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The media in Guam reported that the shooter was a Chinese national angry over a business deal gone wrong.

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What is all this nonsense about "China?"

First of all, El Salvador has diplomatic relations with Taiwan, not the mainland.

Second, 25% of all Salvadorans live in the US, and many are US citizens. So of course they will be a large part of the aid effort.

This isn't 1986. It seems like people's impressions of the country and its politics became fossilized around then.

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It is never appropriate to fire a "warning shot" inside of a city. The "golden rule" of defensive firearms usage is to draw only when you must shoot, and shoot only when you must kill, and therefore, only draw if you must shoot and kill.

It is staggeringly irresponsible to send bullets out on a parabolic arc into the air, from which they can retain a lethal velocity as they return to the ground. An extreme example would be a country like Iraq, where over a dozen people were killed by "celebratory gunfire" after the capture of Saddam Hussein. This is mainly because of simple physics. If you fire a bullet directly vertically, it can return safely to the ground at a nonlethal velocity. But if you vary even slightly from true vertical, your round remains deadly, even kilometers away.

You are supposed to fire into a suitable backstop. And in the case of a defensive use of firearms, that means someone's skull or centre mass.

'Warning shots' are only appropriate if blank cartridges (cartridges without bullets) are being used.

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