things pop up every few months in O Globo or other media outlets), but nothing ever seems to change.

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Posted in: Car bombs kill at least 48 in Baghdad See in context

It's sad how Obama has squandered Bush's hard-won victory in Iraq.

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Posted in: 2 inmates hanged, bringing number of executions to 5 under Abe See in context

Any particular reason Japan is keeping Asahara alive for so long?

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