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Posted in: TEPCO says 300 tons of contaminated water leaking from Fukushima tank See in context

they let it all leak into the ocean, then fishermen catch all the sealife and feed it back to the japanese...circle of life

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Posted in: Lightning strikes moving train in Japan See in context

ok cameraman and zeus are probably pallies...

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stabbing husband See in context

33 and 48...

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Posted in: Abe may make offering to Yasukuni Shrine through representative, media report See in context

why bother? just go already by yourself already

your not foolin anyone anyway

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Posted in: Police officer racks up Y500,000 in social gaming debt; attempts extortion See in context

forgive the man, its his only joy in life...like can you put a price on that?

at least he didn't take any upskirt pics

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Posted in: Family of 91-year-old dementia sufferer struck by train ordered to pay JR compensation See in context

maybe the govt should provide that needed care which they accuse the family of not getting

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Posted in: 12-yr-old girl taken into custody after burning down house See in context

so the 27yr old sister, whom i assume is self sufficient, did nothing to help her sis out other than report the situation to the coppers?

where's the kinship?

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Posted in: Japanese man injured while snorkeling in Oahu dies See in context

at least he went while enjoying himself

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Posted in: Man kills 3-year-old daughter with weed cutter in gardening accident See in context

He'll never be able to forgive himself for this...

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Posted in: Ex-sex slave, supporters demand justice from Japan See in context

past ministers may have apologized for these war crimes...

but as long as new ministers backpedal through them, the argument that jpn has done 'enough' becomes moot

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Posted in: If I were a young Japanese and I could speak English, I would probably choose to emigrate. See in context

jpn will forever be obtusely ethnocentric

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic bid provides certainty in age of uncertainty - Takeda See in context

play that sympathy card...thats what jpn is good at

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Posted in: Abe's China overture at risk if cabinet ministers visit Yasukuni See in context

they do it to provoke china/korea, which causes them to return the insult, which then escalates relations, which then gives them validity to calls for renewed nationalism and armament

thats the jpn gameplan

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Posted in: Lolita look See in context

hawt...i think

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Posted in: China owes Hollywood millions after halting payment for films See in context

Stop sending them movies...they can't charge a tax on nothing.

and the studios will make way less bank

you must not be business savvy, sinking both ships benefits none

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Posted in: Homeless man puts himself up for auction online; receives 600 bids in a matter of minutes See in context

He weighs 57kg? Poor guy needs a big feed, he must resemble a walking skeleton.

apparently you're not familiar with the japanese metrosexual

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Posted in: 73-year-old woman conned out of Y15 mil in 'ore-ore' scam See in context

its like falling for the nigerian prince scam in this day and age...

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Posted in: Aso says he won't resign over Nazi comments See in context

“I don’t want to see this done in the midst of an uproar,” Aso said, according to the transcript. Since revisions of the >constitution may raise protests, “doing it quietly, just as in one day the Weimar constitution changed to the Nazi >constitution, without anyone realizing it, why don’t we learn from that sort of tactic?”

therein lies the swindle, do it surrepticiously, and no one will be the wiser once its up and running

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Posted in: Poisoned dumpling trial held in China See in context

he'd love that coz now he'll be shipped to the oakland factory to make cookies

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Posted in: Aso retracts Nazi remarks amid criticism See in context

japanese were made honorary nazis by hitler for a reason

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Posted in: Hashimoto, Ishihara to stay on as Japan Restoration Party leaders See in context

apparently 8/44 is not a poor showing by their definition

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Posted in: Vice foreign minister heads to China seeking better ties See in context

playing all sides of the fence is national policy

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Posted in: Elderly lady gives chase as purse snatcher sprints up escalator See in context

definition of white collar crime is changing here

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Posted in: Junior high teacher arrested twice for vandalizing and burglarizing own school See in context

he should be pardoned coz its obvious he's loony

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Posted in: Man arrested for using fountain pen-like spy camera to film up girls' skirts See in context

suddenly, school teachers and cops in jpn are turning to these chikan stuff...something happening to them?

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Posted in: Soaplands booming, thanks to pensioners and Chinese tourists See in context

who doesn't want to be washed in a tub by a hot jp chick?

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Posted in: 66,807 child abuse cases reported in fiscal 2012 See in context

if you're gonna compare to global standards, then you need to take population size into perspective

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Posted in: Chinese coast guard confronts Japan in disputed waters for first time See in context

whoever fires the first shot...gets caked

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Posted in: Japan eyes first-strike capability, Marines in defense policy update See in context

maybe in a few decades jpn can begin their failed conquest of the 40s

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Posted in: Driver in fatal bus crash admits he shouldn't have been driving See in context

its an accident, not premeditated so while its deplorable and unfortunate, lynching won't do a damn thing but fan their thirsts for revenge

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