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Posted in: Tokyo reports 537 coronavirus cases; 883 cases in Osaka See in context

The herd mentality that thinks everyone should get jabbed up on experimental vaccines,are baying daily for more testing.The only way you're gonna get that is if the govt throw in the towel and give up hosting the Olympics.Then you can get the higher numbers that you've been dying to see.

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Posted in: Taiwan will fight 'to the very last day' if China attacks See in context

I reckon that if China does go and try to take back Taiwan forcefully,the same result when Russia annexed the Crimea from the Ukraine will occur... Nothing.The world is so passive nowadays and standing up to wrongdoing is by way of appeasement.The Chinese and Russians know this.

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Posted in: EU drug regulator says it is up to countries to decide how to handle AstraZeneca See in context

An indirect acknowledgement that there are issues with it.And for you to proceed at your own risk.

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Posted in: Osaka declares COVID medical emergency with 878 new cases See in context

Why don't they just declare a S of E if things are that bad? These half measures and wishy washy declarations achieve little.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers hit by test event cancelations for some pool sports See in context

Japanese might moan about Covid this and that. But it's shaping up for them to get in line and get their jab,based on my students and the foreigners on this site LOL two times.

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Posted in: Australia short of 3 mil AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine doses See in context

Not like they're really in need of it anyway.Other places need it much more.

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Posted in: UK eyes testing COVID-19 passports at mass gatherings See in context

And I read last week Bo Jo was saying that people might need a top up in the fall.Huh? Sounds like you're gonna have to have every six months or so.Does the actual thing work or not?

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Posted in: UK eyes testing COVID-19 passports at mass gatherings See in context

People are going to be looked down on if they don't have the passport or get the jab.And that's wrong in any way,shape or form.

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Posted in: Coronavirus cases rising in 42 of Japan's 47 prefectures See in context

Yeah,yeah,yeah.But what is conveniently bypassed is that the daily deaths are very low.Back in January it got up to a hundred or so deaths per day.Yesterday was just 13.And it has been pretty low the past month. The attempts of spreading FUD is real,but crises show how people really are.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 446 coronavirus cases; Osaka logs record high 666 See in context

Back in January,a hundred or so were dying per day.Now paltry numbers are doing so.Yet the bleating continues from the timid flock requesting a jab that offers no guarantee. Lol two times.The fear is real.

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Posted in: Tokyo ward begins certifying LGBT families See in context

I feel for the children caught up in this, because they are gonna have a hard time.Society in general is tough enough without being classified.

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Posted in: Japan to get first batches of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine from U.S. See in context

They have a factory in North Hyogo.Could've been churning out earlier.Though with half of Europe not feeling it,could be in for a bit of a problem over here.

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Posted in: 4 dead, including child, in Orange, California office building shooting See in context

Shot and wounded tells you right there what complexion the shooter was.

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Posted in: Australia misses vaccine target as concerns grow over slow rollout See in context

Seems Oz is joining in with the FUD going around.You think it's bad,go look at Brazil.3,870 people died in the last 24 hours of Covid.That's shocking.Fretting over 12,so locking down the city is so OTT. And as we're seeing,that killing the virus by lockdowns playbook doesn't work.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 414 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,832 See in context

The smart one's?

I assume you're shut down at home teleworking not going outside? Safe as pie then.Good for you.FUD is too much.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 414 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,832 See in context

Osaka's at 590 new cases!!! Supposed to go out with my boys this Sat.Which guy's wife gonna make him wimp out?Lol.

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Posted in: Some medical experts unconvinced about holding Tokyo Olympics See in context

Kinda an obvious assertion.Beyond the sponsors,no-one is feeling to have this edition.

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Posted in: 3-day lockdown ordered in Australian city of Brisbane after virus outbreak See in context

 "be part of the Australian way of life until everyone is vaccinated"

Very loose with her wording.What if everyone doesn't want to be jabbed up?

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Posted in: From April, all price tags in Japan must reflect final cost with sales tax included See in context

I hate what some supermarkets and electronic stores do which is put up in bright red the price,but in smaller black brackets the REAL price.

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Posted in: Chen wins 3rd straight worlds, beating Olympic champ Hanyu See in context

 Hanyu should realize there is life beyond figure skating and maybe he should hit the books.

He's a professional skater.What's your claim to fame? A real weak comment to start your day.

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Posted in: French soccer legend Thierry Henry quits social media over 'toxic' racism, abuse See in context

If I were famous,I wouldn't bother with social media.There are too many negative people who will find fault in you for any reason.And being of color is doubly worse.Don't need that hate.And sure don't need to read about it either.

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Posted in: Australia reports first locally acquired COVID-19 case in a week See in context

Reporting keeps harping on about Australia's numbers.But far away from anyway else and ample space for people not to feel cramped in a small radius helped no doubt.

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Posted in: Libya militia leader wanted by ICC shot dead: security sources See in context

Always wondered how western/Russian mercenaries launder there money back home.

By buying crypto without KYC lol!

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Posted in: Who is Rola, the hottest face in Japanese advertising? See in context

Some people on this site are pretty petty with their criticisms of Rola.But that's how you stay I guess.I don't care for her,but I have no reason to bish at her either.She's doing her,so you do you...and be positive with it.

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Posted in: Japanese same-sex couple overjoyed by marriage ruling See in context

Gay married couples have as much right to be miserable as straight ones.But theirs noticeably last much shorter on average.

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Posted in: Eating out again See in context

Masks and umbrellas to block the sun have now begun for women.It's a wonder they bother going outside in the first place.The fear is real.

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Posted in: 'Everything evaporated' - Olympic overseas spectator ban hits Japan tourism See in context

I still feel the govt will have to walk back no visitors in some form or another. One way could be if you got the jab with proof, you can come in.Or there are going to be class action lawsuits against the govt.They won't lose though.

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Posted in: Japan considering coronavirus variant test for all inbound travelers See in context

Gotta show you had a test,then quarantine,then checked on returning and then quarantine again! Is such a hassle.Just easier to stay home and save my money.

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Posted in: Woman, son arrested over her husband’s death See in context

These two may have confessed to the crime, but they didn’t “plead” guilty unless they were in front of a court, which they weren’t. You need to tighten up the writing of your reporters, JT.

Anyway, these two deserve the presumption of innocents until adjudicated guilty in a court of law.

Certified nitpick of the day.

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