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Posted in: Emperor Hirohito stopped by PM Yoshida from expressing remorse over war, documents show See in context

He was a puppet,figurehead Emperor of the warmongers military,with no real power anyway to say or do anything.

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Posted in: 12-year-old Prince Hisahito starts 1st overseas trip in Bhutan See in context

Guys, if you're really that upset about the money I'm willing to refund your share out of my own pocket. IHA expenses work out to a little over ¥50 per person per year. We'll call it ¥60. Just give me an address where I should send the coins.

How noble of you.

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Posted in: Can Tokyo's efficient rail system handle Olympic strain? See in context

It's gonna be the mother of all fights getting about.Tokyo is bad enough as it is and now with the Olympics? I feel for the people who have to go to work on a daily basis amidst the scrum. The Internet,tv and other forms are good enough for me to keep up.

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Posted in: 12-year-old Prince Hisahito starts 1st overseas trip in Bhutan See in context

Trip of a lifetime for the young Prince! 

Lol. Every 12 year old wants to go there.

 Reckon Prince Hisahito's not going to play with his legos tonight, 

He won't,but with not what you think.Bored as pluck though.

for a private family trip

Why so long? They ain't doing much or much to do there.Poor kid.

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Posted in: Danish MPs ridicule idea of Trump buying Greenland See in context

Trump: "We're going to buy Greenland!"

Greenland: "Huh?" "Hold my harpoon."

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Posted in: Prince Hisahito, parents leave for Bhutan See in context

 Can a reporter from JT elaborate the readers further?

Only you seem to need to know.Royal Family members travel on taxpayers monies,regardless of public or private trips.

We don't mind. 

Really? They're just normal people with no special powers, beyond being born into their privileged situation.

10 days there must be really boring.Poor kid.What a blast talking about his summer holiday trip to his boys at school.

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Posted in: How come Japan's opposition parties can't mount a credible challenge to the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and its junior partner, the Komeito Party? See in context

Because they all have different agendas and jockeying for positions at the table.Without a coherent message and changing party names like nappies,cannot instill confidence to put them in power. Maybe if Koizumi jr switched parties and unified them,then something could happen.I'm LDP'ed out,but Abe seems like he's more Teflon than Don and will remain in power as long as he sees fit.

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Posted in: China threatens retaliation if U.S. tariff hikes go ahead See in context

Go China... on this issue.Bullies don't like it when they get it back. With an election to worry about and farmers to appease,he will fold soon enough because he's all foam,no beer

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Posted in: Powerful storm lashes parts of Japan; snarls holiday travel See in context

You notice on the idiot box that the coverage is nothing of anything significant. Where's the live vids of this raging typhoon? I'd be pissed off if my flight/shinkansen was cancelled when ain't jack happening. The weather people are just guessing.The sky's pretty bright now.

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Posted in: Abe sends ritual offering to Yasukuni Shrine for war dead See in context

China's relations with Japan have long been haunted by what Beijing sees as Tokyo's failure to atone for its occupation of parts of China before and during World War Two, while bitter memories of Japan's 1910-1945 colonization of Korea remain.

And the shiz-stirring annual sending by Abe won't heal anything either. And those jokers visiting the shrine would be "hell no" to being deployed overseas.*

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Posted in: Powerful storm lashes parts of Japan; snarls holiday travel See in context

Here in Hyogo the weather doesn't know what to do.First cloudy,then raindrops,then sunny. Now cloud again.Confused as.

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Posted in: Body confidence and body positivity in Japan See in context

How do you like your chicken? With some meat on it or just the bone?

Too skinny just doesn't work for me.

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Posted in: Man accused of killing woman and wounding another in Sydney See in context

The guy's surname's is French in origin.So maybe he's French/Arabic, leading to the tired,oft repeated chant before crime. His name's Mert Ney.

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Posted in: Body confidence and body positivity in Japan See in context

Asian women generally age better than western women,in part a different body type and in diet. But there are a lotta 'skinny fat' Japanese women.Look slim from appearance,but have a sizeable gut that is covered up.That would freak me out more than a female who looks big.Not my kind of hidden surprise lol!

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Posted in: Hong Kong leader urges calm as protest tensions rise See in context

I question the taking it to the streets..., I mean airport, is going to garner much support from the people travelling, whose lives have been disrupted through no fault of their own.I remember the Thai opposition party doing that some years ago on a greater scale and it wasn't a good look. They've gotta do better than that.

