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Posted in: Woman hit from behind on Tokyo street; attacker gets away See in context


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Posted in: Antics of 3 students at Universal Studios Japan result in charges See in context

they did it to show off so let the punishment fit the crime, embarrasing community work would be good and appropriate

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Posted in: Wanted man, stopped by police, stabs himself in neck See in context

nice aim, its not that easy to nail the carotid

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Posted in: Laboratory animal management robot can care for 30,000 mice See in context

so by my scientific calculation, that robot can take care of the equivalent of .75 human

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Posted in: Body found wrapped in plastic in Fukuoka river See in context

So much for assuming the worst.

So much for stating the obvious. (fixed)

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Posted in: Train passengers free woman stuck in gap by pushing train See in context

now if someone would 'fix' that 20cm gap, that'll be great

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Posted in: Japanese driving pet peeves: Not so different from other countries See in context

what?? no one upset at people on their cell talking/texting and not paying attention to road?

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Posted in: U.S. hopes for Japan reforms, better ties with neighbors See in context

that optimism will turn to disdain soon enough

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Posted in: Girl made up false knife attack story to worry parents, police say See in context

you know what they say about crying wolf once...

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Posted in: Man beats 10-year-old girl unconscious in Ibaraki See in context

umm....parents of girl? conveniently mia

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Posted in: Abe may push nationalism after election See in context

for Abe's japan, the truth means "self abusive and overly apologetic"

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Posted in: Asahi says its social media accounts blocked in China See in context

so they blocked you, cry?

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Posted in: 6 others arrested over death of 16-year-old girl on Hiroshima mountain See in context

most of them will get off pretty much scott free, thanks to the jp judicial system

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Posted in: 3 unacquainted men arrested for molesting schoolgirl on train See in context

lol so this news is telling us those fantasy depictions in jporn actually occur in real life...

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Posted in: Cop arrested for filming up woman's skirt in Yokohama See in context

umm, i believe its illegal even with her consent, if in public...considered a lewd act

but whats the fun in filming undies at home? :(

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Posted in: Back in time See in context

movie tanked...who gives a hoot

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Posted in: Man demands divorce after his wife throws out his anime collection See in context

i guess he's reciprocating by throwing her out

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Posted in: 3 Chinese ships seen near disputed islands See in context

one day ships from both sides will visit and patrol at the same time, and a skirmish will develop, and "hello ww3"

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Posted in: Con man poses as doctor, defrauds hospitals of Y25 mil See in context

he must've gotten the idea from watching those doramas and animes

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Posted in: Woman sues yakuza boss, seeking protection money refund See in context

when the government inherently looks the other way, they are condoning and protecting these hooligans, so any reprisal against them would not be very effective

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Posted in: More details emerge over murder of girl on mountain See in context

sounds like a movie in the making

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Posted in: Man re-arrested for second bomb threat in a month See in context

mebbe he just wants to get room and board for free during summer

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Posted in: Asiana to sue over crash names gaffe See in context

rightfully so, i'm surprised they haven't offered up the culprit

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Posted in: 15-yr-old student arrested over April attack on woman in Saitama See in context

seriously cannot understand all these lame excuses by most of these attackers...

pathetic nonsense

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Posted in: Yasukuni festival See in context

but we cannot merely ignore what yasukuni really stands for and signifies in regards to imperialistic japan

its just sad that this place is tainted

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Posted in: Head patrol officer busted for molesting woman on train See in context

what if he'd brushed against the soft body of a man?

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Posted in: Controversial whale meat sent back to Iceland See in context

action speaks louder than words, thats twice Germany has trumped Japan!

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Posted in: Abe claims Fukushima food keeps him healthy See in context

Good on Abe for putting science before fear.

did you even read the article before posting

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Posted in: Teacher questioned for failing to stop bullying that resulted in student's suicide See in context

apathy and nonchalance...japanese trademarks

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Posted in: Uniqlo to open 10 new stores in U.S. as profit jumps See in context

never seen any in cali...they'll bring some competition to oldnavy, gap, hollister, f21, express, h&m etc...

honestly some of the above stores sell better quality stuff and i dunno if i like the uniqlo branding

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