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Posted in: Japan revises law to ban parents from physically punishing children See in context

This law is a knee jerk reaction to a few unfortunate incidents of parenting discipline gone wrong. The wrong move period,and to make it worse,the law has no teeth, probably because they know it's a stupid law.

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Posted in: Hotel employee held for attempted murder after abandoning her newborn baby in toilet See in context

Maybe having the foresight to get the bloke to wear protection might've helped.Of course he coulda done so himself.She's 23, not 16.She knew the risks.

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Posted in: Acting U.S. Defense Secretary Shanahan quits as reports emerge of family violence See in context

Just that picture with Trump shows a nasty,mean streak. Oh well,what kind of cretins would you expect Trump to hire? He's the leader of the pack.

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Posted in: Hong Kong leader apologizes for extradition law turmoil See in context

A token apology because she is a puppet of the mainland, and just trying to carry out orders that she supports.

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Posted in: Franchise fatigue continues with 'Men in Black' and 'Shaft' See in context

Just easier to make money for the production companies putting out a familiar product.That's why I hardly watch movies anymore. Three and four editions of the same ol',same ol' shows lack of creativity.

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Posted in: Do you think a protest rally similar in scale to what happened in Hong Kong could ever happen in Japan? See in context

Japanese are too middle-class to risk anything.They'll grumble about it,but unless it directly affects them,won't care enough to take to the streets.

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Posted in: Man on a mediation mission: Abe heads to Iran See in context

Abe is on a mission to be relevant on the world stage.Actually desperate to be relevant period. Would be better served telling the Iranians,we're good with you,but Trump is the obstacle to any kind of normalcy.

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Posted in: 25 years after murders, OJ Simpson says 'life is fine' See in context

He’s still a murderer, everybody knows it.

But It's not what you know,it's what you can prove.

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Posted in: Stations to suspend use of trash cans, lockers in Osaka for 6 days during G20 summit See in context

Wait till next year's Olympics.Will be a nightmare going to work with the Olympics on.I don't envy people in Tokyo.

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Posted in: Nissan had tech that drove Fiat Chrysler-Renault merger idea See in context

You'd think Chrysler knew this whole Ghosn saga was started because he had plans to merge Nissan,paving the way for the illegal goings-on in this case. Did they think Nissan would merge with a foreign entity after all they did to stop Ghosn from doing so? Lol right there.

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Posted in: British PM May quits as party leader, starting succession race See in context

May has set back a woman being P.M. in Britain again for a good while, with her leadership or lack of.She wasn't no Margaret Thatcher and May was always for turning.And then to top it off,she gave Trump an undeserved state visit to the shores,though he treated her like trash. The worst PM since Chamberlain.

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Posted in: Mother arrested over attempted murder of 11-year-old son See in context

I'm tired of the mental health angle to justify why she might have done it.She knew what she was doing but posters love to bleat on like she didn't know.

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Posted in: Japan to ban free plastic bags at stores to fight marine pollution See in context

Went to England last December and was shocked that ANY shop you went in requires you to pay for a plastic bag.Even the local corner shop.My Mom is a real pro though.Went in 4 supermarkets and didn't need any bags.She had bags coming out from every pocket and then some.It's a good idea.Japan wastes bags in shops. 5 yen for a small bag,10 for a large one should suffice.

Though my local Daiei tried to introduce a couple years ago and for a month was charging.But people weren't having it and soon reverted back to free.

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Posted in: Elderly driver, passenger die in Fukuoka 5-car crash; 9 in hospital See in context

This may have even been a suicide. Accidents involving elderly drivers are sensationalized by the media. 

And I'd wager you have sensationalized the suicide angle.

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Posted in: Gov't council says pensions inadequate in aging society See in context


cracaphat, looks good, for you young fellers.

But I ain't young... anymore.Just ducking and diving, surviving,not thriving!!

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Posted in: Liverpool celebrates Champions League win with bus parade See in context

Not at all TheReds.I'm not a Spurs fan.Just keeping it real.