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Posted in: Body confidence and body positivity in Japan See in context

Exercise and watching what you eat are key.Sure anyone can come up with various ailments as to why they are like they are body wise.But you don't get big by eating less.It's easier for women to stay slimmer if they didn't have children as opposed to having.When I go back home and see the youngbloods in my family with their gut and a half,it's like what happened.They know and most people do,that exercise is a necessity,moreso when getting up in age.The no.1 problem is lack of willing effort.If it were easy,everyone would lose weight.Hardly anyone is at their optimum weight.

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Posted in: Mother, 1-year-old daughter die after apparent leap from apartment building See in context

How very assumptuous of you.

No,it's not.A very reasonable probability.Or are you saying she gave the kid a choice to jump with her?

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Posted in: Murray ready to resume singles career See in context

What a drama queen.Wasn't he supposed to be retiring because the pain was so bad? Now,'zero pain?' Leave it out.

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Posted in: Autopsy of Epstein performed, but details yet to be released See in context

We all know that he was taken out for the obvious reasons.But the autopsy will not confirm anything beyond a verdict of suicide.I'm sure Trump is relieved if nothing else.

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Posted in: Epstein suicide sparks fresh round of conspiracy theories See in context

It's obvious he could have rolled over and named names.But to spare the ensuing shame,it was deemed easier to off him under the guise of a suicide.And it worked.It's not what you know,it's what you can prove.With Epstein dead,you can't prove much beyond a he said,she said.

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Posted in: Mother, 1-year-old daughter die after apparent leap from apartment building See in context

By taking the child with her,the wife was looking to exert as much pain and emotional suffering to the husband as possible.Not necessarily through her demise,but through their kid's.

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Posted in: Kagawa makes shock switch to Real Zaragoza See in context

Will be back playing J-League before too long.

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Posted in: Hong Kong protesters kick off three-day airport rally See in context

The mainland will eventually tire of these protests and put the boot in hard.And you know what? No-one will do a thing.Sure there'll be some token,lip service protests and toothless U.N. resolutions.But like with Crimea,Russia just took it with no real repercussions and with Trump in office, you know he ain't going to say anything of real note.Has a fetish for strongmen/dictators.

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Posted in: U.S. upgrades Hong Kong travel warning as airport protest planned See in context

@wipeout Thanx for the vid. The situation is no joke.Haven't been to Hong Kong since 1997,so I guess it's greatly changed!! One of my students is scheduled to go next week,but I wonder if she still will.

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Posted in: 28-year-old man dies while sunbathing in his home garden See in context

He musta had some pre-existing condition. No 28 year old is going to kick the bucket cuz the temperature was 35 degrees. There are countries that are much hotter than Japan and the people aren't keeling over.Most of the ones dying in Japan are at an age where they could go at any time and when you hear their age... ah well.

Went to the beach today Thursday. Whilst there,the temperature was about 29 or 30 degrees celsius,but when I got back to my local area station,it was 35 degrees! The sun reflecting on concrete and buildings causing rising temperatures is real.

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Posted in: U.S. upgrades Hong Kong travel warning as airport protest planned See in context

I'd rather go to Hong Kong than America if I had to choose. More chance of being shot up if not by some right wing nut, then by 5-0 in the U.S.

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Posted in: 57 dead, 18,000 taken to hospitals in Japan due to heatwave since July 29 See in context

Interestingly, doesn't say the age range of the deaths.Meaning the story wouldn't be as sexy if revealed.

And Hokkaido,the coolest weather wise in Japan,has the most deaths!!

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Posted in: Pakistan calls for Trump mediation on Kashmir as region remains tense See in context

You know things are bad if you want Trump to mediate.Actually, both countries need to do better than that.He can't help on nothing,at home or abroad.

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Posted in: Japan wants to arrange a visit by Abe to Russia in September See in context

Abe just loves wasting taxpayers money on fruitless trips,under the guise of diplomacy.He is just a stone cold loser,born with a silver spoon in his mouth.His premiership has been a failure,economically,diplomatically and morally bankrupt.

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Posted in: In less than a minute, Ohio gunman kills 9 people, including sister See in context

On watching MTP, there were more Americans killed in mass shootings in the past 24 hours,than U.S. troops were killed in Afghanistan in 2017 and 2018 combined. And you have people on here proclaiming guns are good and nothing wrong with them.Shame on you.Would probably only change if someone close to them got it.Ah well...

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