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Posted in: Surfing sunset See in context

nice shot sato

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Posted in: Wakayama water outage See in context

Trouble on the Kinoriver River!

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Posted in: Capsules from Nakagin Tower find new life at museums and accommodation venues See in context

"it's" = "it is"

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Posted in: Man charged with assisting 13-year-old girl to commit suicide See in context



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Posted in: Fukuoka man arrested for breaking into store, putting on female staff’s apron and shirt See in context

the apron and shirt were used by the entire staff? i hope all of the staff members are the same size!

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Posted in: See-through toilets See in context

they don't turn opaque. if they did, they would appear black. you can see light from inside the locked right one, along with vague outlines of fixtures inside. they turn translucent.

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Posted in: Japanese actor Haruma Miura, 30, dies in suspected suicide See in context

you're not supposed to use the verb "commit" with suicide. makes it sound like a crime. some people kill themselves due to deep, inescapable depression. insensitive to imply that they're guilty of wrongdoing.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics reach 6-months-to-go mark with fireworks See in context

"It's green and wood exterior feels like it's been there forever..."

"it's" = "it is" or "it has"

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Posted in: Music by the numbers: Scientists reveal a secret to great song writing See in context

this is not the best comment in the world; this is just a tribute.

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Posted in: Propose to your loved one with these onigiri ring sets See in context

ikura desu ka

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Posted in: Hundreds of curious Japanese turn up to see Trump on state visit See in context

"It will be wrapped with the special colors between 6:45 p.m. and midnight for three days through Tuesday."

it won't be wrapped in anything, kyodo news. it's lit up.

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Posted in: Yankees, Mets win openers as MLB season begins in U.S. See in context

Major League Baseball baseball

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Posted in: Prince's remarks become hot topic in Japan See in context

i thought he was referred to as "prince akishino" once he got married.

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Posted in: Attention shifts to flood risks as heavy rains increase in Japan See in context

cool photo

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Posted in: Ishikawa given 'shot in arm' after two-year title drought See in context

"He was among the top 125 players eligible to play on the 2013 tour without qualifying or being invited."

How else do players get into tournaments other than qualifying or being invited? Just showing up?

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Posted in: NHK wins UK’s Television Journalism Awards for March 11 coverage See in context

wait so the broadcast was both live and as it happened? amazing.

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Posted in: Def Leppard plays two concerts in Tokyo See in context

wait -- you're saying one of the rock group members performed without a shirt? why wasn't that noted in the headline?

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Posted in: Apple core fans See in context

they got paid by softbank to attract attention, get their photo taken, get the photo on the internet and get people to talk about them. mission accomplished.

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Posted in: Hulu hoop See in context

why would anyone pay to watch anything? it's all free on the internet.

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Posted in: Why are Tokyo cabbies so clueless? See in context

that cab driver should write a last word for metropolis complaining that all foreign writers are morons, based on the one unpleasant encounter he had with the guy who skipped out on a fare.

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Posted in: Bike tours a good way to see Tokyo See in context

or just join don's half-fast cycling club. no foot massages, but it's free and there's beer:

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Posted in: Canadian rock band Sum 41 singer hospitalized in Osaka after attack See in context

this is terrible news for fans.

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Posted in: Goal! See in context

i stand by my prediction -- japan all the way!

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Posted in: Bus boys See in context

japan will win it all!

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Posted in: World Cup probably already over for Japan See in context

japan will win it all! mark my words.

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