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Hope they hurry up with it. Softbank are so scummy with this, promising they can unlock it and then turning around and saying they dont offer that "service".

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I find the make Japanese friends part hilarious. I think it goes without saying that most people living in the Japanese countryside (or hell, even just less than major Japanese cities) would love to do that. Doing so is the hard part. Outside of the bigger cities meeting Japanese people is TOUGH. Japanese just tend not to socialise outside of their established groups and in the countryside there are no places people meet so...

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Wouldnt agree with number 3. The police are lovely. Government workers though....hit and miss. Lots of jobsworths amongst them. The post office in particular has some very anal people, very strict on the letter of the law and all that.

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Posted in: Y10 mil in cash found in Hiroshima garbage disposal facility See in context

Some low ranking yakuza guy is going to be getting a nice new pair of concrete shoes.... Or whatever it is gangsters do these days.

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Posted in: How the JET Program changed me See in context

as to the comment on being rejected due to being asian- nonsense. There are absolutely loads of Asian Jets. Asians make up a much bigger percentage of the Jet population than they do the general population back home.

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Posted in: How the JET Program changed me See in context

you're lucky in that you had experience before you went on jet. For those of us who are fresh graduates, especially those who tried looking for a real job back home before coming, the concern of "What does this mean for the future?", "Will I ever get a real job?" looms large throughout our time in Japan.

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Posted in: Feisty 94-year-old runs for office using money saved for funeral See in context

it costs 3 million yen to run? Wow that is expensive. Thats a year's pay!

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