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It's all on the universities. If top Unis say they are interested in an overall portfolio, like grades, tests AND extra curricular activities, then the rest should shake out accordingly.

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Posted in: 126 U.S. military members to sue TEPCO See in context

My guess is some of these people ARE sick from radiation, not sure about the 100 others joining. So some deserved, some probably not. Hate the US or not, at least someone is challenging TEPCO for this MAN-MADE disaster. What real punishment have they faced? No one is in jail from what I understand. "Too big to jail?" Better than the typical shrugging of shoulders, letting TEPCO & J-gubnent get away with killing and poisoning its own people. So if this lawsuit gets shot down, maybe others will take up the cause and demand more from Japan.

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Good to see Mean Gene Okelund 2.0 in the background.

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Posted in: Gov't plans to spend Y10 tril on public works in 15 months See in context

Education!! Invest in people, not things people use.

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Posted in: Soak in a nice hot spring bath with Ted See in context

Need to waste two hours of your life, give TED a try. It's legal.

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Love the order ... First, we were off duty. That means if we were on duty, we wouldn't have done half that stuff. Second, we were drunk (and everyone knows that when you're drunk, you do the opposite of what you really feel and mean... Yeah, right). and um... Oh yeah, third, sorry about that.

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Ha! "...whether attendance is taken..." <- I bet this class gets 5 starts! Ha!

This reminds me of TripAdvisor in a way, so this might be viewed as a "review-driven commodity" BUT for those that are serious in choosing what they study, it can be a valuable tool. Hopefully, stronger students are able to decipher which comments are valuable criticisms and which are out of spite. It would be nice if students were able to learn how serious the student, who is leaving a comment, is in their studies, like to see the GPA of the student? Meaning a comment left by a student with a high GPA would be taken more seriously than a student with a low GPA. That would be tricky to pull off though, hmm...

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Posted in: Ken Griffey Jr holds baseball clinic in Kawasaki See in context

The best thing about Griffey Jr. 'he played the game the right way." He apparently didn't opt for steroids or PEDs because, 'I got kids, man. What kind of father would I be if I juiced." If he would've taken PEDs, his name would be the same as Barry Bonds & Sammy Sosa, Griffey Jr. Is definitely Hall of Fame bound, the debate is still out there for the Roid Boys.

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