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Posted in: Gov't council says pensions inadequate in aging society See in context

Well this seems to be one way to help yourself out:

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Posted in: Liverpool celebrates Champions League win with bus parade See in context

This final was discussed as "The worst one of the decade." But beggars can't be choosers either! A win's a win. I tried watching the YouTube 10 mins highlights, but packed it in after 3. But good for Liverpool.Though I'm sure they'd rather be PL champs instead.

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Posted in: Ex-ambassador arrested over murder of son See in context

Brought up as a spoilt brat,who didn't have to do anything for himself,hence these consequences.Why is the only picture of the loser son from 20 years ago? Last week too,was a pic of the 51 year old when he was in high school. And if screaming kids gave him stress, he should've gone out and got a job then.

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Posted in: Brazilian soccer star Neymar under investigation for alleged rape in Paris See in context

Neymar's been on a bad roll recently. Injured when needed, and taking a slug at a "fan",resulting in losing the national team's captaincy. Now this. The classic,he said,she said scenario.

I'd hate to be rich and famous. Every girl you meet, would be looking to get some and if they don't,maybe they'll try to get you. The days of being young and free are over in this technological age.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S., S Korea agree to work for N Korea's denuclearization See in context

The US at the top of the triangle running things as per usual.Only two out of 15 are women sitting at the tables.Japan couldn't even muster up their own token one.Their roles seem to be better served as interpreters,where there are four!! A pointless farce of a get together.

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Posted in: Ex-ambassador arrested over murder of son See in context

He has the necessary "kone" to get off basically scot free. It's the way of life for those who have the necessary connections or money... except if you're a foreigner like Ghosn.

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Posted in: Ghosn's lawyer slams bail conditions See in context

Women have told me also they wear the masks to in trains so people (men) won't stare at them.

When you see them with masks, you can stare anyway.Looks yucky and weird.

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Posted in: Putin, Abe to meet in Osaka on June 29 See in context

Another fruitless,waste of time summit by Abe, desperately trying to bolster his diplomatic skills,but just used by Trump and Putin and ignored by Kim Jong.Internationally as anonymous as a wrong number.

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Posted in: Osaka hangs tough at French Open; Williams, Djokovic win See in context

Other than the screeching, I liked her but I was decidedly team Graf. Haven't really had a favorite player since. Guess it was more of an adolescent thing for me. Still love to watch the sport but I certainly preferred the days of Agassi, Sampras, even back to Becker. I miss serve and volley. I'm so old I grew up watching the end of Borg-McEnroe-Connors, not to mention my childhood sweetheart, Chrissie Evert.

I was a Martina fan myself and at first I liked Connors,but liking serve and volley switched to Johnny Mac.But that era along with the Swedes and the others, was when I last followed tennis faithfully.I feel you on the age thing,mentioning those blasts from the past!!

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Posted in: Trump says impeachment is 'dirty, filthy, disgusting word' See in context

Not even half as dirty as what comes out of his mouth.And Melania has to kiss that? Yuck.

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Posted in: Osaka hangs tough at French Open; Williams, Djokovic win See in context

I feel you on Seles jcapan, though she was actually my favorite player back in those days!

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Posted in: Osaka hangs tough at French Open; Williams, Djokovic win See in context

That Azarenka's moaning with every shot was killing me. Should be banned because not necessary.I had to put on headphones because it was so annoying. But Naomi overcame that constant noise and her ragged playing to win. Nice win.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka slams reporters who ask her to speak in Japanese in new Nike ad See in context

In short,she's Japanese when she wins and American when she loses.Maybe not to young people,but to the older generation for sure.

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Posted in: Mahathir urges U.S., others to accept China's prowess See in context

The old codger is looking to get back in China's good graces and resume economic trading, which had become stunted under the previous Malay govt.Plus he has some affection for dictatorships and curbing political opponents himself.

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